107 Donald Trump’s Surefire Inspirational Quotes About Life & Business

Oasdom.com 107 Donald trump surefire notes to use in business and life
Oasdom.com 107 Donald trump surefire notes to use in business and life

President Donald Trump is an inspirational leader and his inspirational quotes about life and business are worth giving a look. He believes there’s no use having small dreams.

Small dreams hold no magic whatsoever. Instead, you should dream big, aim for the top and then work hard to make your dreams happen.

President Donald Trump is one of the world’s most high profile and successful real estate developers.

He is the developer of some America’s most prestigious addresses. Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance.

If you’re wondering how Donald Trump, like every other successful rich people in the world got so rich, here are 12 quotes from self made billionaires on how they got so rich.

Trump’s Inspirational Quotes About Life & Business 

In his book – Think Big & Grow Rich, Trump advocates that what you dream is what you generally end up doing.

So if you want to make bucket loads of money, set an audacious goal and then get out there and make it happen.

Here are his inspirational quotes and personal notes about life and business.

2You do not know what you can get away with until you try


4Never take no for an answer

5Never give up


6Dream big goals

7Take action every day

8Love what you do, have a passion for what you do

9Produce a service that is useful to others

10Check to ensure standards are maintained in your business

11Get the right people and do not trust them

12Focus on the solution not the problem (More focus = Less stress)

13Learn from your mistakes

14Never quit

15Get out of your comfort zone

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16Be a life-long learner

17Keep your promises to others and yourself

18Do it now – Do not procrastinate

19Do not do things you do not like, just for the money

20Do not be scared to go against the tide

21Know your business yourself and do not rely on consultants

22Dive into the data, analyse, use logic & go with your gut

23Too much analysis gives paralysis

24Hard work makes luck

25Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

26Be open to new ideas and change

27Be alert to new concepts

28Think positively and expect the best

29Do not give into anger

30Learn how to be optimistic in the face of challenges

31Protect yourself from negative forces

32Deals will not always close

33Negative things can & do happen

negative things can and do happen

34Aim to improve, be creative

35Everyone wants to kill the fastest gun

36People will attack you for little reasons

37Know how to defend yourself

38Never sell out your friends

39Watch your back & listen

40There are many people who will take advantage of you

41Earn respect for your knowledge

42Make people know you know your stuff

43Act like you are in control

44Never trust the press

45Use the hardest negotiators

46Use caution in trusting others

47Do not put undue weight on job interviews, go with your gut

48Do not associate with negative people

49Value loyalty and honesty

50Self-confidence is good, arrogance is not

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51Interpersonal and communication skills are more important than technical skills

52Do not be scared to delegate

53Reward loyalty or you will lose good people

54Give second chances, give people space to move

55Too much ambition in individuals can undermine the team

56Stretch your people, demand high standards

57Make learning fun

58Get smart people you can trust, if they do not know they can ask or learn

59Be a risk taker and hire risk takers

60It is ok to overpay your staff

61If you pay peanuts you get monkeys

62You have to protect yourself

63Do not worry if people do not like you, worry if they do not respect you

64Always get even

65Do not blame others for your failures, say thanks when someone helps you

66When someone hits you, hit back harder

67Do not get in the mud with pigs

68Do not lose your momentum

69Focus on specific goals with intensity

70Get a mentor

71Continually challenge yourself

72What does not kill you makes you stronger

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73Always keep fighting, do not throw in the towel

74Setbacks are usually only temporary

75When you get to the top giveback

76Learn by doing, share your knowledge

77Too much confidence can result in a lack of focus

78Goals – What I have to do this year to achieve goals-What I have to do today to achieve my goals

79Bad times bring big opportunities

80Some things are out of your control

81Pay to listen and be prepared to change your mind

82Always have a pre-nuptial agreement

83Always put your agreement in writing

85Focus on the top

86Develop a big attitude and it will affect how others perceive you

87Go first class all the way in what you do and own

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88Conquer your doubts as doubts can lead to failure

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89Give the belief you are important and worth listening to

90Looking for approval from others is a sign of weakness

91Speak your mind like a big thinker

92Expect criticism

93When you are on top you are a natural target

94Hang out with positive people

95Do not give excuses

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96Set the bar even higher

97Learn from failure, setbacks are often the cost of getting an education

98Do not give into self-criticism

99Think big & kick ass

100Go past physical looks and look for inner fire

101If you are dealing with a crook get the meanest lawyer to go after him

102Smart people learn from their mistakes, smarter people learn from the mistakes of others

103Borrow in good times

104Always have the ability to walk away from a deal

105When buying property always make a low initial offer

106Do not take crap from anybody

107Opportunities are endless if you open your mind

108Hard to beat perspiration and persistence

Are you motivated and activated to set goals in business and life? And most importantly achieve those goals? Go get them!

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