Social Media Marketing – 5 Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

1267 social media marketing trends 2018 social media marketing trends 2018

Hmm, social media marketing; actually one of the key digital marketing strategies that online marketers use to get traffic and get their words out.

Social media is providing businesses with an astonishing opportunity to cope with the changing preferences of the consumers due to technological advancement and growing use of social media platforms.

The increased use of social media platforms for social media marketing has risen because brands are now presented with an opportunity to engage their potential target audience through social media marketing campaigns.

The content and videos on social media are so addictive that people spend more than 8-9 hours per day scrolling, posting, and sharing videos, images, and much more. Still, having a website is more important than social media.

Over the past few years, brands have witnessed a massive change in consumer preferences due to social media platforms as people are more responsive towards the advertisements, videos and content by a brand on social media than any other marketing technique.

5 Social Media Marketing Trends

If brands want to continue to expand their customer reach, here are six social media marketing trends to keep your eyes on this year.

1. Go mobile or Go home

The number of users accessing their social media accounts from their smartphones is increasing day by day, due to which it has a significant effect on social media usage.

So, brands should focus on developing mobile-friendly ads and social media marketing content to engage the maximum number of customers.  This will not only improve the brand publicity it will also improve the SEO ranking of the brand.

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2. Develop Chatbots

Brands should develop Chatbots for the websites to change the way of dealing and interacting with their customers.

Chatbots are not only used by the brands for providing customer services directly to the customers, but it is also used to increase customer loyalty.

Chatbots help brands to collect data about customer preferences and interests by providing customer services to their clients.

Chatbots have made it possible for the brands to offer their customers personalized experience which will result in increased purchases.

3. Brands going live (Live-Streaming)

Brands should start working on going live with interesting conversational content to engage the audience and make them feel in the moment and directly related to the brand.

This live streaming technology is vigorously affecting the customers and shifting customer preferences from traditional ads and recorded video towards live streaming because users love to have real experiences with brands going live. Read more on video marketing if you want to learn more about video marketing.

4. Social media influencers

Brands are hiring social media influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers to promote their brand and increase brand awareness among their targeted audience.

These social influencers have a massive organic reach which will result in customer engagement towards the brand recommended by these influencers.

Mostly cosmetics, sports goods, gym accessories, and supplements companies use influencers to promote their products and inspire the target audience to buy these products.

5. Lack of organic reach

Brands are facing a massive decline in organic reach on these social media platforms which is a threat to brands and due to which they are not able to generate higher profit.

For effective social media marketing, brands should focus on ways to approach organic audience as this will result in producing higher profit and will improve brand awareness among the targeted audience.

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