Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure [Detailed]

10121 Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure Nigerian airforce Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure Nigerian airforce

Are you interested in joining the Nigerian Airforce or you just want to have a knowledge of the Nigerian Air force ranks and salary?

Well…. The Nigerian military is one of the largest in Africa and it is divided into 3 components which include Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Air force.

Not quite long we made a post about the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps salary and recruitment, but in this article I will take you on a journey to know more about the Nigerian Air Force ranks and salary.


As we all know that there is a skyrocketing unemployment rate in Nigeria, mostly experienced by the youths, securing employment in the military, especially the Nigerian Air Force is rigorous and demanding.

Nigerian air force salary and ranks

So, I think this article will really help those interested in getting a job at the Nigerian Air Force, as I’ll provide information on quite a number of things.

The Nigerian Air Force is the air division of the Nigerian armed forces and it has played a major role in maintaining peace in Nigeria and also helps to eliminate unsafe activities.

Now that we are with you, believe me, you will know the far and wide of Nigerian air force including their ranks and salary. So read on.

Note that we’ve given a detailed post on the Nigeria police salary arrangement and their ranks in this post. You should check that out.

Nigerian Airforce Ranks – Brief History

When talking about the Nigerian air force ranks, you should know that according to history, it was recorded that the idea of establishing Nigerian Air force was first broached in 1961, after the nations participated in peacekeeping in two countries which are Congo and Tanganyika known as Tanzania.

During these peacekeeping operations, there was no air transport that could assist the Nigerian Army.

It was during this period that the Federal Government then recognized the urgency of an air force in Nigeria.

On 18th of April 1964, Nigerian Air force was established where the personnel were trained in India, Ethiopia and Canada.

Today the infant air force in Nigeria has grown into maturity, having around 10,000 personnels and a total of 261 airplanes.

In fact, the Nigerian air force now operates 16 different types of aircraft and it is the largest of all air forces in Africa. Whao! What a great achievement. We’ve written about the Nigerian police ranks and their salaries, you should read about that too.

Nigerian Air force Website

The official website of Nigerian airforce is

The Nigerian Air Force Logo & Symbol

Nigerian airforce logo and symbol
Nigerian Air force emblem

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Nigerian Air Force Uniform Colour & Pictures

The Nigerian air force uniform color is so cool. First of all, uniform plays an important role in assigning a distinct identity of armed forces.

Let us now understand the importance of the uniform worn in the Nigerian Air force.

The importance of having uniform standards in the Nigerian air force cannot be under emphasized and it is also mandatory for the officers to dress according to regulations.

The uniform is worn at all times and while on duty. For the uniform to be complete, it needs to be accompanied by some items which include gloves, cap and epaulets.

Nigerian airforce uniform pictures

The combat uniform of pilot has green colour while the parade uniform is dark blue which distinguishes them from all other military formation.

The Nigerian Air force uniform is complemented with black cap, white gloves, and gold color of epaulets.

Nigerian air force recruitment - Air marshal

Also for the ceremonial and commanding ranks uniform, the deep blue colour symbolizes the sky, and also any other elements that accompanies the uniform indicates the authority, epaulets indicate hierarchy.

Nigerian air force ranks - Air chief marshal
From left: Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar; Commander of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Maj.-Gen. Yousef Al Hnanity; and Chief of Training and Operations, Nigerian Air Force headquarters, AVM Nurudeen Balogun, during the collaborative visit of the Jordanian Commander to Nigerian Air Force headquarters in Abuja on Monday (25/9/17) Johnson Udeani/BJO/NAN

air force ranks uniform pictures - Group captain - squadron leader

Next up the ladder is the Nigerian Air force ranks and Salary structure.

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Nigerian Airforce Ranks and Symbol Structure

The Nigerian Air force ranks and structure is important because it forms one of the fundamental backbones in the military service.

The Nigerian air force ranks structure is like a link of chains that forms a link between the highest officer and the lowest officer.

Hmm… assuming Nigerian Air force ranks does not exist what could have happened? In every establishment there’s hierarchy or what is called chain of command, i.e an office should know who to report directly to.

