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6 Solid Ways to Make Money Online From Your Blog

This part is dedicated to giving you in-depth knowledge on ways to make money online from your blog. Your utmost attention is required in here.

At the end of this article, there’s something important you need to know. Don’t be left out!

You’ve known how to start a blog and as this part concludes our free blogging courseyou’re definitely eager to learn the ways to make money online from your blog? I’ll be straight to the point here…..

oasdom.com free blogging course

6 Easiest Way of Making Money Online In Nigeria – Your Blog

If you’ve always followed me via my contents, you’ll agree it still comes down to the 3 broad categories of making money online:

  • Providing a service to someone or a company:
  • Selling a product: [selling physical or digital products].
  • Providing information: [closely related to the first two] e.g having a blog,

If you’ve really looked for ways to make money online from your blog, you MUST KNOW that your blog is not the business. So ask yourself, what’s the business model behind your blog?

In other words, I’m asking, “How will you turn your blog into a business?”. 

Note: The 6 strategies mentioned here are just some of the 30 ways to make money blogging.

You might have been thinking about advertising. The question is “Advertising what?” This brings us to the part where it all gets interesting.

You Have to Do More Than Just Blog to Earn Money Online – You Have to SELL!

According to TheBalance, initially, blogging involved a personal weblog, in which a person would journal about their day.

Like most new innovations on the Internet, many entrepreneurs saw a marketing potential in having a blog, and blogging took off from there.

Take it or leave it, one of the concrete 100 ways to earn money from home is to provide value or solve a problem before you can earn money on your blog and make it a success. Don’t make the mistakes many people make when starting off.

ways to make money online fast

As you’re providing value and solving a problem your business model (money making strategy of your blog) is cleverly and uniquely crafted all around SELLING your product or expertise.

Ways to Make Money Online Blogging

make money online blogging

Let’s talk about some ways…..

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MAKE MONEY ONLINE #TIP 1: Write an eBook

If you’ve been a fan of oasdom.com for a while, you’ll notice that publishing ebooks that solve certain problems is a big part of what we do. (We’re not selling ours for now, we’re using another strategy that you’ll come to know about at the end of this post.).

One of the best ways to make money online is to write a book. Writing an ebook is the most logical step for many bloggers out there to make mone. You can even convert or re-purpose your problem-solving blog posts into ebooks.

Real life example of making money with eBook

I came across an ebook by another Nigerian blogger Chy Anegbu of Allnigerianfoods.com, blogging about food.

how to make money online - writing ebook for sale

This book is capped at #6,000.

Chy Anegbu tries to make the blog as comprehensive and interesting as possible by using both detailed articles and videos to show visitors how to make delicious Nigerian foods.

So one of the ways to make money online or monetize the blog was to create the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook.

Come to think of the profit made on the blog just by selling that ebook to hundreds of people who visit the blog at that price?

There are many other bloggers who make money online by selling their ebooks and you can do the same.

Want to create an ebook that solves a problem and gives value? Check out our free guide on creating digital products on this page.

Also download this free guide on how to sell online like a professional, to generate more sales.

MAKE MONEY ONLINE #Tip 2: Sell something you actually make

This is an option for you to make money online if you blog about crafts. Maybe you knit awesome stuffs like sweaters, you develop mobile apps, computer software, or anything just name it, you can sell your creations on your blog.

ways to make money online in nigeria

Websites like etsy is one big platform for people who makes crafts and are looking for ways to make money online. You can sell your crafts (clothing, jewelry, etc. among many others).

Your product just have to be innovative, and that’s never been done before. For example irresistible bead designs, wire-works and even shoes you built all by yourself can be sold on your blog (if you blog about such topics).

MAKING MONEY ONLINE #Tip 3: Create and Sell Courses

Selling courses are one of the best ways to make money online on your blog, as you’ll keep earning over and over again from one digital product you’ve created.

selling courses online to make money on your blog

You can be a tutor and create a course (just like our free blogging course and our Power blogging Roadmap course that’s coming soon). Creating a course will help you deliver value to your audience.

Also we’ve created other online courses like: How to design a website without coding, how to open a paypal account in Nigeria, and more.. We make money from this.

Closely related to selling courses is creating a membership site as a strategy to make money online from your blog.

The difference is that the courses don’t necessarily have to be something that is only accessible online. It can be DVD series or audio podcast series.

You may look down on your self that you’re not capable of teaching other people but trust me, you can, you know something!

There are a certain number of people who want to learn what you know. You can teach them on your blog and get paid for it. Courses are a great way to make money online.


I’ve just shared with you 3 ways (among so so many other ways to make money on your blog) it’s just about your money making strategy.

BUT as a beginner…

  • HOW will you go about it?
  • WHAT strategy will you apply?
  • WHAT steps will you take to make money on your blog?
  • HOW will you set up the whole process?

