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What Are Financial Instruments In Nigeria?

What Are Financial Instruments? The financial world can undoubtedly be enigmatic, especially to the average people. If you are here to learn some basics about...

What Is Merger and Acquisition?

What Is Merger and Acquisition and its significance? Without creating another business object, two or more different companies can buy, sell or combine to help...

Guide to Understanding Business Meetings And Minutes

What are business meetings and what are minutes of the meetings? Meetings in every organization (be it big or small) are mechanisms put in place...

How to Register Your Business With the CAC

Do you have a profitable business idea and what to register that business  with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)? The Corporate Affairs Commission is a...

Concept Testing for Your Startup – Things You Should Know

Every startup founder believes, deep inside, that his/her creation will become the next Facebook or Google. The idea behind is just too brilliant to...

Functions of Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC)

What is the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC? Formerly called the Capital Issues Commission, SEC was established by SEC Act of 27th September, 1979 which...

Business Glossary – Top Business Terms Definitions A-Z

This Business terms page will help you manage and understand common business vocabulary across the business domain, providing an authoritative source for all business...

How to Start a Successful Transportation Business In Nigeria

Thinking about starting a transportation business in Nigeria? During the time of Adam and Eve, transportation was not named...

How to Open GtBank Domiciliary Account In Nigeria

A domiciliary account is a special type of bank account that allows the holder to transact in foreign currencies.

What Is Multi Level Marketing MLM?

This infographic allows you to learn how to do MLM which is multi-level marketing which has 4 types associated with it.


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