Local Airlines In Nigeria For Local Flights – Top 17

cropped Oasdom Full list of local airlines in Nigeria for local flights domestic airlines in Nigeria
cropped Oasdom Full list of local airlines in Nigeria for local flights domestic airlines in Nigeria

Ever thought about how many local airlines in Nigeria does exist? They are many but I’ve got the top list of top domestic airlines in Nigeria for local flights, in this post.

Those airplanes you see, at times, soaring through the sky are not out of the country, local airlines in Nigeria or domestic airlines as you may call it are doing a great job.

Some of these airplanes do not go beyond Nigeria borders (rooted citizens of Nigeria…LOL).


These domestic airlines in Nigeria are making local flights possible within the country for a traveler and you can even get super cheap flights from them.

Sadly, many Nigerians believe, that Nigerian airports are substandard and cannot compete globally.

Did you know that the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, and Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) in Lagos has been ranked the fourth Busiest aircraft route in Africa? Domestic airlines in Nigeria are doing well.

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Top Local Airlines In Nigeria for Cheap Flights to Lagos And Other States

Local airlines in Nigeria are companies that provide domestic flights by air. Flights by air is another transportation business with huge investment.

They make use of aeroplanes for transportation, passing through airways to get to scheduled destinations.

The Nigerian aviation industry is actually more active than most of us realize and guess what, you will be amazed at the number of local airlines in Nigeria; here is my list of top 17:

1. Medview Airline

Another domestic airline in Nigeria - med-view

Medview airline started its operations in Nigeria, in the year 2007, through pilgrim transportation via air from Ilorin, Lagos, Sokoto, Maiduguri, and Yola to Saudi Arabia and vice versa.

The year 2012 brought along med view participating in domestic operations. Their service includes:

  • Aircraft Charter
  • Road Feeder Service
  • Travel agent
  • Airport Protocol Services
  • Cargo Import/Export
  • Ground Handling
  • Domestic Operations

They offer flight to Abuja, Maiduguri, Accra Kotoka, London Gatwick, Port Harcourt, and Yola.

  • Location: Their headquarters is located at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, they are majorly involved in domestic flights.
  • Website: www.medviewairline.com
  • Email: 01-4540928, 07082543952

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2. Aero Contractors Airlines Nigeria

aero airlines - top local airlines in nigeria

Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria limited, with the slogan “THE RELIABLE WAY TO FLY”, is one of the famous local airlines in Nigeria.

It all started with Schreiner Airways B. V. When he founded, and solely owned aero (1959). Aero was officially registered in 1960; Nigeria had a 40% ownership of the company (1973) then 60% ownership (1976).

Schreiner sold out his 40% ownership to CHC Helicopters (2004), CHC then sold out his acquired 40% shares (2010). Aero became wholly owned by the Ibru family.

Aero aviation has a fleet size of 7 and over 10 destinations.

  • Location: Based at Room 2058, 2nd Floor, Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos state.
  • Website: www.acn.aero.
  • Contact number: +234 1 6284140
  • Email: tickethelpdesk@acn.aero

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3. Arik Air Nigeria

local flight aircraft - Arik Air Nigeria

Arik air cannot be exempted from the list of local airlines in Nigeria. It did not just become quite popular, in the aviation industry, in one day.

It all dated back to when it started operations in 2006 although founded in 2002. It offers both domestic flights in Nigeria and international flights to other West African destinations.

It is reported to be privately and wholly Nigerian owned.

  • Location: The “WINGS OF NIGERIA” airline headquarter is located at Arik Air Aviation Centre, Murtala Muhammad International Airport Domestic Wing, Ikeja, Lagos state.
  • Website: Visit Arik air website via www.arikair.com.
  • Contact number: 01 279 9999

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4. Allied Air Airlines Nigeria Cargo

allied air makes the domestic airlines list

Allied air is one of the local airlines in Nigeria that doesn’t just offer the common (passenger transportation) services associated with the world airlines.

It is our local airline, based in Nigeria, which offers local flights to CARGOES only.

Founded in 1998, and has destinations that included Accra, Freetown, Monrovia, Entebbe, and Malabo. Visit “WORKING TOGETHER, REACHING FURTHER”.

  • Location: Headquarter office is located at Nahco Cargo Building, 2nd Floor, Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos state.
  • Website: www.alliedairng.com
  • Contact number: Port Harcourt: +234 (0) 708 1626063
    Lagos: +234 (0) 803 7268535, +234 (0) 703 1572188
    Abuja: +234 (0) 803 7268535
  • Email: info@alliedairng.com

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5. Associated Aviation

This airline founded in 1996 offers cargo and passenger services. It is located at 56 MKO Abiola Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos state.

It was reported that a group of investors bought the company (July 2008) and launched a major route expansion, including the purchase of new aircraft from Embraer.

Reports came in 2009 that the local airlines had started offering domestic flights in Nigeria to Ibadan, Abuja, Benin, Calabar, Jeddah, Maikurdi, and Lagos.

