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How to Make a Presentation More Interesting and Engaging

Whether you attend school or work for a business, you may have to create some presentations to share information with others.

Many times, presentations become dull for the audience, so you may want to make things more interesting for everyone attending your presentation.

If you want to do this, you should consider these tips since they’ll help you make an interesting and engaging presentation.

Create a Good Attention Grabber

When you start your presentation, you’ll establish its tone at the start, so you need to get your audience’s attention.

This means you should figure out a good attention grabber at the start, so you can get them to pay attention.

Many times, people will space out as soon as a presentation starts, so you should say something interesting, surprising, or intriguing.

For example, if you start your presentation with some crazy information about your subject, you can get more people to pay attention.

From there, you need to keep their attention and continue to make your presentation interesting, so you don’t lose that attention and intrigue later in the presentation.

Take Advantage of Visuals

Some people only focus on sharing their presentations, but you can make things more interesting as you use visuals.

This means you should add pictures, graphs, and anything else you think will draw attention during your presentation. This will involve creating a PowerPoint or even printing out visuals for you to share.

You could also create videos and animations to show them off during your presentation. For example, you could see if you can find a whiteboard animation UK businesses create, so you can show it off during your presentation.

Since movement on a screen can catch lots of attention, you may want to use this approach to captivate your audience.

Ask Engaging Questions

Maintaining the attention of an audience during your presentation should involve getting them to participate.

You should ask questions about your presentation, but avoid asking ones with specific answers.

For example, if you expect a certain answer from people, or someone can answer the question in a couple of words, you should ask a different question instead.

By asking open-ended questions, you can increase engagement during your presentation and help more people pay attention.

You can also get them to directly interact and feel like they should pay attention since you could ask them questions. Not only does this increase attention during a presentation, but it can also help with engagement.

Make Jokes and Utilize Humor

Sometimes, you need to keep things lighthearted if you want people to pay attention to you.

This means you should spend some time cracking jokes and using humor during your presentation to keep an audience’s attention.

People love to laugh, so you can increase the overall engagement and interest by making some solid jokes while you present.

However, you shouldn’t focus only on making jokes since you won’t properly cover the material.

On top of that, people may remember your jokes and not the presentation, so that could lead to problems depending on if they need to learn. This means you should find a good balance between joking and teaching material.

Establish Mid-Presentation Discussions

On top of asking questions and joking around, you should get people to talk with each other during your presentation.

This doesn’t mean you should let people talk about whatever they want, but you should give them some time to talk with each other about the subject. That way, you can get them to pay attention to the subject while minimizing boredom.

You can explain the information, have them get into groups and allow them to discuss some ideas.

From there, they can share their discussions and ideas with the rest of the group, so everyone can learn. This allows you to greatly increase engagement since you can get everyone involved.


Making an interesting presentation can be difficult, so you may want to utilize these tips to make it more engaging.

As you focus on engaging the audience and making things interesting for them, you can create an excellent presentation.

Make sure you find a good balance between presenting information while making it interesting and engaging for the audience.

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