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4 Quick Ways to Stop Limiting Yourself

You like your comfort zone because it’s safe, we all do. But if you stay there too long it starts to feel like a cage. No wild creature is happy in a cage, and we’re all wild creatures at heart. So why limit yourself?

Before now, if you had malaria parasite, one is sure to die. Back then, so many missionaries that came to Africa died of common Malaria. Decades ago, Malaria and tuberculosis were terminal diseases just like the HIV/AIDS.

But today, because of medical breakthroughs, you can fix any malaria challenge with drugs.

Here is the point: those who died, did because of the limitation of other people’s thinking. They were told that there is no cure and believed it and allowed the parasite to kill them.

[Tweet “”To be informed is to be transformed and to be uninformed is to be deformed””]

In this article, you’ll learn How to not limit yourself in 4 quick ways.

Live With The Right Belief

Live with the right belief. Don’t live your life based on the limitation of other people’s thinking. If you do, you will sabotage yourself with that limited thinking. Where you are and what you have today is a result of your self-imposed limitation.

Also Read: How Your Power of Perspective Can Work for You to know how you can change your believe system and control your mind to see things in different ways.

Be Courageous – Take Actions even though little

You cannot tell yourself what you cannot do until you try and you should not allow others to tell you what you can do. Don’t allow people to define you or place a limit on you.

They say that there is recession in the country. But your brain is not in recession and the best time to make it is now. Take the step.

Go for information – Update yourself

In the twenty-first century the internet has made the world so connected and linked without boundaries. No one has any reason to be stagnant when we have access to enormous resources.

Half information is dangerous to your soul. What you don’t know can kill you.  Ask Socrates. There is no limit to what you can become if you can have the right self-perception and the right information.

Choose your friends carefully

Your future is too great for you to be casual about the company you keep. Someone said that in five years time that two things will determine who you will become: the books that you read and the friends that you keep.

Take the limit off yourself. Break away from your own cocoon. Break out of limited thinking, destroy timidity with courageous steps, use information to chisel ignorance away and become selective about who you allow into your personal space.

Always believe in yourself that you are limitless because you are what you believe.

Isieza Elisha Odafe
Elisha is a contributing writer at Oasdom. He is a public speaker. He teaches and writes on leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship.

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