Peace Corps Salary In Nigeria And Ranking Structure

4399 Peace corps salary in Nigeria and ranks Peace corps salary in Nigeria and ranks

To be honest, I never knew there was anything like peace corps or peace corps salary in Nigeria until recently. So I started asking who are the Peace Corps?

What’s the peace corps all about? Are they NGOs or a paramilitary agency? Is there anything like Peace Corps salary in Nigeria?

Trust me na, as usual my curiosity got the best of me and now I am here.


peace corps salary in Nigeria and ranking

Peace Corps Salary In Nigeria

The Peace Corps members, receiving the Peace Corps salary in Nigeria, smile when they talk about the founder of Peace Corps in Nigeria.

The history of Nigeria Peace Corps talks about how Dordan Barracks at Obalende was livened up with handshakes, congratulatory messages, laughter, and especially the joy on the face of the now retired “sergeant of first class” of the Nigerian Army ranks.

10th of July, 1973 saw Mr. Simon A. Ojonye grinning from ear to ear as he held the baby boy in his arms.

Little did he know that although he was not receiving the peace corps salary in Nigeria, his son, Ambassador Dr. Dickson A. O. Akoh would grow up to not only receive the peace corps salary in Nigeria but also become the founder.

founder of Nigeria peace corps - National Commandant, Amb. (Dr) Dickson A. O. Akoh, FCITr, FCPA

Before any citizen in the country started receiving peace corps salary in Nigeria, the establishment itself started out with a different name.

History told of how it had worked as a United States of America programme once upon a time in the 1960s, 1961 – 1976 to be precise before ceasing operations.

It was mute or should I say inactive for 16 good years before restarting operations that lasted for 3 years. There are blurry visions as to what happened after then.

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An organisation, launched by Mr Dickson did volunteer works under different names, its workers not getting the Peace Corps salary in Nigeria; until 1998 when the organisation was renamed Peace Corps and registered as a non – governmental organisation.

peace corps salary in Nigeria today

The Peace Corps in Nigeria has been shot several bullets and arrows, these bullets and arrows have met some of its members receiving the peace corps salary in Nigeria straight in the chest, but today the organisation is still standing.

The peace corps have got the support of Nigeria Security Civil Defence Corps, a programme similar to peace corps, and others.

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Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranking System

It is obvious that the peace corps of Nigeria salary will vary in accordance with officers ranks.Here is a list of the Nigeria Peace Corps ranks and insignia:

  • Private Corper: The lowest of ranks in the Peace corps is decorated with 1 empty wool bar.
  • Corper Assistant 3: This is the lowest rank of the corper assistants and is decorated with 1 strip wool bar.
  • Corper Assistant 2: The rank is decorated with 2 strip wool bar.
  • Corper Assistant 1: The highest rank of the corper assistants is decorated with 3 strip wool bars.
  • Inspector 3: The rank is also entitled to the peace corps salary in Nigeria and is decorated with 1 strip metal bar.
  • Inspector 2: It is decorated with 2 strip metal bars.
  • Inspector 1: This rank that has got 3 strip metal bars to its insignia receives the peace corps salary in Nigeria.
  • Assistant Superintendent 2: Below the assistant superintendent 1, this rank is decorated with 1 star.
  • Assistant Superintendent 1: 2 stars on the peace corps uniform identifies this rank.
  • Deputy Superintendent: The deputy superintendent is decorated with 3 stars.
  • Superintendent: The superintendent has got 1 eagle on his uniform.
  • Chief Superintendent: The chief superintendent is not exempted from the list of those receiving the peace corps salary in Nigeria. the rank is decorated with 1 star and 1 eagle.
  • Assistant Commandant: Just 1 Nigeria peace corps arm is associated to the insignia of this rank.
  • Deputy Commandant: This rank is decorated with 1 Nigeria peace corps arm and 1 star.
  • Commandant: The commandant also receives the peace corps salary in Nigeria as he wears the uniform decorated with 1 Nigeria peace corps arm and 1 eagle.
  • Assistant Commandant General: The assistant commandant general is decorated with 1 Nigeria Peace Corps arm, 1 eagle, and 1 Nigeria Peace Corps bar. There are 6 assistant commandant generals.
  • Deputy Commandant General: This rank is an assistant to the commandant general and their insignia is 1 Nigeria Peace Corps Arm, 1 eagle, and 1 star. There are also 6 deputy commandant generals, in the Nigeria Peace Corps, each chosen from the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.
  • Commandant General: This is the highest rank in the ranking structure of the Nigeria Peace Corps. The commandant general receives the highest peace corps salary in Nigeria. The uniform of the commandant general is decorated with 1 Nigeria Peace Corps Arm, 1 eagle, and 2 stars.

Other ranks include the permanent staff officers, peace corps volunteer, and student member that are partially receiving the peace corps salary in Nigeria.