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6. Air Peace Airlines Nigeria

air peace airlines in Nigeria for domestic flights

This is also one of the local airlines in Nigeria. Air peace was founded in the year 2013. It has over 10 destinations.

This privately owned Nigerian airline offers domestic flights from Lagos to Kaduna, Abuja, Owerri, Enugu, Sokoto, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Benin city, and Uyo.

  • Location: Its headquarters office is located at 25, Sobo Arobiodu Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos state.
  • Website: www.flyairpeace.com
  • Contact: +2349087263355
  • Email:  info@flyairpeace.com

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7. Overland Airways – Best Airline In Nigeria

One of the best airline in Nigeria is Overland Airways, Founded in 2002, they are based in Ikeja, Lagos state with their main base at Murtala Muhammed Internation Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.
With a clear vision to be a successful Airline with global coverage through a strong Base operation supplemented with partnerships and alliances, Overland airways have stayed true to their vision.
overland airways best airline in nigeria
The National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) Award for excellence bestowed on the airline during the 12th National Productivity Day Celebration at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, on August 16, 2012, by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
Also, Overland Airways was awarded the Leading Air Commuter Services Operator in Nigeria by the League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC)  in May 2012.
  • Contact: +234(0)803 535 5005/6, 01 4607477-9

8. Azman Air Airlines Nigeria

domestic airlines in nigeria - azman airlines

Azman was established in the year 2010 by Mallam Abdulmunaf Yunusa Sarina. Their headquarter is located at 1, Zaria road, Kano, Kano state.

Azman started offering Local flights in Nigeria in 2014. It has a fleet size of 5 and has over 8 destinations.

Their local flight services include the following routes:

  • Lagos to Abuja
  • Lagos to Kebbi
  • Lagos to Maiduguri
  • Lagos to G Port Harcourt
  • Lagos to Kaduna
  • Lagos to Kano
  • Abuja to Kano
  • Abuja to Yola
  • Abuja to Lagos
  • Abuja to Kebbi
  • Abuja to Gombe
  • Kano to Kebbi
  • Kano to Abuja
  • Kano to Lagos

The airline has a slogan that says “FLY SAFE, FLY AZMAN”

  • Location: It has its hub located at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.
  • Website: www.airazman.com
  • Contact: 09099800600 OR 09029800600
  • Email: info@airazman.com

9. Dana Airline Airlines Nigeria

dana air- list of local airlines for domestic flight booking

Dana Airlines Limited, Murtala Muhammad Airport Terminal 2, has its headquarter located at 51, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos state. It was founded in the year 2008.

Dana is one of the local airlines in Nigeria which has had its share of incidents that has lead to its license been suspended and restored (September 2012).

It has made news when one of its planes crashed into a two-story building at Ishaga (June 2012) and other unfortunate events (0ctober 2013).

It had been resilient through it all and resumed operations, again (January 2014).

It has a fleet size of 6, and not only offers domestic flights in Nigeria with destinations including Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Owerri, Port Harcourt, and Uyo, it offers an international flight to Accra.

Dana claims to be “THE SMARTEST WAY TO FLY” airline for flights in Nigeria.

  • Location: Dana Airlines Ltd, Murtala Muhammad Airport 2 (MMA2), Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Website: www.flydanaair.com
  • Contact: 07003593262
  • Email: contact@flydanaair.com

10. Dornier Aviation AIEP Ltd

Dornier Aviation is one of the local airlines in Nigeria that is 40% Nigerian owned and 60% foreign owned, offers domestic flights on a charter basis.

It was founded in 1979 in Kaduna, and it’s headquarter is located at General Aviation Service Centre, Old Kaduna Airport, Kawo, Kaduna state.

With a fleet size of 4, they do not offer scheduled services (they do not have fixed destinations).

It has been reported they undertake agricultural flying, emergency medical evacuation services, and aerial photography.

  • Location: General Aviation Service Centre, Old Kaduna Airport,
    Kawo, P.O. Box 5662, Kaduna
  • Website: www.dananig.aero.com
  • Contact: headoffice@dananig.aero | office@dananig.aero

11. First Nation Airways

 first nation airways. Domestic airlines in nigeria

First nation airline, one of the local airlines in Nigeria, was founded by Mr Kayode Odukoya, ex CEO of Bellview airline (used to be one of the local airlines in Nigeria), in 2011.

It has been reported that 90% of this airline is owned by ex-governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It has a fleet size of 1 and offers flight to Lagos from Abuja and vice versa.

12. Max Air

Another local airline in Nigeria is Max Air Limited. It was established in 2003, March 17 to precise, with an initial capital of two billion ordinary shares.

Max air Nigeria has invested over 10 billion Naira committed aviation development in Nigeria.

Max Air has transformed into a strategic partner with Nigerian and other African Government especially during Hajj operations over the years.

