Ranks In the Nigerian Navy And (Logos) Badges


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What is the Nigerian Navy? What is Naval Base and which are the ranks in the Nigerian Navy? How can I join the Navy?

That’s exactly some of the most common questions asked about armed forces in Nigeria, especially the Nigerian Navy.

Not to worry, you’ll get every info you need in this comprehensive post.

The Nigerian Navy has one of the largest Navy forces in Africa and each Navy officer has a rank which he/she is being classified and respected.

Are you interested in the joining the Navy force of Nigeria? Well, there are many Naval Military academies in Nigeria which you can apply to, for admission.

How about we take it from the very beginning?

What Is the Navy?

The Navy is part of the Military of a country which protects the country by securing the ports and coastal areas from invaders.

Picture of The Nigerian navy ranks from lowest to highest

The chief of the naval staff has the highest controlling power in the Navy force. The Nigerian Navy’s vision for example, is to develop a credible naval power in fulfillment of the Nigerian Navy’s Constitutional roles.

Like I said earlier, in this post, I would show you the available badges of the Nigerian Navy according to their ranks and as well tell you more about each of the ranks.

History of the Nigerian Navy Ranks

The Royal Navy came into existence in 1887 as a quasi-military organization under the British marine department before Nigerian got her independence.

The Royal Navy took part in the military fight against the Germans in Cameroon (1914-1918) which was during the First World War.

At that time, the Royal Navy was not properly established by the British Colony because their opinion was just to dedicate the Royal Navy to protect Nigeria.

History of Nigerian Navy - Logo

Thereafter, the marine department which the Royal Navy emerged from, was noticed to be adequate enough to secure the ports, coastal areas and to as well provide harbor services at the West African Patrols for the Royal Navies.

After the Second World War ended in 1945, there was a proposal made by the Royal Navy Reserve officers to establish a Navy force in Nigeria.

Their actions were backed up by the Nationalist to put pressure on the British Colonial administration to establish a Navy force in Nigeria and as a result, the colonial administration disbanded the Marine department.

After that action was put in place, some men from the disbanded colonial marine department and about 250 of their officers came together to form the Nigerian Naval Force in Nigeria (NNF) in April, 1956.

Not long after, the Nigerian Naval Force changed their name to the Naval Defense Force of Nigeria (NDF).

The Naval Defense Force began operation on June 1st, 1956 with few of the available assorted ships and some other water crafts gotten from the former colonial marine department of the Royal Navy which they once belonged to.

In 1956, 5th of September, the first legislation on the Navy was successfully signed by the Governor-General of Nigeria, the person of Sir James Robertson and the legislation on the Navy was called the First Navy Ordnance.

The Nigerian Defense Force (NDF) was later re-designated to the Royal Nigerian Navy as a sign of allegiance to the Queen of England on 1st of May, 1958.

Eventually, Nigeria became a republic in 1963 and the word “Royal” was removed from its name and it became the Nigerian Navy.

It was legally established through the Act of Parliament No. 21 of 1964 and all the limitations on the Nigerian Navy that was enforced before independence were removed.

This gave the Nigerian Navy access to all water areas in Nigeria and to also defend Nigeria as a country.

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Nigerian Naval Ranking In the World

Since Nigeria has been ranked 44 out of the 137 countries currently considered for annual GFP review that holds a Pwr lndx rating of 0.7007, some world rating has been released on the rankings of the Nigerian Military forces among the 137 countries.

The position of the Nigerian Naval force is ranked at number 75 out of the 137 counties. Tell us what you think about this rating, we can’t wait to have your opinion in the comment box.

Ranks In the Nigerian Navy from Lowest to Highest

Just as we have the Nigerian Army ranks and the Nigerian Air force ranks, there are also different ranks in the Nigerian Navy.

The Nigerian Navy is Similar that of the British Navy when it comes to the Navy uniform, formation and ways of harboring.

This is so because the origin of the Nigerian Navy could be traced to the British owned Marine department called The Royal Navy.

Warship of the Nigerian navy

When it comes to the ranks in the Nigerian Navy, it also seemed similar to the British mode of formation in the Royal Navy because most of the Nigerian Officers that stated that the movement of the Nigerian Navy emerged from the Royal Navy of the British Colonel.

I would like you to know that the Nigerian Navy ranks are divided into two forms, which are:

The Commissioned Ranks

This commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy are given to higher officers i.e. the officers on this stable are the controlling heads for the Nigerian Navy.

