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12 LEGITIMATE Online Jobs In Nigeria For Students

If you’re landing on this website for the first time, an undergraduate student looking for information on online jobs in Nigeria for students that pays, I’ve got everything you need that will help you on your journey to making money online.

I have published several posts and books on how to leverage the power of the internet for profit.

I think I’ll have to tell you a quick short story about my journey to working from home and earning money on the internet.

If you’re a student or an undergraduate, studying in the university, polytechnic or any college of education, be rest assured that there are latest online jobs in Nigeria you can pull off if you’re willing to put in the work.

Start an online job in nigeria

Online jobs in Nigeria? I won’t just give you a list of work from home opportunities or internet jobs online as you may choose to call it, I will give you a detailed explanation about each of these online jobs.

While so many people have been looking for the latest jobs in Nigeria or job vacancies in Nigeria, some, on the other hand, I’ve explored online job opportunities in Nigeria.

Fast rewind back to 2007, I started in the online world almost like every other person. I spent not less than 8 hours every day on the internet for almost a year.

I could remember I was using O’net as my internet service provider. I have always wanted to make money on the internet too and I could remember I typed this search query: “how to make money on the internet” on Google.

search for online jobs in Nigeria

I tried to search for online jobs in Nigeria back then, I was looking for jobs online that pays but nothing came up and it seems only paid surveys (in other countries) were all I could get. I had to try them out.

For a few years, I wasted time and data trying to complete these surveys which promise to pay just cents, but it turned out they were scams.

Receiving payment in Nigeria from other countries is one big issue and when Liberty Reserve was still in trend, I earned a lot on a monthly basis in a crowdfunding investment back then.

Yes, I was still schooling and I sold liberty reserve in units.

earnings online jobs in Nigeria

more earnings on monthly payout basis:

receiving payments of jobs online

Unfortunately, Liberty Reserve was caught up in a financial mess and was seized by the United States Global Illicit Financial Team.

Do you know what that means? All funds remaining in my investment (a couple of hundred dollars) couldn’t be paid out.

If you go to libertyreserve.com, here’s what you’ll find below:

liberty reserve account

If you’re still doubting if online jobs or online jobs in Nigeria can make you some extra bucks, trust me I’ve once been skeptical about the whole thing.

But it is real as I’ll share with you 11 online jobs for students in Nigeria, and it’s going to come down to one thing; if you’re willing to put in the work.

Once my earnings were gone, coupled with other things I’ve tried, one big lesson stayed with me; “I have to create something online, own it, control it, and grow it.

One fact is; I’ve been scammed many times online in my search for jobs online or even online jobs in Nigeria just to earn extra bucks. But the whole journey was worth it, it kept me on the learning curve.

This is why I consider my self someone you can listen to when considering online jobs in Nigeria, starting a business online (having an online business as you may choose to call it).

12 Best Online Jobs In Nigeria That Pays For Students

I have once been a student in a University and I know what it feels like to be penniless, we look for every means to make money online or offline as we try different side hustles in Nigeria, as they’re better than part-time jobs.

Having an edge to get a high paying job or earning big is one of the reasons for going to school, isn’t it? What about trying online jobs in Nigeria alongside schooling?


Before you go through this list of online jobs in Nigeria and finally decide to give one a try, or the combination of some, I stressed out a fact in my post on the real truth behind making money online; “Online business is different from online opportunities“.

So, don’t get it twisted. If it were so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Once again, trying out online jobs in Nigeria or working from home to make money online requires hard work.

Now, let me take you to my list. But you should know that these online jobs are just one of the 100 ways to make money online.

Blogging For Money

student blogging online job in Nigeria
Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online as a student.

This is first on my list of online jobs in Nigeria you should try out.

Wait, are you thinking about working for someone online when you typed online jobs in Nigeria into Google?

It’s part of it but you need to rise above that thinking. Why not own a blog and enjoy all the rewards that come from blogging? But still, if you’re new to blogging, don’t make these 8 blogging mistakes.

Every blogger who does blogging the right way reaps the reward in profit, have the freedom we all crave because your blog is an asset in this 21st century.

blog analytics impression bloggers

Few Benefits of Blogging for You

  1. If you want to start an online business of any kind, blogging around that business is one of the fastest ways to scale up and make money. In my post on how to start an online business in Nigeria in 7 easy steps, you’ll find some other tips.

2. Blogging helps you make money online. Yes, though not a get rich quick scheme bloggers to make money from advertisements, paid posts, donations, product sales, etc. In one of my hot post,

I explained in detail the 6 solid ways to make money online from your blog.

3. Blogging helps you become a better writer and published author. Did you know that stating that you’re a writer or blogger in your CV gives you more edge when answering job interview questions?

