[Latest!] The Nigeria Police Salary Arrangement

Oasdom.com The Nigeria police salary and ranks new uniforms
Oasdom.com The Nigeria police salary and ranks new uniforms

When I saw the Nigeria police salary arrangement, I was so surprised. You know why? I started to question why some officers collect mandatory fifty Naira bribe on our roads.

Well it’s not like it’s so much money for the lowest rank but its not as meager as I thought. Meanwhile the Nigeria Police force salary structure for the senior rank is a hot cake.

In this article, I’ll share with you the salary of officers in the Nigerian police force, their ranks and symbols, promotion, and more.


Nigeria police salary structure

The Nigeria Police Salary Structure

The Nigeria Police is a major enforcement agency which received it’s exclusive authority to protect in 1979. It is one of the largest organizations in Nigeria and a survey shows it to be the most corruptible institution.

Although it has its challenges, it is considered as an attractive career based on the Nigeria Police Salary structure.

Salary of Nigerian Police Ranks and Symbols

Back in Rome where the noble profession of maintaining law and order (Police) originated, love for the society at large was the driven force. It was a free service back in Rome. In this era, the police force is paid a monthly salary based on their ranks.

What does the Nigeria police salary look like? First, let’s take a look at the pay of the Commissioned Officers

  1. The Inspector General of Police

Since this is the highest rank in the police force, anyone occupying this seat is the head of the police force.

He is distinguished with his shoulder epaulet, where you find a coat of arm, two stars and crossed staves enclosed in a laurel wreath, all vertically arranged.

At the end of each month, the Inspector general of police bank account must increase with a sum of N711, 450.

  1. The Deputy Inspector General of Police

DIG as it is often called are usually more than one. For instance in 2016, seven deputy inspector Generals were assisting the Inspector General.

On the shoulder of a deputy inspector general of police you’ll find epaulet, coat of arm, a star and a crossed stave enclosed in a laurel wreath. Each DIG smiles home at the end of each month with a sum of N546, 572.

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  1. The Assistant Inspector General of Police

The AIG collects the third highest salary in the Nigeria police force. They are usually more than the DIG’s in number.

On the shoulder epaulet of an AIG is the coat of arm, a single bar and a crossed staves enclosed in a laurel wreath. At the end of each month, each receives a sum of N499, 751.

Nigerian police ranks and symbols

  1. The Commissioner of Police

Each state has its own commissioner of police which means at the end of every month, 36 Commissioners and that of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja receives salary as a Commissioner.

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A Commissioner of police has a crossed staves enclosed in a laurel wreath and a coat of arm on the shoulders of his uniform.

However, even though they are all on the same Grade 15, their salary may be different depending on their step.

  • Those on Grade 15 Step 6 receive N302, 970 at the end of each month.
  • Those on Grade 15 Step 1 receives N266, 777 as their monthly salary.

After the Commissioner of Police is the deputy commissioner of police.

  1. The Deputy Commissioner of Police

The normal grade for any Deputy Commissioner of police is Grade 14. However the step can be different which shows why all the Deputy Commissioners don’t earn the same amount at the end of each month.

A DCP has a single star and a crossed staves surrounded by a laurel wreath on his shoulder epaulet.

  • Those on Grade 14 Step 7 take home N278, 852 at the end of each month and;
  • Those on Grade 14 Step 1 take home N242, 715 at the end of each month
  1. The Assistant Commissioner of Police

It is expected that anyone who serves as Assistant Commissioner of Police should be on Grade 13. However, those on Grade 13 Step 10  collects a salary of N 212,938 while those on Grade 13 Step 1  collects a salary of N 183,185

The distinguishing symbol on the shoulders of an assistant commissioner of police is a crossed staves surrounded by a laurel wreath

  1. The Chief Superintendent of Police

This senior rank of the police force belongs to grade 12 which could either be step 1 or step 5. Step 5 receives N199, 723 as salary at the end of the month while Step 1 receives N172,089

A Chief Superintendent of Police is known with the coat of arm and a single star on his shoulder epaulet. I’m sure you’re getting a feel of the Nigeria police salary arrangement right?

  1. The Superintendent of Police

Anyone on this rank of the police force is expected to be on Grade 11 but a SP can either been on step 1 or on Step 10. Here is the Nigeria police salary of a superintendent police officer below:

  • Step 10 receives N172, 089 while;
  • Step 1 receives N161, 478

The Superintendent is identified with the symbol of the Coat of arm on his shoulders.