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Peace Corps of Nigeria Uniform

Those who earn the Peace Corps pay are the only ones, apart from the Peace Corps volunteer, allowed to adorn the peace corps uniform.

The uniform is of the color military brown…me sef just find out say na wetin dem dey call ds shade of colour.

Nigeria peace corps uniform

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Salary of Nigerian peace corps and their uniform

When you see those collecting the peace corps salary in Nigeria on their uniform, you see them wearing a blue cap on military brown shirt and trousers with a white belt.

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The blue cap has got the Peace Corps logo on it, a logo that has got an insignia of an open book with a flaming torch surrounded by two olive leaves, in the form of a wreath; in a background color of green, yellow and red.

Although completely different from that of the United State of America, the Nigerian peace corps uniform, logo, and color have got the following meaning:

  • Open book: formal superiority.
  • Wreath: academic excellence.
  • Red flame: Severe training with no laxity.
  • Torch: National oneness.

The colors have got the following interpretation:

  • Green: restoration.
  • Yellow: national almagation.
  • Red: firm discipline.

The motto of the peace corps is “discipline and patriotic services”.

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Peace Corps of Nigeria Anthem

So, you want to learn the Peace Corps of Nigeria anthem? I’ve got the lyrics and everything you need right here:

We are one of Peace Men
Patriotic and Peacemakers
In Nigeria our Nation and our Motherland
We are Leaders strong and youthful
We are pillars of social change and growth
We are family, we are one

Peace Corps of Nigeria
Is a symbol of Nation-building;
Educating and training our youths to be leaders,
For the future that we hope for;
We will serve and anchor Peace and Unity.
We are family, we are one (twice)

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Nigeria Peace Corps Recruitment

The Peace Corps of Nigeria recruitment involves the absorption of Nigerian youths into the organisation to carry out volunteer works.

These Nigerian youths are paid the Peace Corps salary in Nigeria for the duties they will also carry out.

Nigeria Peace Corps Recruitment

Now you might be asking how to join the Peace Corps and receive the Peace Corps jobs salary? Stay with me and you will find this out.

Joining the peace corps and receiving the peace corps salary in Nigeria is not impossible. You are either filling the peace corps application to join the peace corps as one of their officers or a peace corps volunteer.

To participate in the exercise, the following requirements are important:

  • You must be a citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria.
  • You must also be above the age of 18 years and below the age of 35 years.

…other requirements can be found on

Upon fulfilling all these requirements, not like it guarantees you a position in the Peace Corps, the Peace Corps can begin to consider you eligible for the Peace Corps salary in Nigeria.

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Nigeria Peace Corps Training Photos

peace corps salary in Nigeria - recruitment training

Nigeria peace corps training

These two photos brings to mind NYSC drill back in camp. Definitely there’ll be programs similar to peace corps in Nigeria.

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www Nig Peace Corps Salary Scale

I do not really have a concrete answer to give you yet on the peace corps salary in Nigeria as it is not so open yet, the details of their salary seem hidden for now.

I did found out, courtesy of some sources, that the peace corps salary in Nigeria is quite attractive. The peace corps members are said to be paid courtesy of donations, liaisons, etc.

Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure In Nigeria

Hmm, it seems everyone looking for information about the ranking and salary structure of the army, navy, Nigeria police or the salary of the Nigeria president wants info on the consolidated paramilitary salary structure.

So, we made a pdf on this. Download the consolidated paramilitary salary structure pdf here and get an idea of what military officers take home every month.

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Peace Corps of Nigeria Latest News

As published on Vanguard News, on July 10th, The Nigeria Police clashed with members of the Peace Corps during its 20th anniversary in Abuja.

Reports have it that police officers stormed the venue where Peace Corps had organized for its rally and press briefing.

It was gathered that police officers came when Dickson Akoh, the national commandant of the corps was briefing journalists and started shooting guns and tear gas in the air.

Almost everyday, there’ll be one news or the other about the Peace corps of Nigeria.

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The Peace Corps Salary In Nigeria and Ranking Structure (Summary)

That’s all I have for you today on the peace corps salary in Nigeria and ranking structure. I hope you found this article helpful?

The vision and mission of Peace Corps of Nigeria is encapsulated in the aims and objectives of the Corps which is to “Train, Educate and Re-orientate the Youths on their future leadership roles in the society, the Art of nation building, Respect for Constituted Authorities, the Rule of Law and Democratic Principle as well as imparting a high sense of citizenship and good leadership in the youths.”

Some of the aims Aims and Objectives of Peace Corps are as follows:

(a) Promote Social and Economic Development by involving Members and Volunteers in the scheme through working with Government, Schools, Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, etc. in order to preoccupy the youths;

(b) To empower and pre-occupy Nigerian Youths through job creation and provision of alternative employment; and more…

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