4. Do you have a local business? Gaining more exposure and having more clients to patronize you may seem daunting, but having a blog helps you win that battle.

There are 6 hot digital marketing strategies you should put in place to market your business and get the most out of your blogging efforts.

5. Your blog contents are vehicles that convey subscribers, leads and revenue. More traffic, more customers and more sales. Once you’ve created value-adding contents you can get traffic to your website.

[Tweet “Blogging is not dead! Over 405 million people read blog posts per month. 2 blogs are created per second”]

That’s just a few of many benefits you’ll get from your blogging efforts. But how do you start blogging? What’s your starting point?

How to Start Blogging In Nigeria

It amazes me when many of my students create a blog today and want to start making money tomorrow. It just doesn’t work that way, blogging is a business and knowing how to start and growing it is key.

I’ve taken my time to create 9 blogging lessons for absolute beginners in my FREE blogging course delivered right into your email once you’re signed up.

Sign Up for Our Blogging Course – It’s FREE

How will you create a blog? I created a step by step do it yourself guide on how to start a blog all by yourself in less than 24 hours.

Interestingly, in that guide, you can set up your blog with as little as an N10,000 and you use any of these 11 sure loan applications in Nigeria to borrow money online.

This and many others is what you’ll learn in the free blogging course. Here are other things you’ll learn:

  • What should you blog about? Choosing your blog Niche and topic
  • How to write your blog posts
  • How to get traffic to your blog
  • Smart ways to make money with your blog and more..

Still, if you’re still skeptical and asking; can blogs really make money? I think you should check the link to find a satisfying answer on that.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing job in Nigeria

Next on my list of online jobs in Nigeria that pays for students in any undergraduate level is Affiliate marketing. Simply put, affiliate marketing is all about making smart passive income by recommending (selling) other people’s products and services.

Here’s how it works:

online jobs in nigeria - Affiliate marketing

Businesses are willing to pay you percentage commissions for your marketing efforts in getting their products or services sold to potential customers. It’s a performance based thing; the more you sell the more you earn.

Since this is article is about the list of online jobs in Nigeria that pays, affiliate marketing fits in so well because you can do this right from any corner of your home/office.

I’ve created the easiest to comprehend in-depth guide on Affiliate marketing in Nigeria and you’ll find the following:

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Reasons to use affiliate marketing in your business
  • How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria – The processes
  • How one of my students (Webmaster of Gadgetstripe.com) made his first income online via Jumia affiliate marketing programme
  • Affiliate marketing without a website/blog and many more.
Some companies in Nigeria offer affiliate programmes. Konga affiliate, Jumia affiliate, and others are good programs you can try out.
To succeed at affiliate marketing you need to pick the right product in the right niche, one which you’ll know how to do in my guide.
[Tweet “If you’re marketing the wrong product to the right people or vice versa, you’re wrong! – @Oasdom”]
Also, your best bet is to have a blog/site to place your affiliate marketing ID, products you intend to recommend and more. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online jobs in Nigeria that tech bloggers do to earn online.

Genuine Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Students to Make Money Online

Everyone (and not just students) wants to work online from home and get paid and that’s why this list of online jobs in Nigeria features vlogging.

Vlogging On YouTube Job

vlogging on youtube freelance jobs in Nigeria

Do you like being in front of the Camera? With a motive to present value-adding contents, you can make money on YouTube.

According to Lifewire, a vlog stands for a video blog or video log and refers to a type of blog where most or all of the content is in video form.

Showing off your talent by doing music covers, uploading comedy skits, prank videos, how-to videos (in different niches like tech, fashion, business, personal development, etc.) are some of the things you can do to earn online by vlogging on YouTube.

You know what? I’ve created a comprehensive guide where you’ll learn How to make money on YouTube and here’s an insight into what you’ll learn:

  • 1 How much will you make per 1000 views? Estimates of Uncle Mark Angel’s YouTube channel
  • 2 How YouTubers make money – 5 Smart Options
  • 3 The 3 Important Things to know About YouTube Money
  • 4 How to Make Money On Youtube – Getting Started

As you’ll learn in the post, there’s something called YouTube partnership and this is one of the ways YouTubers/Vloggers make money. And also, affiliate marketing is one smart way to make money online vlogging.

[Tweet “YouTubers don’t get paid per people watching their videos but for ads shown on their videos”]

You can also check out other tips on how to be a vlogger in this post. With that said, let’s move to another online job for Nigerian students who want to combine work and study.

Ebook Sales Online Job

sell ebooks free work from home opportunity

One of the benefits of reading books is, they help in Real life. I’m sure you must have heard the saying that every reader is a leader, isn’t it?

