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How to Craft Irresistible & Converting Headlines For Your Blog

The headline is one of the most important things you will ever write. If it doesn’t get your potential reader’s attention, your first sentence will never be read.

Note: This content is an extract from our Power blogging course.

In this article, you’ll learn how to write irresistible headlines for your blog posts and other contents. Also you’ll get access to 60 blog headlines that works.

Why Your Headline Is Important

You may have the finest article of all time, but no one will know about it if you don’t craft a unique and powerful headline.

The headline is the advertisement for your content: the attempt to persuade the reader to start and then keep reading.

In this article, you’ll find 6 powerful headline tips that helps you craft irresistible blog post headlines that get your readers interested.

But first, what’s the reasoning behind converting headlines? Let’s look at 3 questions to ask yourself.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What problem does your content solve?
  • Why does your content exist?
  • How does your content achieve it’s purpose?

Honestly answering these questions will help you so well in crafting a powerful and converting headlines for your blog posts or other contents.

How to Craft Powerful Headlines

Here, I’ll share with you about 6 tips on writing irresistible and converting headlines for your contents.

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Know Your Audience

A key principle to writing a powerful headline is to know your audience. What are their problems? What solutions do they want?

No one else knows your audience more than you do. You are in the best position to craft keywords and phrases into your headline to help even internet searchers find your content.

Having a perfect understanding of your audience goes a long way in helping you craft powerful headlines that converts.

Use Power Words

I believe in using what I call the power words. Some of the rationales that get people to click and read your content are some words that have been tested and gives result.

Words like:

  • Tips
  • Reasons
  • Lessons
  • Tricks
  • Ideas
  • Ways
  • Principles
  • Facts
  • Secrets
  • Strategies

Here are examples:

Make a Promise

What will your audience benefit from taking their time to click and read your content? This should be carefully crafted into your headlines.

For example:

Here are 5 Powerful Methods That is Helping Children Learn to Read Sooner“.

If you blog about parenting or kids, with this headline, you’ve promised your reader that he/she will learn 5 powerful methods that will help their children read sooner.

The promise is there, “helping their kids to read sooner.”

headline headlines ideas for blog post

Another example:

A reader looking for inspiration will also find the promise (“that will inspire you“) as a trigger that will want to make him want to read what you’ve got.

One more example:

You’re actually reading this post because of the promise

Use Whys & Hows

Using how and why in your headlines triggers emotion to get facts quick. Hows and Whys in headlines usually pop into people’s mind.

People like simplicity and appreciate when little things build up to something significant.

Quick examples:

Use Numbers

If you pay attention to the headlines in the two tips above you’ll realize that numbers play an important role. Numbers help you lay emphasis on what your audience will get exactly.

Celebrity/Brand Headlines

Many people perceive celebrities or top brands to be successful. Crafting your blog post around celebrities or brands increases your chances of getting people to check what you’ve got.

For example:

headline headlines ideas for blog post

Celebrity/brand headlines work!


Headlines are an integral part of your blog content no matter what format your contents may take. But your overall focus should be on educating your audience and giving value, as you teach them new things.

So focus on understanding your audience and their problems, creating solutions (value) and make every of your headline achieve it’s purpose.

Did you find these tips helpful? It took some time to put this together and I’ll really appreciate it if you give your comments below and share on your favorite social media platforms.

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