100 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

Do you seek legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria? We all want to know how to make money online. See 100 explained proven ways to do that here.

He wants to make money online, She’s seriously looking for accurate information on ways to make money online, and everyone is on the search for how to make money online or money making ideas online.

And what about you?

Maybe you’re looking for something more. I guess you want something more than how to make extra money, you want to build an online business with which you can earn money online, consistently.

Quick ways to make money online fast

You’re definitely a youth, either a university student, or an undergraduate in any other institution of higher learning In Nigeria. Did I guess right?

If you’re reading this, you want cool cash that is passive income online and are willing to pay the price for success. You just need the right information right?

I have also been on the search for many years on ways to make money online, and now, I have something real to share with over 100,000 monthly visitors of Oasdom.com. (I’ll share with you how I got here someday).

How to Make Money Online For Beginners

Wait, I know you’re wondering who I’m I? Why should you listen to me? Is this some kind of online talks and promises with no results?

No! Trust me, you won’t be wasting your time reading this piece.

I’m Steve Oke, Co-founder and CEO of Oasdom.com.

I’ve been in the online world for over 12 years and I’ve seen a lot when it comes to ways to make money online, online earning, and how to make money from home.

(NOTE: I’m not screaming for the money in your wallet).

I have published several articles, books and other contents on how to leverage the power of the internet to earn money online as you’ll find in our bookstore section.

Making money online is REAL and trust me, anyone with the right information can learn how to make money on the internet.

“I have always said that the right information with the right person, at the right time may be useful than a thousand years of lectures”.

So, read this piece to the very end and you’ll be blown away by the depth of resources you’ll find on Oasdom.com.

Yes, this will be the most comprehensive in-depth guide on proven ways to make money online for beginners and even those that have made their first dollar online.

Make Money Online Without Investment?

Before you move further, if you’re looking for how to make easy money, or how to make money fast, things are not always as they seem. Easy money online?

I must let you know that there’s nothing like making money online without paying anything or investment (I’ll explain more about this soon).

The truth is; we all have to learn to earn and at the same time spend money to make money, (this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be paying me)

On another hand, you’ll have to work hard, put in the time and effort to put things together before you expect anything in return, that’s an investment, isn’t it?

So, if you cannot commit to the reality above, you should stop reading this right now. Online entrepreneurship requires effort before you make money.

You have to put in the work, and it takes some time, period.

Over the years, I realized that many people (especially beginners) still don’t get the idea of making money online.

To make money on the internet you’ll have to do things under these 3 broad departments:

  • Provide a service to people or companies
  • Sell a product(s), either a digital product or tangible items
  • Provide information

The question is; would you want to make money online just for some days and the money stops coming in?

Definitely not, but that’s the part that many have chosen. Simply put, they’ve chosen to spend time and effort on online opportunities and not online business.

What’s the difference?

In one of my top articles about the real truth behind earning money on the internet, I gave the difference.

I also talked about the truth that no one wants to share with you when it comes to making money on the internet.

The truth is, if you really want to know how to make money online and keep making it, you must understand the fact that internet opportunities come and go but your online business stays.

Simply put, If you’re going to be trying out any of the items on my list of legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria, you should build a business around it.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve definitely asked the question “how can I make money online?” Isn’t it?

There’s more than 60% chance that you’ve typed into Google search – how to make money online in Nigeria, isn’t it?

ways to make money online - How to make money online in Nigeria

Google must have given you tens of thousands of results with one website or the other giving you info, captioned with super attractive headlines such as; how to make money fast, how to earn money online, super easy ways to make money online fast, how to make money from home, or how to make easy money online.

But the bitter truth is, many of these websites don’t care if you have the basic knowledge of how the make money online world works, they just paint everything so easy.

Before I share with you my proven ways to make money online in this our Naija, I think you should have a basic knowledge or overview of the online business world.

Note: I’m not just going to share with you a list, I have a comprehensive guide on each of the ways to earn money online.

So you’re not just going to go through the list, you’ll get in-depth information and step by step guide on any of the best ways to make money online that interest you.

Enough of the talk, let’ go to the list!

10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Now we have come to the list of best ways to make money online.

This is what you’ve been waiting for right?

If you’ve asked the question; what can I do online in Nigeria to make money, here are a series of ways to make money online for you.

Let’s get started

Affiliate Marketing

easy ways to make money online - affiliate marketing

Did you know you can make money online just by selling products you don’t own, legally? That’s affiliate marketing for you.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Many companies go through the difficult process of creating products that solves a problem and satisfies a need, and want as many as possible marketers to sell their products/services.

Here’s how it works in this image below:

how to make money online - affiliate marketing know-how

These companies pay marketers from 30 to 50% commission per sale for their marketing efforts. Simply put, sell a 10 products, make about 300% commision.

Come to think of it, half of the battle is won, you don’t need to create products (which is very difficult), you only have to sell.

But how exactly can you learn affiliate marketing? Read More About Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer and you’ll learn:

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Reasons to use affiliate marketing in your business
  • How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria – The processes
  • How one of my students (Webmaster of Gadgetstripe.com) made his first income online via Jumia affiliate marketing programme
  • Affiliate marketing without a website/blog and many more.

Ready for the next sure-fire way to make money on the internet legally?