Starting from the Admiral of the Fleet to the Midshipman, the hierarchy and chain of command flows, and another good thing about these Commissioned officers in the navy is that they are well paid.

The Non-commissioned Ranks

The non-commissioned ranking officers of the Nigerian Navy are given to the actual fighting forces of the navy.

These non-commissioned ranks are given based on their experiences at war and their success in the training and practical examinations.

These people are the lower class in the Navy ranking, and do not acquire as much salaries as the officers with the commissioned officers.

However, here is a brief list of the non-commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy from the highest to the lowest below:

  • Trainee

Here above is the starting rank for the non-commissioned rank. Trainees are newly admitted individuals in to the Navy that have no or little experiences in the naval world.

  • Ordinary Rating

This rank is given to individuals that have been educated on the basis of the Nigerian Navy and are ready to fight in a war.

  • Able Rating

These are individuals that already trained and ready for the actual fights in the battlefield.

  • Leading Rating

Among the non-commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy, a leading rating is fourth Highest rank.

  • Petty Rating

This rank is higher than that of the leading Rating and is seen as the third highest rank of the non-commissioned officers.

  • Chief petty Officer

These officers are under the Warrant Chief Petty Officer and seen as the second highest rank of the non-commissioned officers.

  • Warrant Chief petty Officer

This is the highest rank on this list of the non-commissioned officers.

Ranks of the Commissioned officers from lowest to highest is seen below:

  • Midshipman
  • Sub-lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Rear Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Admiral of the Fleet

So, from lowest to highest, starting with the non commissioned officers, the peak of ranks of the Nigerian navy is the Admiral of the fleet.

Now, let me share with you more information about the commissioned Nigerian navy ranks. At least you’d want to know who is responsible for what, and hierarchy of command.

Are you ready?

Commissioned Ranks In the Nigerian Navy and their Badges Pictures

All commissioned rank officers

The commissioned ranks is a particular type of rank given to the commissioned officers because they hold the position of the Naval Authority and Management in Nigeria.

They are well paid, well educated, super experienced and they give instructions to the non-commissioned officers.

Here are the Commissioned ranks and their badges picture below;

1. Admiral of the Fleet

In the Nigerian Navy, the Admiral of the fleet is the highest rank of them all. This rank is very rare to achieve and perhaps it is also described as an honorary position which is given to high level officers.

Admiral of the Fleet badge - ranks in the Nigerian Navy

The similarity of the Admiral of the fleet (Navy) confers to that of the field marshal in the Army force and the Marshal in the Air force.

2. Admiral

Among the commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy, the admiral is seen as the second highest ranking officer.

Admiral - second highest ranking officer of the Nigerian Navy

This rank is likely to be seen as the highest ascertained rank because the Admiral of the fleet is very uncommon or more like impossible at the moment.

This rank is similar to that of the Air chief Marshal in the air force and the General of the Army in the Army force.

The salary paid per month to this kind of officer is about #1,358,595.

3. Vice-Admiral

The Vice-Admiral is the third highest rank given to the commissioned officers of the Nigerian Navy. They are also called 3-star officers.

Vice Admiral - commissioned Nigerian navy ranks

They are usually referred to as the Chief of Naval staffs in the Nigerian Navy.

This rank could be compared to that of the Air vice- Marshal in the Nigerian Air force and the lieutenant General in the Nigerian Army.

A vice-Admiral earns about #1,113,603 per month.

4. Rear Admiral

In the ranking of the Nigerian Navy officers, the rear Admiral is the Fourth highest rank and also seen as the lowest of the Admiral ranks.

Royal navy seals - rear admiral

The Officers of this rank are usually called 2-star officers as the navy uniforms of these officers comes with 2 star badge or insignia. It is a senior rank to the commodore rank.

The officers of this rank earn about #1,003,245 per month.

5. Commodore

This starts the beginning of Non-Admiral Ranks in the Nigerian Navy. This officers are well respected by the lower ranked officers.

Commodore nigerian navy ranks and symbol

This rank is equivalent to that of the Air Commodore in the Air force and the Brigadier general in the Nigerian Army.

The officers of this rank earn about #615,488 per month.

6. Captain

This rank is the sixth highest rank among the commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy. The officers of this pedigree command and controls the largest warships and war crafts in the Nigerian Navy.

