9 Motivational & Inspirational Movies You Should See

Oasdom.com 9 inspiring and motivating movies
Oasdom.com 9 inspiring and motivating movies

Inspirational Movies are a great way for us to learn. They are indeed. Movies featuring true life stories are even the best ones that motivates and inspire us to do more than we could possibly imagine

To motivate is to “give someone facts and reasons to do something“. To inspire is to “fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something”.

In our everyday lives, we go through difficult situations and find ourselves in circumstances that makes hope far away from our hearts.


For sure, there will be times of discouragements and without motivation. So you need to be inspired.

Inspirational quotes from successful people in the world like the founder of Facebook can even go a long way to help us refire that desire in each and everyone of us.

Are you a student, a business person, single parent, unemployed or worker in the lowest level of the corporate ladder, who has a dream of becoming a boss someday?

Are you looking for inspiring words, moves and ideas that will help you start thinking positively and believing in yourself?

These are my list of  9 motivational and inspirational movies with real life lessons you should see.

9 Inspirational Movies You Should See

I have seen these movies and learned a lot from each. I bet you won’t be wasting your time if you do the same.

These inspirational movies cut across life, attitude, hope, and business lessons.

The pursuit of happiness

You know what? I saw this movie in the middle of the night and I wept at some point in the movie.

You know why? It’s so REAL. It’s happening to many people out there.

I learned 2 very serious lessons: “Even when things are rough, don’t turn to a beggar, work and keep working”. “Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do anything“.

Do you want to change jobs? Want to go back to college but feeling you’re too old? Let this sink: “you can set any goal and achieve any dream no matter what

If you haven’t got a chance to see this movie, go watch it now! You’ll be inspired!

Like Stars on Earth

God has deposited a gift, a skill, greatness in you, no matter what situations you are in, no matter what predicament you’re going through.

Do the work, be on the learning curve, let that talent grow and you’ll become a glowing glory.

No matter what happens to you, DON’T STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF and Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP on yourself and your kids.

If you have kids or are a teacher and you haven’t seen this, you’re missing a big pie.


We are what we are, regardless of where you come from, or who you are, you can be great.

I love animation movies because most comes with unique story lines that you’ll always learn from.

I saw this movie few years back and still remember the life lesson: “Do what you love to do, don’t just listen to anyone who says you can’t be this or that, one day you’ll be famous for it”.

This picture below states a fact in the last part of this inspiratonal movie:

TWO Inspirational Business Movies

These two business movies among others got a lot to teach you.

Flash of Genius

This is a true life story, you’ll want to see the end with your heart racing.

This movie focuses on Robert Kearns and his legal battle against the Ford Motor Company when they developed an intermittent windshield wiper based on ideas the inventor had patented in 1967

The phrase “flash of genius“, after which the film is titled, is patent law terminology which was in effect from 1941 to 1952, which held that the inventive act must come into the mind of an inventor as a kind of epiphany and not as a result of tinkering.

I added this because of small business owners who want to scale up and people with great ideas but lack capital to fund the idea.

Pitching your idea in competitions can get you to a greater height, but most times your idea(s) get stolen by big companies who have the funds.

Practically, they listen and steal your idea. The next thing you’ll see is your unique idea being executed by someone else.

In this one movie, the lesson is “be careful what you say, to whom you say it to. If you don’t, it could cost you your entire years of labor, and even your family”.

Silicon Valley

If you’re a small business or start-up company, this inspirational movie series is filled with great business lessons, from formation, registration, product design and dividend appropriation.

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This movie is about a young mind with a crazy idea that beats top companies like Hooli.

How can you scale up with top companies in your industry? You need a unique product a team and promotion.

I saw the whole episode and never got tired of it. Trust me when I say you’ll learn a lot, I mean it.

3 idiots

It’s not about schooling or certifications, it’s about education. Follow excellence and success will chase you.

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For those who are not privileged to go for university education, it’ doesn’t mean you can’t become somebody, just be on the learning curve.

These 3 friends had the same university education but certificates meant nothing to the third guy – He schooled for a rich man’s son and got a degree in his name.

Guess what, he was more than successful and that’s why he’d always say:

[Tweet “Als is well. Follow excellence and success will chase you”]

Challenging theoretical university education which encourages students to cram and not learn, it won’t be a waste of time if you see this now (if you haven’t).

Great Debaters

This is also a true life story of what happened to James Farmer Jr, Samantha Booke, Henry Lowe, and Melvin Tolson, far back as 1930’s.

Don’t worry, the movie is clearly shot and even directed by Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah Winfery & Joe Roth.

This movie gives a little insight into how racism affected people back then. If you’re black – you’re Negro, you have no access to education, health care etc.

And behold, Wiley College came from the middle of nowhere to debate Havard and they won. So inspirational.

Who is the judge? The Judge is God

Why is he God? Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent

Who is your opponent? He doesn’t exist

Why doesn’t he exist? Because he’s a mere dissenting voice of the truth that speaks

These words above meant a lot.

There are life lessons here too, know how to react and reply, it could save you a lot of stress and chaos.

If you love history and debate, you need to go see the great debaters.

I am Kalam

Friendship is a beautiful thing. No matter where you come from, big or small, fat or thing, you are unique.

This movie comes with one little lesson: “A true friend is someone you can trust upon, he’ll be there for you when you need him most and he’ll stand for you whatever the situation may be, even if it’s going against his parent

This movie inspires you to be unique in your way, and don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop believing.


If you’re emotional, you’ll need a handkerchief.

If you’re in a relationship, you and your girlfriend should see this movie.

If you still have parents, you need to see this.

The movie tells a story of a man Raj Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan), his wife Pooja, and their four sons (one adopted).

This man did all he could and sacrificed even his gratuity to fully support these children, but it turns out they were ungrateful, so ungrateful.

Your wife should know one thing, your parents are your small gods.

Long story short, no one can take the place of your parents, they should mean everything to you.

They have sacrificed a lot for you. Celebrate them and do everything you can to make them happy, most importantly in their old age.

These are my 9 motivational and inspirational movies you should see.

I’m sure you’ll want to add to the list, Please use the comment box below, I’d love to hear from you.