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cost of Nigerian international passport

The Nigerian International Passport is not void of history as it has been reported that ‘passport and visa became necessary documents after world war one.

The history of passports, which are travel documents, is dated as far back as the time of Nehemiah in the bible when he asked the king for letters (travel documents) to travel…Nehemiah 2:7.

He said, if it pleases the king, let letters be given to me to the governors beyond the river that they may convey me over till I come to Judah.


Nigerian international passport - immigration service

I had a Nigerian Passport in secondary school… LOL…only that mine was brown colored and not the green color we know.

Whenever my letter of request to leave the boarding school was granted, I pack my bags and zoom off to the gate to present the signed letter, and my passbook (my ‘Nigerian International Passport’) which is signed and returned to me, and there I go with my bag and passbook.

I didn’t take cognizance of it then but it is typical of the way the passport is stamped upon presentation of visa (like say my school don dey prepare me for traveling out of the country).

Okay, but what exactly is an International Passport? How is it gotten? Am I entitled to it? Etc. Stay with me and let me take you through what you need to know about the Nigerian International Passport.

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What Is Nigerian International Passport?

An international passport is a travel document, a small booklet, usually issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service, a body of the federal government, after certification of the identity and nationality of its holder mainly for the purpose of international travels.

Nigerian international passport - federal republic of Nigeria

The Nigerian international passport, just like a typical national passport, has the country name on its cover: FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.

It contains the bearer details: name, nationality, date of birth, sex, place of birth, date of issuance, date of expiry, and the passport number, on the inside cover.

Interestingly, there are about 45 visa-free countries for Nigeria which you can visit with your Nigeria International passport and even stay there for over 30 days.

The first page of the Nigerian international passport contains a picture of the coat of arms and permission to allow the bearer passage, assistance, and protection.

 Nigerian coat of arms - national passport

A Nigerian passport is a small booklet that may contain either 32 pages or 64 pages, with the holder’s passport digits perforated on each page of his/her passport.

Now, let’s talk about the quick difference before we move to the passport requirements.

The Difference Between The 32 Pages & 64 Pages Nigerian Passport 

The Nigerian international passport is divided into two based on the number of pages they contain:

  • 32 pages passport contains 32 pages.
  • 64 pages passport contains 64 pages. It is mostly used by Nigerians that travel frequently out of the country.

They are only different in the number of pages their booklet contains.

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Nigerian Passport Requirements

The Nigerian passport is not just given, it is to be applied for either online or offline before it is issued to a holder. Nigeria has started offering electronic passports, known as e-passports.

These e-passports are the upgraded Nigerian passport, having the same characteristics as the old Nigerian passport but with an embedded electronic microprocessor chip that contains the biometric information which can be used to authenticate the identity of its holder.

Nigeria immigration service

The Nigerian Immigration Service portal gives guidelines on the general procedures of obtaining an e-passport via

It has been reported that the Federal government has made the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) identification number a must requirement for a Nigerian passport especially for those outside the country.

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the two passport types in Nigeria

The e-passport is divided into two types namely:

  • Standard passport.
  • Official passport.

Let’s take it one at a time.

Standard Passport

Documents required for the Nigerian passport by the Nigeria Immigration Service include:

  • Local government letter of identification.
  • Birth certificate / age declaration.
  • 2 recent color passport photographs.
  • Guarantor’s form is sworn to before a commissioner of oaths/magistrate/high court judge.

Note: The guarantor must attach: photocopy of the data page of the Nigerian standard passport, and national identity card.

  • Parents’ letter of consent for minors <16 years.
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable).
  • Police report (in case of lost passport).

Official Passport

The following is required for an official passport

  • Letter of introduction from appropriate state government, federal government ministry/organization.
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable).
  • Police report (in case of lost passport).
  • Letter of appointment / last promotion.

The Nigerian passport application form can be filled online on the Nigerian Immigration Service portal. To fill the application form for the standard passport, visit the Nigerian immigration service portal

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How Much Is International Passport In Nigeria 2019

The cost of international passport in Nigeria varies across different categories for the 32 pages and 64 pages Nigerian international passport.

Below is the cost for an international passport as provided by the Nigerian Immigration Service:

Cost of Nigerian Passport In Nigeria 2019

Cost of Nigerian Passport – Applying Within Nigeria

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For Those Applying Outside Nigeria

If you’re applying for Nigerian passport outside Nigeria, here’s the cost below:

Cost of Nigerian International Passport – Applying Outside NigeriaIf you select a processing country other than Nigeria, your payment will be in US Dollars. You will be re-directed to an approved payment platform to complete your application and make your payment in US Dollars.

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Nigerian Passport Renewal Fee

The cost of Nigerian international passport renewal is considered when the previous passport has expired.

Someone who did not have a passport before cannot do a renewal of passport. The cost of Nigeria passport renewal is said to be 20,000 Naira.

Nigerian Passport Application Status and Form

Upon completion of the Nigerian passport application form online, you can check the status of the application to know if it was successful or not.

You need your passport application ID, and passport reference number to check your Nigerian passport application status on the immigration portal.

Facts About Nigerian Visa And Passport

The following are facts about the Nigerian Visa and Passport

  • The Nigerian international passport is ranked 91st on the visa restriction index as a holder of the passport has visa-free or visa on arrival access to 46 countries and territories.
  • The Nigerian international passport is valid for all countries.
  • The validity of Nigerian international passport is 5 years.
  • The Nigerian passport and visa are travel documents with the former certifying identification, and nationality of the holder and the latter granting permission to enter, stay and exit the country.
  • Application fees paid for passport are non – refundable except in cases where there is double payment mistakenly made for the same application.

There you have a few facts among many others.

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Nigerian International Passport (Summary)

And there you have it; all the information about the Nigerian international passport. From what this document really is, to the types, the cost, the renewal, application status and facts.

I think this document is a must for every Nigerian citizen, so do not wait to get one until the need arises. Always remember that opportunities are everywhere all around the world and when they come knocking at your door, will you be ready?

Word of advice, in order to have smooth passport processing, don’t allow other persons to process your passport for you because of future complications, go to the immigration office your self.

Also, remember that the Nigerian passport still remains a government property even after you’ve been issued one.

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