Timeless and value-adding information are buried deep inside so many books but unfortunately, many people haven’t cultivated the habit of reading.

In today’s world where everyone is online, ebooks in pdf formats are in trend and who says you can’t sell these electronic documents. This is why it has made my list of top online jobs in Nigeria for college students.

Interestingly you can sell ebooks as an affiliate (now you see affiliate marketing is important), and also you can present your own top secret information in an ebook, sell and keep all the profit to yourself.

Trust me, you have a body of knowledge that you can spun into a book and sell to others.

[Tweet “If the book that solves your problem hasn’t been written, write it and sell! @Oasdom”]

At the beginning of this post, I said i publish articles and ebooks on oasdom.com.

I could have sold all my ebooks but I decided to give it out to more than 6,000 people for free. You can check our bookstore for more.

ebook sales in Nigeria for college students

To sell your ebooks online, you’ll need to know how to create digital products in ebook format (You can download my guide) and have a website to feature and sell your book.

You can create a job online for yourself by selling your creations and knowledge through books and that’s why I’ve added ebook sales to my list of top online jobs in Nigeria for undergraduates.

SEO Consultant Job

seo consultant marketing - smart passive income online

You know what’s interesting about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Having the knowledge helps businesses who have an online presence to get better ranking on search engine results.

Here’s what I mean; if you type ‘Nigerian music website’ into Google, you’ll find Oasdom.com’s article in the first 4 results, giving us more power to get people to visit our website without paying a dime for adverts.

Seo analyst - online job in Nigeria

If you have the seo knowledge, businesses will run after you and pay you big as you’ll help them get traffic to their business on the internet. This is the reason I’ve added it to the list of online jobs in Nigeria.

You should check out my post on SEO for beginner and you’ll have some basic knowledge about SEO.

Social Media Jobs

online job in Nigeria - social media jobs analyst

Another interesting work from home opportunities online is the social media marketing analyst; a social media job that involves strong online communication and analytical skills.

Why is social media jobs part of my list of online jobs in Nigeria? Students love social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., but few have only thought about leveraging this to earn online alongside studying in school.

Many businesses outsource their social media marketing and that’s where you come in.

Working from home as a social media analyst/consultant, you’ll be responsible for increasing the company’s brand exposure, blog contents, etc.

I have a friend that’s paid about 50k monthly just for replying customers on WhatsApp. That’s customer care on Instant messaging apps.

For social media jobs, you may need some knowledge of using Google analytics to track the sources of traffic, areas of the company’s blog that potential customers visit most, time spent on site, etc.

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Business as a College Student In Nigeria

One of the best ways to go about this is to first look into social media companies in Nigeria and see what they’re doing.

Also, you need to define your core niches of target then reach out to businesses you feel will need your skill. No one says this is going to be easy but it is all worth it.

You may need to check out these tips on social media marketing:

Online Freelance Jobs In Nigeria That Pays

Freelance jobs are hot, period. It is one of the best online jobs for students in Nigeria. Did you know that the global freelance economy has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent years?

Working from online is what millions of youths who are good at one skill or the other, are doing to earn extra income and this is happening globally. But what is freelancing and who is a freelancer?

What Exactly Is Freelancing? 

As defined by The Balance, a freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time.

Many companies want to get some certain jobs/tasks done and don’t want to spend so much on it, so they outsource these tasks to skilled freelancers who can deliver quality.

One of the greatest advantages of freelancing is that you can start working as your own boss, from the comfort of your home, with digital skills you’ve got.

To be a freelancer you must have a skill and be so good at it, then you can present your expertise as service clients and businesses will want to pay for.

So, here are some online freelance jobs for students in Nigeria to consider:

Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria

freelance writing jobs online in Nigeria

Are you a skilled writer? Can you research about certain topics and present in the form of articles?

Then you can write for blogs, businesses, etc. as freelance writing is one of the most common work from home online jobs in Nigeria.

Online businesses and blogs today need to publish tons of contents (articles, videos, infographic, etc.) to keep engaging their visitors and getting more, so they’re willing and ready to pay writers.

You don’t have to be in the company’s office before you work, you can do that from anywhere if you have your laptop and internet connection.

A 600-word article may be worth around $3 i.e N1,095 and a 1300 word article may be worth $5 i.e N1,825.

Now come to think of it, if you write five 1,500-word articles in a week, that’s N9,125 in earnings. Here’s how to become a writer and get paid online.

What if I told you some articles are just like a multi-dimensional project where blogs and business are willing to pay you over $60? Freelance writing is just unique.

As a freelance writer, you must have the writing skills, copy-writing skills which involve using attention-grabbing headlines, content optimizing skills (SEO), and you should also know how to engage an audience through your piece.