  1. The Deputy Superintendent of Police

Any Officer in this rank is expected to be on grade 10 which could either be step 1 or Step 10. Here is the Nigeria police salary of a deputy superintendent police officer below:

The officer on Grade 10 Step 10 receives a salary of N170, 399 per month while the officer on Grade 10 Step 1 receives a salary of N148, 733 per month.

You can single out a Deputy Superintendent of the Nigeria Police force with the three stars set vertically on his shoulders.

  1. The Assistant Superintendent of Police

Officers on this rank can either be on grade 8 or on grade 9 and each grade has different steps with different salary.

  • Those on Grade 09 step 10 earn N156, 318 per month.
  • For those on Grade 09 step 1, they earn N 136,616 monthly
  • Grade 08 step 10 officers earn N144,152 per month
  • Also, Grade 08 step 1 earns N127, 604

An ASP is identified with two stars set vertically on his shoulders. A single star shows that the ASP is on probation.

Nigeria police force ranks and symbol

  1. The Inspector of Police

This is the lowest rank of Commissioned officers. Officers on this level are on Grade 7 with different steps. The Nigeria police salaries of inspector of police are:

  • Cadet Inspector on Grade 07 Step 10 earns N87, 135 per month.
  • Cadet Inspector on Grade 07 Step 1 earns N73, 231 per month.

The Chief Inspector is identified with 4 bars while the principal inspector is identified with 3 bars. A confirmed Inspector is identified with two bars while a Cadet inspector is identified with a single bar.

So far in this article on the Nigeria police salary structure, you’ll agree with me that police officers earn a reasonable income every month isn’t it?

This list continues with non commissioned officers.

  1. The Sergeant Major

This is the highest rank of non-commissioned officers. Officers in this rank belong to Grade 6 with different steps.

  • Grade 6 Step 10 earns N62, 204 per month while
  • Grade 6 step 1 earns N55, 144 per month

This Officer is singled out with a coat of arm on his shoulder epaulet.

  1. The Sergeant

Officers here are expected to be in Grade 5. Those on Grade 5 Step 10 have a take home of N55, 973 at the end of the month while officers on Grade 5 Step 1 have a take home of N48, 540 at the end of the month.

The sergeant wears a symbol of 3 colored chevrons on his shoulder epaulet. Next is The Corporal

  1. A police Corporal

A Corporal on Grade 04 Step 10 gets a salary of N51, 113 at the end of each month while Grade 04 Step 1 gets a Salary of N44, 715. Also, you will find 2 colored Chevrons on the shoulder epaulet of a Police Corporal.

  1. The Constable

The lowest rank in The Nigerian Police Force is the Police Constable.

  • Grade level 10 earns N51, 113 as salary each month.
  • Grade level 3 earns N43, 293

Nigeria police Cadet corporal and non commissioned insignia

The Police recruit also earns N9, 019 each month during their training.

A recruit does not belong to any rank in the Police Force as such individuals are still under the learning process of understanding and interpreting the profession.

Nigerian Police New Uniform

The Nigerian police uniform is an important aspect of the Police force as it distinguishes them from the crowd making them recognizable.

Nigeria female police uniform in 1948
#THROWBACK. Above is an old picture of female members of the Nigeria Police Force during a parade in Sokoto, northern part of Nigeria taken in 1948.
The women reportedly belong to the regular unit of the Nigeria Police Force as they were inspected by a male superior before a patrol in the North-West geopolitical zone.

The color is also an important aspect as it psychologically affects the officers putting on the uniform and even the mood of the public. I Guess that’s why the Nigeria Police Force have changed the colors over 3 times .

The maiden color was green grey which was changed in 1988 to a full black outfit. In my opinion, I think its to earn the peoples respect as Black depicts authority; the power or right to enforce obedience and give orders.

Nigeria police salary - old uniform history black

However report has it that the officers complain of too much heat due to the black color. Even members of the public blamed the unpleasant attitudes of some officers on the black outfit.

In 2007, the new change was announced and top members of the Police force started wearing the samples of a blue top and black pants. Blue Color depicts being in control, Security, Confidence and truth.

Nigeria police new uniform blue on black

Later in 2012, acting Inspector General of Police announced a new change which is the white, black and a shade of grey in between. These colors depict Precision, authority, maturity and protection respectively.

Latest Nigerian police force uniform

Do you think what these colors depict is directly proportional to what we get from the officers? I’d love to have your opinion in the comment section below.

Nigeria Army Salary

The Nigerian Army is the largest branch of Nigeria Armed Forces with 6,000 officers and 150,000 soldiers with 8 divisions across the country. Their major role is to defend the nation’s interest on land.

