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Focus is the key, they say, and I bet you’ve also heard that more than thousand times.

I couldn’t help but write about this when I read a chapter from a book by Brian Sher, a business guru who is a publisher and has been exposed to almost all the great business writers and self-development specialists.

Most people are jacks-of-all-trade and masters of none and this has led to doing things badly and getting little or no results. You know why?

People don’t understand how important focus is, they confuse focus with limiting themselves.

Why Focus Is Key to Your Success

Many people are happy doing lots of different things badly and you know what? Being focused means you don’t do other things, it means concentrating on the ONE thing you’re really good at.

focus on one line of action untill successful

Yes, focus on one line of action until you’re successful.

We’ve all probably heard of Michael Jordan – a great basketball player. He has broken all sorts of records in his sports.

When he was interviewed, he was asked: what is the most significant moment of his life, he answered that it was the time he was dropped from his high school team.

It wasn’t the fame and amazing achievements of his life, but the fact that he dropped out of the high school team. He said, that gave him the time to focus and to practice – and gave him more determination than ever to become great.

Even with all this greatness, and being known as one of the greatest athletes of all time, his switch to baseball was at best average and at worst forgettable. Even he discovered:

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When you discover your passion and harness it, you give yourself more chances of getting results in the fastest possible time.

Great Reward Comes From Clear Focus

Here’s a simple truth about being focused: “When you focus all your effort, energy, and attention in one direction, you can become truly outstanding in that area“.

This will not only help you achieve best results, it will also allow you to move more quickly to the next thing and do it perfectly well.

clear focus is key to success
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As an entrepreneur, when I started I was focused on one thing: creating value-adding contents about leveraging the power of the internet for profit.

That meant I couldn’t be focused on other parts of the business. Soon, focusing on that huge part of what Oasdom delivers, started to succeed and we now have thousands of interested audience and guess what? Many options exploded because we focused on that one thing.

When you focus and succeed, you have a wider range of choices and you can refocus on whatever you want in life and business.

Focus Like the Rich Micheal & Not the Poor Mike

Rich Michael concentrates all his effort, energy, time, money on acquiring, and applying all the knowledge he has gained in one specific area of life or business.

Poor Jack, because he’s without focus and being a jack-of-all-trades will always be average – struggling at all times, never standing out, and never being offered anything special.

Don’t try to do too many things at once.

Focus is the key, they say, and I bet you've also heard that more than thousand times. Most people are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none and this has led to doing things badly and getting little or no results. You know why? People don't understand how important it is to concentrate on one thing, they confuse focus with limiting themselves. Here's why you should be the rich mike and not the poor jack

Either in life or business, pick one area depending on your goals or dreams, pay the price, deprive yourself of some things, and be rest assured that the biggest results in life or business come from being focused on one thing at a time.

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