There are 2 websites I’ll recommend you try out, they’re not Nigerian sites, they pay through PayPal.

But relax, we’ve got the solution to receiving your funds with PayPal here in Nigeria, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The first website is Hirewriters.com and the second i-writers.

Also Read: Copywriting – How to persuade your audience through words

You can reach out to businesses and blogs, present them with a unique article that will engage their audience and use that as a medium to pitch yourself as a writer.

Also, you must have done your research to see if the businesses or blogs you’re targeting suits your niche (maybe politics, business, relationship, finance, entertainment, etc.).

Web Design and Development 

web design - online jobs in Nigeria that pays

Web design and development is also an online job in Nigeria for students that you can tap into to make money online, provided you have the skill.

Web designers must have web programming knowledge, graphics, html coding, etc. As a web designer for clients, you’ll be responsible for the web layout, web files backup, content uploading and editing, etc.

Also Read: Website design tips for non-designers

To increase your chances of getting more clients/companies to hire you, you should have a portfolio or websites you’ve done and this will come from satisfying clients you’ve worked for.

The pay of web designers in Nigeria is really cool as you’re in charge of your pricing. It could be free and you can charge as high as in millions, depending on who is paying and the type of website (either basic or advanced website project).

Graphics Designer Internet Jobs

graphic design work from home jobs for undergraduates

An online job as a graphics designer can be a source of extra bucks for you if you’re so good at what you do, I mean so good!

Animations of all kinds (2D, 3D, whiteboard animations) are now in demand, you know why? The digital world thrives on graphics.

Offline advertisements are in graphics, online ads are in graphics and videos.

New startup businesses need logo designers that will craft a masterpiece that truly represents their brand, and also blog articles engage readers more when there are graphics and pictures, just like I’ve used pictures in this article.

Some graphics designers just focus on eBook cover designs just like we provide in our ebook cover design service section.

You can earn over $100 per graphic work depending on the type of task and some other factors.

Graphics design has been added to this list of online jobs in Nigeria for students because while studying, you can learn how to use animation software like Maya, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, etc., and get jobs on the internet.

Data Analyst Job

data analyst online job in Nigeria

Data analysis is one of the best online jobs in Nigeria any college student can try out.

Are you so good at doing questionnaire design, survey implementation, data analysis using Excel, SPSS or other necessary packages and forecasting future outcomes in financial markets?

Your service can be rendered on the internet as a freelancer and you get paid!

I’m sure you’ll a friend that handles the final year projects of other friends, be it programming, or just the popular chapter 3 that requires paying others to interpret data.

If this can be done offline, you can set up a business around that online and target undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Also if you’re good at data/Google analytics, lots of startup businesses need insight into what’s happening with their campaigns, and specific recommendations for what to optimize in order to get more traffic, etc.

Freelance websites in Nigeria where you can render your services and get paid include Asuqu.com, Findworka.com and also you can signup to get my free ebook on how to make money on Fiverr.

make money on fiverr pdf online freelance jobsDownload Make Money on Fiverr Pdf

Translator Job

translator work from home online job

Translation or interpretation seems to be a narrow path when talking about online jobs in Nigeria. Truth be told, I’ve not seen Nigerians offering translation work.

Outside Nigeria, this work from home opportunity is required by businesses who want to market their products and services to foreign countries.

For example, I’ve seen the Popular Google for business lessons translated into Hausa language and I’m damn certain that the people used will be paid real big.

Computer Programmer and Mobile App Developer

Are you a computer science student? Have you learned and well grounded in Java programming (Java SE, Java FX), Python, and other software development programming languages? There are tons of online jobs in Nigeria waiting for you.

You can help small businesses develop their mobile apps and charge thousands of dollars for your work. Having a portfolio of solutions you’ve provided can help you land clients.

Note: This post is to give you an overview of the possibilities of making additional income online with what you’re skilled at doing.

More Online Business Ideas Resources For You:

61 profitable small business ideas in Nigeria

Which side hustle should you try? Here are 12 side hustle ideas

3 Important online business skills you should have

Content marketing – Everything you need to know

Summary Notes On Online Jobs In Nigeria Undergraduates

That’s my list of 12 online jobs in Nigeria for college students and every Nigerian Youth. I’d like to use this part to give a quick note about online survey jobs in Nigeria.

You know what? Surveys are cool but I’ve not actually seen companies in Nigeria paying you to take surveys and reviews about their products and services.

Outside Nigeria, this is done and participants are mostly paid with Paypal. Online jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria is majorly centered around digital skills that you can render as services to individuals and companies.

Did you find this post helpful? Which of these have you tried out? How did you land clients and deals with businesses?

Please share your experience in the comment section, and most importantly, Like and share this post.

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