Blogging For Money

I won’t lie to you, blogging is one of the top ways to make money online as a student, with potential smart residual income.

In fact, starting a blog has made it to my list of profitable small business ideas in Nigeria that makes you money.

If it’s not something profitable why would over 172,000 blogs be launched every day? Why would over 405 million people read blog posts every month? And guess what, you’re reading one right now!

Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. Most times, what blogging really costs you is your time.

There are more insightful reasons to consider owning a blog and you should try as much as possible not to make these blogging errors.

When many hear the word blog/blogging they just assume its about copying and pasting news to the web, well, you must rise above that thinking, it’s something more!

blogging results - make money fast blogging

Earlier in this post, I said Oasdom is getting over 100,000 visitors every month, and I make cool steady income just from blogging and other ways you’ll soon see.

Enough of the talks, how can you start a profitable blog?

Learn EVERYTHING about starting and running a blog Free Blogging Course (with text, pictures, and videos).

Vlogging On YouTube

how to make money online vlogging on youtube

Another interesting way to make money online is to vlog on YouTube. Did I just hear you say what is vlogging? Yes, I heard right.

According to Lifewire, a vlog stands for a video blog or video log and refers to a type of blog where most or all of the content is in video form.

So what’s the idea?

You can choose a niche (lifestyle, food, music covers, smartphone unboxing, comedy skits, prank videos, etc.) and shoot video contents continuously.

You get subscribers, and you make money through adverts, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, or the sales of your own products, and more.

Do you like being in front of the Camera? With a motive to present value-adding contents you can make money on YouTube.

You know what? I’ve created a comprehensive guide where you’ll learn How to make money on YouTube and here’s an insight into what you’ll learn:

  • How much will you make per 1000 views? Estimates of Uncle Mark Angel’s YouTube channel
  • How YouTubers make money – 5 Smart Options
  • The 3 Important Things to know About YouTube Money
  • How to Make Money On Youtube – Getting Started
  • 145 vlogging ideas to get more subscribers and views
  • How to craft the perfect YouTube script
  • and more..

Learn How to MAKE MONEY As a YouTuber In this Guide

Sell Ebooks Online

how to sell ebooks online and make money

One of the benefits of reading books is, they help in Real life. I’m sure you must have heard the saying that every reader is a leader, isn’t it?

Timeless and value-adding information are buried deep inside so many books but unfortunately, many people haven’t cultivated the habit of reading.

In today’s world where everyone is online, ebooks in pdf formats are in trend and who says you can’t sell these electronic documents.

This is why it has made my list of top freelance jobs in Nigeria for college students.

Interestingly you can sell ebooks as an affiliate (now you see affiliate marketing is important), and also you can present your own top secret information in an ebook, sell and keep all the profit to yourself.

Trust me, you have a body of knowledge that you can spun into a book and sell to others.

[Tweet “If the book that solves your problem hasn’t been written, write it and sell! @Oasdom”]

At the beginning of this post, I said i publish articles and ebooks on oasdom.com.

I could have sold all my ebooks but I decided to give it out to more than 6,000 people for free. You can check our bookstore for more.

ebook sales online jobs in Nigeria college students

To sell your ebooks online, you’ll need to know how to create digital products in ebook format (You can download my guide) and have a website to feature and sell your book.

You can create a job online for yourself by selling your creations and knowledge through books and that’s why I’ve added ebook sales to my list of top online jobs in Nigeria for undergraduates.

Here are 8 platforms to sell ebooks online and Profit. Don’t worry about getting paid, we have a solution for opening a verified paypal account in Nigeria and receiving money with it.

Ways to Make Money Online With Google

Google is not just a business owned by Alphabet Inc, It’s a business that’s successfully created more millionaires.

Google Adsense on YouTube and on hundreds of millions of websites is how Google help publishers make money online.

Make money online with Google Adsense

You can make as high as $40 to $80 a day and in 30 days you’ll be in money! But this depends on your site traffic or views that your videos get.

Many businesses and companies want to advertise on the world’s leading advertising Network, they pay Google for dispalying their ads on blogs/sites that apply for Adsense, and Google pay these site owners from what advertisers have bid.

I’ll still call that some sort of advanced affiliate marketing in that, you earn by allowing google recommend ads to your site visitors.

Google Doesn’t own the products or services advertised by advertisers, you also do not own these products/services, but you’ll get paid simply because these ads are simply displayed on website/blog, apps or YouTube videos.

Now you see that this is just so cool. Now tell me, if you don’t have a platform, will you be able to benefit from this?

I’ve created an in-depth Google Adsense Guide, and you’ll find EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know about Making money with Adsense.

You’ll find information on:

  • What is Google Adsense
  • How does it work
  • How can you set up Google Adsense on Your blog
  • How to create ad units that generate more cash
  • What is CTR, RPM, CPC and more…

In short, you’ll learn how I make hundreds of dollars monthly from Google Adsense.

Ways to Make Money Online (Summary)

Just 4 ways to earn on the internet? Is that all? No.

This post will be updated with more and more ways to make money online. My goal is to present 100 ways to make money from home.

Right now, I’m working on presenting how to make money online freelancing. I’m sure you’ll find this super interesting.

If you find this post informative and helpful, please hit the like and share button.



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