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Drivers License Renewal and Cost In Nigeria

Are you due for your next Drivers license renewal and want information on how to go about it?

Driver’s license renewal can be more difficult than one’s imagination especially if one falls in the wrong hands. It can only be a simple process if you follow the right steps and have accurate knowledge about it.

That is why I will be sharing with you information about Nigeria Drivers license renewal. Please follow through as knowledge they say is power.

Nigeria Drivers License Renewal

A driver’s license is an official document that shows that you are legally allowed to handle a vehicle. It serves as evidence that you are an efficient driver who is ready to hit the road.

Without your drivers license, you can be harassed by any authorized officer or even penalized as unlicensed or untrained, even if you are an expert in driving.

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) which comprises of Federal Road Safety Corps is in charge of the license makes the policy while the Corps implements the policies.

Does that mean that driving license or drivers license renewal was not in existence until the establishment of FRSC in 1988?

No is the answer. Driver’s license was in existence way back before FRSC as my grand pa had a driver license in the 1970s. As at then, the licensing authority within local governments was in charge.

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Back in the days, the driver’s license was a small booklet, after which it was changed to a big booklet of 4 pages. It was later changed to a plastic card.

As it stands today, the new drivers license is still a plastic card but smaller. The holders passport has been changed from the left side to the right side and the coat of arm boldly found at the center.

nigeria drivers license renewal cost
Sample driving license

Nigeria Drivers License Sample

Found at the top is class of the driving license, license number and expiry date. At the right hand side is the issue state, issue date, bearer’s name and address, Sex and Date of Birth.

At the center is the height and blood group. Below on the driver’s license is the authorized signature and the holders signature.

Next, let’s talk about the cost of getting a driving license.

How Much is Drivers license In Nigeria 2018?

The cost of drivers license depends on the validity period and the means of getting it.

The real cost for a new drivers license or a drivers license renewal for 3 years is N6,350 while that of 5 years validity is N10,000.This is different from the cost of  VIO test certificate and Eye test certificate.

It is unfortunate that some corrupt officials collect as much as 18,000 for a fresh license and N25,000 for a drivers license renewal. No wonder some patiently wait for years before they receive their drivers license without any guarantee that it’s not going to be a fake.

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So how do I check my drivers license status? Yes, I know you’re asking that right now.

National Driver License Check

Sometimes, FRSC promise to alert their applicants either new applicants or those who apply for drivers license renewal, once the license is ready.

Most times, this cannot be relied on as telecommunication networks and other factors can cause them to fail in their promise.

Few months back, the Corps Marshal mentioned that there are more than 55,000 driving licenses that have not been claimed by applicants. Of these people, more than 33,000 belong to drivers license renewal category.

If only these applicants had checked their status, the number of unclaimed driving license wouldn’t have been this much.

It is important to check the drivers license status so as not to be victim of fake license. The feedback you get when you check your status will let you know if you are on the right track or not.

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So, how do I check my drivers license status? How do you check if it’s ready or not.

How to Check if Drivers License is Ready for Collection In Nigeria

If you’ve applied either as a fresh applicant or for drivers license renewal, you can check if it;s ready in two ways:


  • Visit their website at Nigeriadriverslicence.org
  • Click on track DL Application form
  • The form loads to give you spaces were you will supply
  • Your application ID and date of birth.
  • Click on search and wait for response.


You can use a code to check drivers license in Nigeria.

Send an sms in this format: NDL STATUS LICENSE NUMBER to 33811

Example: NDL STATUS BD54261VL86 to 33811

Please note that a sum of N50 will be charged by your network provider for the second method. The response will alert you on the next steps.

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Quick Note on Drivers License Verification

Drivers license verification is about checking if the fresh or renewed drivers license you are carrying about is genuine or fake.

Some applicants don’t even know they are holding a fake license until they go back for drivers license renewal. That is why you should not just relax even when you are at the Drivers license center. You should ensure you are dealing with the right person at their office.

So, how do you verify?

  • Visit the website as stated above
  • This time, click on DL Application
  • Click on renewal of drivers license renewal
  • Supply driver’s license number and date of birth in the spaces provided
  • Click on search

You will be asked to confirm your details after which it will bring out all the data you input while applying for the driving license

However, if it does not bring out your data, it means FRSC does not have your data. This confirms that your new/renewed driving license is fake.

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Drivers License Renewal Process in Nigeria and Cost

So, what are the processes involved in driver license renewal?

If your drivers license is expired and you wish to apply for a drivers license renewal, you are advised to follow these steps:

  1. First you have two options. You can either go to the drivers license center or apply online at Nigeria driverslicense.org. after which you pay the license fee at the bank or online.

Note: If want to apply for driving license just have it at the back of your mind that the Drivers license renewal cost is N6,000 for three years while it cost N10,00 for  five years validity period.

  1. Endorse your application at the board of internal revenue and with the Vehicle Inspection Officer at the driver’s license Center.

Since it’s a drivers license renewal, there is no need for a driving test or a learners permit which is the same as a drivers permit.

  1. Since you are in for a drivers license renewal you may decide not to go for data capturing at the drivers license center, except if there is a change in your variables such as residential address or physical facial change due to an accident
  2. After you’ve successfully completed the processes above, you are qualified for a temporary drivers license which is valid for two months
  3. Under normal condition, the original drivers license should be ready after the two months.

Nigeria Drivers License Renewal and Cost (Summary)

You don’t have a choice but to go for a drivers license renewal when it expires, except you can afford the harassment and embarrassment that comes with not renewing.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to renew drivers license, now you have an answer. It is important that we all follow the right steps if we don’t want to be a victim of fake driving license.

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  1. Thanks for this information, please can i have the number to from the internal revenue and vehicle inspection officer, it will help me a lot because i really want to renew my driving license now, thanks a lot while waiting for your response

  2. I thank the FRSC for this information.
    Please I need an enlightenment.
    I bought a used car and I have done the change of name from the police.
    How can I have a driver licence in my name

  3. I went to renewal my driver license their telling me twenty five thousands for five yes fourteen thousands for three yrs

  4. I learnt a lot from this post.
    I would however like to ask, if I applied for a renewal and I am yet to receive the plastic drivers’ licence, can I change my name?

    • Thanks for your comment Damilola, I’d suggest you direct the question to the FRSC, you’ll get the most accurate answer. In my own opinion, I think since processing takes a longer time, that would be a difficult one.

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