Navy captain badge

This rank is similar to that of the group captain in the Nigerian Air Force and the Army colonel in the Nigerian Army.

The officers of this rank earn about #309,655 per month.

7. Commander

Among the commissioned navy ranks in Nigeria, the commander is the seventh rank. The officers of this rank are usually in control over small warships and small war crafts unlike the captain who has control over the largest warships and crafts.

Naval warship commander uniform

This rank is similar to that of the Wing commander in the Nigerian Air force and the Lieutenant colonel in the Nigerian Army.

8. Lieutenant Commander

This rank is also referred as the assistant commander or the deputy commander among the commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy.

lieutenant commander symbol

The lieutenant commander is a direct superior to a lieutenant but under the Commander.

This rank is similar to that of the Squadron leader in the Nigerian Air force and the major in the Nigerian Army.

9. Lieutenant

The lieutenant takes orders from a lieutenant commander in the Nigerian Navy. They are always enforced with a lot of tasks and orders which are given directly from the higher ranked officers.

Lieutenant rank and file

Among the commissioned Nigerian navy ranks, these officers are seen as the ninth highest. This rank is comparable to that of the Flight Lieutenant in the Nigerian Air force and the Captain in the Nigerian Army.

10. Sub-lieutenant

Of all the commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy, the sub-lieutenant is the second given rank. The officers assigned to this rank are superior to the midshipmen but lower to the Lieutenant.

Sub lieutenant Nigerian army ranks

This rank is similar to that of the flying officer in the Nigerian Air force and the Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army.

11. Midshipman

This is seen as one of the usual starting commissioned ranks. They have the lowest rank among the commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy.

Midship man in commision ranks in the Nigerian navy

The officers are superior to all non-commissioned officers but below all commissioned officers with higher ranking position.

The rank is similar to that if the second lieutenant in the Nigerian Army and the pilot officer in the Nigerian Air force.

Quick Info About The Nigerian Navy Base

Nigerian navy base - Nigerian naval headquaters

The Nigerian Navy base or Naval Headquarter is located at Abuja, Nigeria. The Nigerian Navy have 5 main commands and as well autonomous Units but only 3 of the commands are operational.

The 3 Operational Commands are;

  1. Western Naval Command: The Western Naval Command has its headquarters located at Lagos.
  2. Central Naval Command: The Central Naval Command has its headquarters located at Calabar.
  3. Eastern Naval Command: The Eastern Naval Command has its headquarters located at Bayelsa.

The Autonomous Units of the Nigerian Navy are:

  • Naval Ordinance Depot (NOD)
  • Naval Doctrine and Assessment Centre (NDAC)
  • Navy Holdings Limited (NHL)

The Navy Holdings Limited (NHL) has 9 companies which are;

  • Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL)
  • Naval Buildings & Construction Company limited (NBCCL)
  • Navy Hostels & Suites Limited (NHSL)
  • Navy Micro-finance Bank Limited (NMFBL)
  • Navy Maritime Services Limited (NMSL)
  • Naval Exchange (NAVEX)
  • Naval Engineering services limited (NESL)
  • Naval Cleaning and Forwarding services Limited (NCFSL)

Here are few of the Naval Bases or Naval military branches in Nigeria below;

Naval Dockyard

Nigerian Naval Dockyard

The Nigerian Naval Dockyard is a naval base which is located in Wilmot point Rd, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Nigerian Navy Barracks

The Nigerian Navy Barracks is seen as Military Barracks for the naval forces which is located at Olute, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ministry of Defense Headquarters

The Ministry of Defense headquarters is a naval base which is located at Maloney st, Lagos Island, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Ranks In the Nigerian Navy (Summary)

I have given a list of all the ranks in the Nigerian Navy above. Did you know that among the Nigerian Military, the Nigerian Navy has one of the richest Military Companies?

These companies serve as source of income in other to ensure the existence of Naval Forces in Nigeria by providing equipment, facilities and other materials base on their urgency.

Joining the Nigerian Navy is a good thing to do if you have interest in defending your country, just give it a try, for you might find success and climb up the ranks at your due time without delay.

For information about navy recruitment, dates and procedures to follow, keep an eye on top major newspapers and especially the Nigerian navy official website.

What do you think about this post? Kindly use the comment box below to share whatever you have in mind concerning this post on the Nigerian navy ranks and their badges.