They are the largest but do they receive the highest pay? Learn more about the salary structure and ranks of the Nigerian army.

Nigeria Navy Salary

Nigeria Navy salary is another branch of Nigeria armed forces on the sea. The Nigerian Navy originated from the marine department of the Royal Navy in 1887; this was before independence.

Nigeria police salary - Nigerian navy

Their major role is to put a check to all illegalities on the nation’s water and protect the coast line. The Nigerian Navy consists of the commissioned officer and non commissioned officer

The non commissioned officer includes:

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Trainee

The Commissioned Officers includes:

  • Admiral of the fleet
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman

An Admiral of the fleet smiles home with N1,358, 595 as salary at the end of each month, while Vice Admiral earns N1, 113, 602 at the end of each month.

  • Rear Admiral earns N1, 003, 245 per month.
  • Commodore earns N615, 488 per month
  • Captain earns N309, 654 per month
  • Commander earns N281, 674 per month

Nigeria Custom Salary

Nigeria Custom service started way back in 1891 as a department under the Royal Niger Company before independence.

Nigeria custom service

The major function of the Nigeria Custom is to collect customs and excise duties, combat smuggling and improve trade.

The headquarter is located in Abuja and this establishment consists of:

  • Comptroller-General: He heads the Nigeria Customs and gets the highest pay per month.
  • Deputy Comptroller General: These ones are 6 in number
  • Assistant Comptroller General: They are 4 in number
  • Comptroller
  • Assistant Comptroller: An entry graduate with level 8 gets an average salary of N110, 000 per month.

Please bear in mind that all the salaries are approximated figures. It could be a bit higher or even lower. However it is ensured that you get something very close to the actual figures.

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NSCDC Salary Structure

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps NSCDC  started in 1967 as Lagos Civil Defence Committee. NSCDC was passed into law on June 28 2003 by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Their major function is to resolve crisis, protect lives and properties alongside the Nigeria Police. Why not read in this post of ours salary structure and ranks of Nigeria civil defence corps.

The Nigeria Police Force Promotion

Obviously, the Nigeria police salary increases with their promotion.

As we all know it, promotion increases effectiveness and serves as a source of encouragement to police officers especially when it is given as at when due.

Nigeria police force promotion and salary structure

For Officers to qualify for promotion, they must submit their certificates for screening. Officers who meet up to the standard will be qualified to be evaluated through a promotion examination.

Those who pass the examination will then move to the final stage where they will be interviewed.

All these processes are carried out by the Force Secretary and the AIG in charge of administration after which it will be approved by the Police Service Commission.

Report has it that there could be 3-4 years interval for an inspector to be qualified to be promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police.

Although, there can be exceptional cases such as that of Seargeant Godwin Hoseawho was promoted to the rank of an inspector without screening or test.

Oasdom.com Sergeant Godwin Hosea Nigeria Police promotion without examination
Godwin Hosea being decorated as Inspector

He fabricated a bullet proof jacket locally and made it available at an affordable price. The jacket which was tested okay was said to have reduced the cost of purchasing foreign ones.

Thus, anyone who makes good use of his talent to move the Police force and the country as a whole forward could also be promoted without any examination.

However, there were reports of how people were promoted without following the norm. At a time, some officers were said to buy their promotion at the rate of 2 million naira.

More so, there are situations where an officer who is not due for promotion is promoted as a result of connection. Hmm, Naija!

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Latest News on Nigeria Police Force

Hmmn. The latest is on SARS o. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad which is a unit of the Nigerian Police Force. It has been changed to F-SARS (Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad) due to the constant allegation of abuse of power on the public.

Renaming SARS to F-SARS - Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad

In fact, some of the personnel were demoted while some were dismissed. Others were put through a medical/Psychological examination.

The uniform is to be redesigned with their names as tag on it and they are no longer allowed to stop or search except on a distress call.

The public hopes that there will be changes. You should check out the official website of the Public Complaint Rapid Respond Unit PCRRU to get the SMS, Whatsapp and call contacts of these personnel.

You also can stay updated about Nigeria police news on any of the top daily news sites or on top 21 gossip blogs in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Police Salary Structure (Summary)

It goes without saying that the Nigeria police salary increases with the rank; the higher the rank, the more the salary.

So many graduates who never had the dream of being in the force now settle for it due to the Nigeria Police new salary scale. It is not so much money though at the beginning but what it offers is far better than what some private organizations offer.

Why not watch out for the next Nigeria Police recruitment if you love the job or you prefer the Nigeria police salary.

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