types of cheques in Nigeria - checking account

Cheques and 8 Types of Cheque – All Explained

To be honest, I don't know many things about cheques and types of cheques. I can count the number of times I've...
What are commercial banks in Nigeria? What are the types of commercial banks, features, roles, and functions? Learn more & find the list of banks in Nigeria

Commercial Banks In Nigeria – All You Need to Know (List)

So, we've always heard or talked about commercial banks in Nigeria, how we rush to the ATM to withdraw, and to the...
What is a bank account? What are the major types of bank accounts in Nigeria? Learn more about all bank account types and their features in this post

7 Major Types of Bank Accounts In Nigeria Explained

Did you know that not everyone knows all there is to know about the major types of bank accounts in Nigeria?
What is a bank and what are the types of banks in Nigeria? Learn more about the origin of banks and understand each of the type of banks and their functions

7 Types of Banks in Nigeria – All Explained

So, you want to learn more about the types of banks in Nigeria right? I've got you covered.
What are the tax laws in Nigeria tax system? In this post, you'll find information about the tax system, Tax policies, Ordinances, Acts and Decree. Check it

Tax Laws In Nigeria Tax System Explained

What is the Nigerian tax system all about? Also, what are the tax laws in Nigeria? Sit back and let's do...
What is stamp duty? What is adjudication? What are the duties ofthe commissioner of stamp duties and what are the method of stamping documents? Learn more..

Stamp Duty In Nigeria: All You Need to Know

Hmm, stamp duties, what are they? Actually, the stamp duty is governed by the provisions of the stamp duties act of 1939...
So, what is a joint stock company? How is a public limited company formed? Learn more about the features, advantages and disadvantages of a Joint Stock here

Meaning of Joint Stock Company In Nigeria

You've probably gone through our post on all forms of business organizations in Nigeria, and want to learn more about Joint stock...
What is sole proprietorship business? How is a sole trader's business structured? Learn the features, sources of capital, advantages and Disadvantages here.

Sole Proprietorship Business Structure – Why It Is Usually The Starting Point

It is no news that sole proprietorship business forms a huge part of every Nation's economy, and it is usually the starting...
types of taxes in Nigeria - List of taxes - 3 types of taxes - 4 types of taxes

9 Types of Taxes In Nigeria – How Each Works

So, you've read our detailed post on taxation in Nigeria and Nigerian tax system right? Now, you want info on the different...
Education tax in Nigeria explained - Nigerian tax system

What Is Education Tax In Nigeria? [Explained]

What is Education tax? Education tax in Nigeria is a form of tax introduced by the military government on 1st January 1993 to assist...


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