If everybody is trying to be the head it will definitely result to misunderstanding, confusion and conflict of interest.

As you become more experienced, and move up through the ranks, gaining more skills and qualifications, then your salary increases.

The Nigerian Air force ranks was derived from the British Royal Air force rank structure. The ranks in the Nigeria Air force is based on 2 categories which are:

  • Commissioned officers and;
  • Non-commissioned officers.

First, lets us hit the nail on the head by discussing the rank of the commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air force.

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The Commissioned Officers

The commissioned officers are those that have been in the Nigerian Air force for a very long period of time and have been awarded the position of a commissioned officer.

air force ranks commissioned officers

Here is the list of Nigerian Air force ranks (NAF ranks) from highest to lowest:

  • Marshal of the Air force with the five star ranks is the highest most sought after rank in the Nigerian Air force ranks. This officer holds the responsibility of the ongoing activities in the Air force.
  • Next in the hierarchy of command is Air Chief Marshal, the second highest rank in the Nigerian Air force ranks. It is a four-star officer rank. Air Chief Marshal Salary is #1,724,283 monthly.
  • Air Marshal is the 3rd highest paid officer. The Pay is #1,486,451 as monthly salary and the rank is next to Air Chief Marshal in the Nigerian Air force ranks.
  • Air Vice Marshal is a two-star air officer rank and the rank of air vice marshal is immediately senior to the rank of air commodore and subordinate to the rank of Air marshal. Air vice Marshal Salary is #1,376,343 per month.
  • Air Commodore has only one star. The most junior of all current ranks earns #677,895monthly.
  • Group Captain is senior commissioned rank earning #352,631 monthly as salary.
  • Wing commander is in charge of the group of jets receiving #342,586 monthly as salary.
  • Squadron Leader commands smaller group of aircrafts. Squadron Leader salary is #248,004 monthly.
  • Flight Lieutenant is a low commissioned rank that receives #232,484 as monthly salary. It is next to Squadron leader in the Nigeria air force ranks.
  • Flying Officer is a standard position of a junior commissioned officer. This person can serves as an adjutant, security officer, and squadron pilot. Flying officer salary is #218,400 monthly.
  • Pilot Officer is the lowermost commissioned rank earning #187,159 monthly. A pilot officer in Nigeria air force ranks can either be a land branch officer or a member of an aircrew.

Non-commissioned officers

Listed below are the 9 ranks in the Nigerian Air force for non-commissioned officers:

  • Air Warrant Officer which is the highest non commissioned rank in Nigerian air force mainly focuses on providing guidance and instructions in the technical field. An air warrant officer in the Nigeria air force ranks earns #171,793 monthly.
  • Master Warrant Officer is also the highest non-commissioned rank in the Nigerian Air force. It is senior to warrant officer in the Nigerian air force ranks, and those people given this rank in Nigeria air force earns #165,697 monthly.
  • Warrant Officer –The warrant officer is the next, after master warrant officer in the hierarchy of Nigerian Air Force ranks. A warrant officer receives #101,974 monthly.
  • Flight Sergeant is a senior non commissioned rank in the Nigerian Air force. Flight sergeant salary is #87,119 monthly salary.
  • Sergeant-A junior non commissioned officer subordinate to flight sergeant in the Nigerian air force ranks. A Sergeant collects #69,261 monthly and it is senior to both a Lance Corporal and Corporal Officer in the rank of Nigerian Air Force.
  • Corporal- a corporal is another rank in the Nigerian Air force who is in charge of a body of certain troop. A corporal is paid #58,634 monthly.
  • Lance Corporal- Lance Corporal means officer of the lowest rank in the Nigerian Air force. Lance Corporal in the Nigeria air force ranks is paid #55,832 per month.
  • Air craftsman/woman is the lowest rank in the Nigerian air force. He/she receives #53,892 monthly.
  • Recruit – Those that just joined Nigerian Air force, so therefore it is the lowest in the Nigerian Air force ranks.

