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Every year, Aviation school in Nigeria accept new students who want to study flight courses, gain pilot license and achieve their dreams of flying around the world into their various aviation academy.

Do you love motion? Are you interested in being a pilot or would you like to pursue a career in the aviation industry? We’ve got all you need.

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In this article I will share with you what commercial pilot training in Nigeria entails, requirements for aviation school and more.

Also, you’ll come to know the best aviation schools in Nigeria Lagos, admission into school of aviation Zaria, courses they offer and their school fees. With that being said let’s get started.

What Is An Aviation School or Flight School?

First, what is aviation? According to Wikipedia, Aviation refers to the activities surrounding mechanical flight and the aircraft industry. Aviation means flying or operating a plane.

Nigerian Civil Aviation authority flight school

Aviation comes from the Latin word ‘avis’ which means “bird” appropriately we can say aviation means travel by air, specifically in a plane.

It is also safe to say the aviation industry is the business sector that is dedicated to manufacturing and operating all kinds of aircraft.

Thus, an aviation school is an environment where students are taken in, trained in detail as private pilots, commercial, multi-engine pilots or as other aviation professionals.

Now that we you know what aviation and aviation school is all about, let’s move on.

Top 6 Best Aviation Schools In Nigeria and Their Fees

Here are 6 top accredited aviation schools in Nigeria accredited by Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority,where interested minds can learn and proceed to gain pilot license.

  1. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology

Nigerian college of aviation technology zaria

NCAT as it is called is one of the best aviation school in Nigeria. It was founded in 1964 and also known to be the first flight school in Nigeria.

It is located at Zaria in Kaduna state and formerly known as Nigerian civil aviation training centre.

They have mutual partnership with other local airlines in Nigeria, so if you plan on becoming a pilot, then be certain to get all the necessary and essential training that needs to be acquired to become a pilot in this aviation school.

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Accredited Aviation Courses Offered By NCAT

aviation flying school courses

Asides training a pilot they offer some accredited aviation courses as well which includes:

  • Flying School Courses
  • Aviation Management Courses
  • Air Traffic Services
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering courses,
  • Airport Emergency Procedure courses,
  • Safety Management For aviation Practitioners
  • Training Managers course and;
  • Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel courses, just to mention a few

Aviation College Zaria School Fees

The Nigerian college of aviation technology fees ranges from #66,000 -#7,500,000 and the duration of their training could be from 1 week to 65weeks.

You can visit them at Nigerian college of aviation technology Zaria Kaduna. You could also send them an email on [email protected] or website on www.ncat.gov.ng.

You all will agree with me that NCAT is one of the best aviation school in Nigeria.

  1. International Aviation College Ilorin

best aviation schools of Nigeria and fees

This aviation school is also one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria and it is located at the international airport Ilorin in Kwara state.

IAC is the first privately owned aviation school in Nigeria. They have diamond aircraft at their disposal and they use it at will in training their pilots.

This aviation school has foreign trained instructors that provide quality training to pilots, air traffic controllers and mechanics.

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International Aviation College Admission and Courses

To get admission into International flight school you must be at least 17 years of age and also have at least 5 SSCE credits in mathematics, physics, English language, geography and any other subject.

You also have to pass other tests which are ability test, oral interview and aptitude test.

international college of aviation ilorin kwara state

Some of the courses offered in this school are:

  • Standard Pilot Course
  • Flight Dispatcher Course
  • Short Safety Courses
  • Aircraft Technician Course and more.

School of Aviation Ilorin Fees and Duration

Depending on the course the duration of their courses starts from 8 weeks to 2 years. School of aviation Ilorin fees for private pilot license is 7 million naira.

Need I say no more you will agree with me that IAC is also among the best aviation school in Nigeria.

You can visit there website on www.iac.com.ng or send them an email on [email protected]  for further inquiries.

  1. Dhaewood Aviation Business School

dhaewood aviation business school - nigerian aviation school

Another school which fits into the list of best aviation school in Nigeria is DABS. It was established in 2005 and located at 30, Lagos/Abeokuta express way cement bus stop, Ikeja Lagos state.

This aviation school in Nigeria is a flight school you should consider if you have the intentions of taking your prospective career in the aviation industry to the next level.

Dhaewood Aviation Business School is managed by certified team of qualified IATA tutors. They are also known to have links with colleges and universities abroad which demonstrates extensively their passion for excellence and high standard.