There’s a difference between sharing with you and teaching you, and that’s why I’m Introducing our Power Blogging Roadmap Course…

POWER BLOGGING ROADMAP COURSE – The Exact steps ANYONE can follow to become a Profitable blogger With 100+ Blogging Advise For Beginners & Experts

Oasdom.com power blogging roadmap make money making money

In this course, We dig deeper into each of our free course lessons, giving you a wider scope of each concept and most importantly, how following the instructions in this new course will greatly add to your knowledge on the ways to make money fast on your blog.

Most Importantly, we’ll show you how exactly Oasdom.com is making money on our blog, we’ll show you what’s happening behind the scene! It’s a Promise! and we’re known to keep our promises.


Guess what; We’ll show and teach you the steps to follow using a real life example of how one the first graduate of this power blogging course is making thousands of dollars using the same strategy we’ve taught him on his blog. (Yes, you read it right! – Thousands of dollars; his chosen niche is superb).

oasdom.com power blogging formula

FACT: We’ll show you 5 automated things that happens behind the scene of every profitable expert model blogs. All dissected in our power blogging course

NOTE: We are yet to release this. We want you focus first on getting your new blog up and running and creating value through your blog contents. So, Register to grab our early bird opportunity, save your spot for free now!

GO REGISTER to Save Your Spot & get notified when we roll this out!

EARLY BIRDS NOTE: It will be an eye opener for you and we’ll show you the tools and systems we use (we’ll hide nothing – It’s a promise).

Note: Don’t be left out, go save your seat NOW in the link above.

How Much Can You Make From Your Blog?

There’s no limit to how much your blog can make.

If you’re asking: “If I have X number of visits on my blog each day how much should it be hearing?”, then I’ll say you’re asking the wrong question.

You see, it all depends on you, the value you offer, the size of your audience, and the business model of your blog.

For example, the 10 blogs that earn outlandish incomes have their income streams and they employ any or a combination of the following:

  • A donation button: All blogs in the top 10 have an income stream. Some blogs have no advertising or affiliate programs, all they have is a donation button.

Come to think of a website with 179,000 plus visits per day with only a donation button. With the blog first offering value, the blog visitors are willing to donate. That’s one strategy.

Sponsored post: Once you start to get traffic to your blog, you’ll definetely start to receive sponsored post offers from other bloggers, advertisers and more. You can charge as high as low as $50 and high as $1,000. Trust me, blogs that provide value will reap rewards in massive profit.

Interestingly, advertisers and businesses in other country will reach out to you if the demographics of your blog visitors suits their need and you can use western union tracking services to receive payment.

  • Affiliate marketing: This is another money making strategy used by top earning blogs which you can also employ on your blog.

For example, tech and gadget bloggers in Nigeria make money on their blog via Jumia or Konga affiliate programs.

It’s simple, they get paid when their blog visitors follows their link to either Konga or Jumia and make payment of a device. You don’t need to own the products, you just have to recommend the product and you get paid for it. More on this in our power blogging course.

A Must Read! Learn how to make money online recommending and selling other people’s products through affiliate marketing

  • Google Ad sense: So popular. In fact, it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when you talk about making money on blogs, but it’s not going to be rewarding for beginners.

Rewards in google adsense comes with a reasonable audience size or huge blog visits. For authority blogs this is an added income stream.

  • Blog Ads & Text Ads: This is one of the most popular option top earning blogs use to make money online.

As you can see, there’s no limit to how much your blog can make, you can combine all these income strategies on your blog but there’s work to be done before the rewards in profit.

Grand Master Illustration On How to Make Money Online

It’s an illustration about the man who goes into the pet store to buy a pet bird. He sees dozens of caged birds with tiny price tags dangling from their little legs. He scans each price tag one by one: $5, $5, $7 ……… and then he saw $50!

make money online blogging illustration

3 years ago when I was really looking for answers on ways to make money online, I learnt a great lesson from the illustration.

This thought-provoking illustration has been stuck with me, as it re-emphasizes creating value. Want to know what I learned? Read the illustration here.

Ways to Make Money Online – Conclusion

There you have it, 6 ways to make money online. Remember that going into blogging with the sole purpose of making money will land you in failure. You simply won’t learn anything.

For example, oasdom.com did not run any advert (adsense etc) in the first one and half years. There should be a monetizing strategy to your blogging efforts.

Understanding the whole concept of blogging, writing engaging contents, understanding our audience, creating value, solving problems, and growing our audience with different strategies (you’ll learn in the power blogging road map course) is our utmost priority.

So work on your blog, build it naturally with the primary purpose of helping people. If you do that, you’ll gain authority and by then you’ll know what you should do next.

Keep everything we talked about in mind so you’re ready when that happens.


Register your intention now to get notified about our power blogging road map course where we teach you how to make money on your blog, taking a real life example as a case study.

A question might come to your mind right now…

Why did I let you know about all these?

It’s because I want to be honest with my visitors. In my opinion, the best way to gain trust from your blog visitors is to be 100% transparent and this is exactly what I’m currently doing. Aside from that, I’m also a pretty friendly folk.

Want to learn more about online marketing and how to leverage the power of the internet for profit? Join our online community and get access to informative blog posts, ebooks, courses and more.

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