Group captain - Commissioned ranks of air force official

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Nigerian Air Force Bases

Nigeria Air Force base is always a conducive place that with housing accommodations for the personnel.

It also includes health care centers, religion centers, and educational centers for the air force personnel and you will also enjoy the orderliness and maximum displayed discipline.

We have:

  • NAF Abuja -FCT
  • NAF Kaduna is the Old Kaduna Airport – Kaduna state
  • NAF Port Harcourt – Rivers state
  • NAF Benin – Edo state
  • NAF Maiduguri – Borno state
  • NAF Minna (based within Minna Airport) – Niger state
  • NAF Makurdi (based within Markurdi Airport) –Benue state.
  • NAF Kano (based within Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport) – Kano State
  • NAF Enugu (based within Akanu Ibiam International Airport) – Enugu state.
  • NAF Jos –Plateau state.
  • NAF Ipetu- Ijesha- Osun state.
  • NAF Shasha- Ogun state.
  • NAF Kainji.
  • NAF Katsina.
  • NAF Yola – Adamawa State
  • NAF Mando – Kaduna State

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Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Form

If you are aspiring to work in the Nigerian Air force, you need to be mentally and physically fit. Na beg I dey beg o, it is not just doing any job. So are you fully prepared?

Before you can move further when filling the Nigerian Air force recruitment form for example, there are some things you need to take into consideration when applying for Air force.

Every year, the Nigerian Air force Recruitment is conducted, so if you are interested in serving in Nigerian Air Force, kindly visit the official website of the Nigerian Air Force on

The website was majorly designed by the federal government to help create, recruit and hire many unemployed individuals.

So keep reading as you will get the information you need on how to apply for Nigerian Air force job application. Nigerian Air force Recruitment Required Document for online Registration include:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. First school leaving certificate
  3. Passport size photograph
  5. NCE/ND/ Trade Test/ RN (Optonal)

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General Instructions

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian either by birth or nationalization and possess National Identity card.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 22 years for non-tradesmen/women
  • Before you can apply for Nigerian Air Force recruitment, you must be single.
  • Minimum height for applicant is 1.68 meters or 5.5 ft for males and 1.65m or 5.4 ft for females. No need to apply if you are short.
  • All applicants must be medically fit and meet the medical standards of Nigeria Airforce.

Nigerian Air force Recruitment Academic/Professional Qualification

  • Non- Tradesmen/women: Applicants must possess minimum of 3 credits in not more than 2 sittings in WASSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB including English language and Mathematics.
  • Tradesmen/women: Applicants must possess OND, NABTEB, RN/RM/NCE or City and Guild Certificate.
  • The candidates attestation form must be signed by a military officer of the same states as the candidate and not be below the rank of leader of the Squad or equivalent in the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy and police officer of the post and above.

How to Register For The Nigerian Air force Recruitment

The Nigerian Air force will announce the Airmen / Airwomen Recruitment Exercise date including the deadline date with the release of the form.

Nigerian Air force Recruitment Screening Venues

The zonal screening for the Nigerian Air force recruitment exercise will commence at various centers so, choose your nearest destination when undergoing registration.

Candidates are also advised to carefully read the following requirements before completing the form:

  1. Medical Records: ND medical records.
  2. Nursing: RN-RM
  3. Laboratory Technicians: ND Medical Lab science
  4. X-ray Technicians: ND X-ray technology
  5. Dental Technician: ND Dental Technology /Dental Therapy
  6. Pharmacy Technician: ND Pharmacy Technology
  7. Environmental Technician: ND Environmental Technology
  8. Biomass Technician: ND Biomed Technology

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary (Summary)

Now that you are well informed about the Nigerian Air force ranks structure and salary, we can now see that without Nigerian air force rank, Nigerian air force would be totally absent.

You know why? The maintenance of Nigerian Air Force ranks is important in order to avoid disorder and disarray.

The ranks helps maintain a chain of command that ensures smooth communication, planning, execution and feedback mechanism.

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I hope this post will really help those aspiring to work in the military service. Please, if you find this post helpful let’s have your comment and don’t forget to give it a like and share.