Courses Offered By Dhaewood Aviation School

This aviation school in Nigeria offers over 44 aviation courses other courses. Some of the courses they offer are:

  • Airline Studies
  • Piloting
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Aeronautic
  • Airline Call Center Course
  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Cabin Crew
  • Aviation Travel and;
  • Ticketing Reservation to mention a few

Their Fees ranges from #50,000 – #7,500,000 and the duration of their courses starts from 3 months to 2 years.

You can visit their website on www.dhaewoodgroup.com or email them on [email protected]

  1. Landover Aviation Business School

Here is another aviation school in Nigeria located in 17, simbiat abiola road, Ikeja lagos. LABS was founded in 2002.

This aviation school in Nigeria is NCAA approved and it is also the International Air Transport Association authorized.

They have three faculties which includes: The faculty of Travel and Tourism which offers basic airfares, Ticketing Programs and International Air Transport Association (IATA) certificates courses.

They also have the faculty of Aviation Technical Operations which offers basic flight dispatcher advance courses and lastly the faculty of Aviation Management Operations.

Landover Flight School Courses

Some of the courses offered in this aviation school are as follows:

  • Basic Flight Operations Officers Course
  • Basic Helicopter Landing Officers Course
  • Radio Telephony
  • Passenger Handling Program
  • Basic Airside Safety
  • Customers Service
  • Basic Flight Dispatcher Course
  • Ticketing Programs
  • Basic Airfares and more

LABS fees starts from #75,000 – #230,000 and the duration of their courses depends on the course of study.

Visit their website on www.Landover.aero or email them on [email protected]

  1. Universal School of Aviation Lagos

universal aviation school Lagos

This is another aviation school in Nigeria located in Ejigbo Lagos state. USA as it is fondly called was established to produce expertise be it in the domestic or international aviation related agencies.

This aviation school in Nigeria is affiliated with domestic and international airline operating in and out of Nigeria.

Some of the courses offered in this aviation school in Nigeria are as follows:

Universal School of Aviation Courses and Fees

Listed below are the universal aviation courses that can be taken:

  • Aviation management courses
  • Flying school courses
  • Air traffic services/communication courses
  • Aircraft maintenance engineering
  • Aeronautical telecommunications engineering courses
  • Safety management for aviation practitioners
  • Training mangers course
  • Airport emergency procedure course
  • Air traffic safety electronics personnel course
  • ATSEP communication equipment maintenance course
  • Training instructor course
  • Training developer course
  • ATSEP navigation equipment maintenance course
  • ATSEP surveillance equipment maintenance course
  • ATSEP power and facility equipment maintenance course
  • Standard pilot course
  • Flight dispatcher course
  • Short safety courses
  • Aircraft technician course
  • Basic flight operations officers course
  • Basic helicopter landing officers course

Their fees ranges form #50,000 – #7,000,000 depending on the courses you would like to register for. Visit them on www.universalschoolofaviation.com.ng or send an email to [email protected]

  1. College Of Aviation and Management Studies

This is also one of the top aviation school in Nigeria. It is located in 124, Ojuelegba road 3rd floor, surulere Lagos state.

CAMS is one of the best private aviation training institutions and this school offers good training facilities for professionals in the aviation industry.

CAMS Trainings and Courses

The training and education offered in this aviation school have been made flexible in such a way that irrespective of your work schedule it will meet your needs.

CAMS offers part time courses, full time courses and also distance learning options.

You can send them a mail on [email protected] or [email protected]

Note on Nigeria School Of Aviation Admission

Nigeria School Of Aviation Admission

The general requirements for entry into aviation school is a minimum of 5 credits in SSCE including physics, chemistry, mathematics and English language in not more than two sittings.

Application forms are obtained after these requirements are met, and after the submission of the form, credentials will be screened and qualified candidates will be contacted.

Candidates that are contacted would participate in oral and written assessment to be conducted by the college during the selection exercise.

The assessment will cover the following areas:

  • General studies
  • English language
  • Mathematics and;
  • Physics

After the written and oral selection interview, successful candidates then required to undergo an aeromedical examination from any Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Authorized Aeromedical Examiner.

Admission is based on satisfactory performance in the aptitude test and medical examinations.

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Best Aviation School In Nigeria (Summary)

That’s my list of best aviation school in Nigeria and note that the list is provided in no particular order.

Remember the 2018 Big Brother Naija Winner – Miracle? He pursued a career as a Pilot in the IAC Ilorin Kwara state. If you love being on air crafts, start now, get the training and make your dream come true.

Remember to always share, like and drop your comments in the comment section. If you would like more informative articles like this, please visit our website for more..



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