They provide Lagos direct flights (Lagos to Port Harcourt, Lagos to Kano, Lagos to Abuja, and Lagos to Yola)

    • Location: 16, Ashton Road, Kano, Kano state, Nigeria
    • Website: https://www.maxair.com.ng/
    • Contact: Head Office, Kano: +234 (0) 9090092207,+234 (0) 9090092201
    • Customer Service Kano: +234 (0) 9090092200,+234 (0) 9090092237
    • Customer Service Lagos: +234 (0) 9090092220
    • customer service Abuja: +234 (0) 9090092221
    • Email: reservation@maxair.com.ng and info@maxair.com.ng

More Domestic Airlines In Nigeria 2017 Till Date for  Flight Booking In Nigeria

Hmm, I’ve got 5 more domestic airlines to make my list.

13. IRS Airlines

IRS airlines, one of the local airlines in Nigeria, was founded in 2002. It has a fleet size of 4 and offers flights in Nigeria to Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Maiduguri, and Yola.

Its main base is Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. The headquarter is located at 1st Floor, IGI House No, 3, Gwanni Street, Off IBB Way, Wuse IV, FCT Abuja.

They offer flight services to the destinations which include:

  • Abuja (Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport)
  • Gombe (Gombe Lawanti International AIrport)
  • Kaduna (Kaduna Airport)
  • Lagos (Murtala Muhammed International Airport)
  • Port Harcourt (Port Harcourt International Airport)

Its operational base is located at level 1, Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Terminal 2, Ikeja, Lagos state.

  • The airline has the slogan “NOW YOU CAN GO PLACES”,
  • Website: www.flyirsairlines.com

14. Kabo Travels

Kabo travels has a number on the list of privately owned local airlines in Nigeria. The company, founded in 1980, started its aviation journey back in 1981.

As at 2009, it offered flight to Abuja from Kano, international flights to Cairo, Dubai, and Jeddah were not excluded. Report (March 2017) states that it does not operate scheduled services instead is majorly involved in charter operations (especially pilgrim flights).

It has a fleet size of 3, and its headquarter is located at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano state.

15. Overland Airways

It was founded in 2002. It has its hub located at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

It has a fleet size of 9, and offers flights to Lagos, Akure, Asaba, Bauchi, Dutse, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jalingo, and Abuja.

  • Location: The headquarter office is located at 17, Simbiat Abiola Road, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Website: www.overland.aero.

16. Pan African Airlines

PAN airlines are owned by Bristow group. It is based in Nigeria, and majorly offer helicopter, and fixed wing services to oil industries.

  • Location: The office is located at Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Old Domestic, Ikeja, Lagos state.

17. Chanchagi Airlines

It was founded in the year 1994, by the late Alhaji Chanchangi. The airline did not start operations until 1997, when it offered domestic flights from Lagos, Kaduna, Owerri, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

This local airline in Nigeria has won the award for the best domestic airline of the year three times (1998, 1999, and 2000).

Despite its good records, it faced its own share of unfortunate events, from been suspended for having just one aircraft in service (2010) to been grounded due to its failure to defend itself against the charges, Ethiopian Airlines, filed against it (2012).

  • Location: Chanchangi airlines headquarter is located at Plot A5/6 Kachia Road, Kaduna South, Kaduna state. Unfortunately, it has been reported to have not resumed operations since 2013.

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Domestic Airline Schedule  – How to Book a Flight

There are plenty of things about air travel that should be easier, but some parts will always be a challenge.

Scheduling dozens or hundreds of flights per day, for instance, is a herculean effort of the organization.

How to Reschedule Aero Flight

At one point or the other after buying a flight ticket, you may need to reschedule your flight. Most of the airlines give this features to their customers.

To reschedule a flight, you can do that online, and all you need to do is:

  • Visit the website of airline you booked the flight with.
  • Look for a booking link (Some airlines have their flight rescheduling engine as part of their flight booking engine)
  • To reschedule your flight, the airline’s online platform will normally request your last name/surname and your booking reference/confirmation number.
  • Enter these two information and click the appropriate button to start the rescheduling process.
  • You will receive an on-screen confirmation and/or an email confirmation, if you successfully rescheduled the flight.
  • Note that all airlines allow customers reschedule flight, but not all will enable you do so online. For some you have to call the airline to reschedule your flight.

To reschedule with Aero flight:

  • Visit their website.
  • Then point the mouse pointer on the Booking menu (some links will appear below the button, click view/change booking, this will open the flight rescheduling engine).
  • The flight rescheduling engine has a form with two fields.
  • Enter your surname/last name (as in your booking) and your booking reference in the appropriate form fields and click the Continue button to continue flight rescheduling.
  • At the end of the process, you will receive an email confirmation if the flight rescheduling was successful.

List of International Airlines in Nigeria

When we talk local or domestic airlines in Nigeria, we’ll definitely have some that provide international flights services.

So, we’ve published a recent post about the list of top international airports in Nigeria.

Domestic Local Airlines In Nigeria (Summary)

That’s it, my list of local airlines in Nigeria for domestic flights. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has granted these above local airlines an airline operating permits that enables them to operates in Nigeria.

The Aviation Authority has also granted them other licenses, the cabin crew license included among others.

Found this list to be helpful? Want to add to the list? Please use the comment box below



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