6 Ways to Stretch Your Mind and Become an Idea Person

idea person
idea person

How can you stretch your mind?

Successful people are not celebrated for their intentions but for their actions. Intentions are not good enough; it must be matched with actions and this comes from the mind.

You have to go through matching actions to achieve your intention. You cannot be an idea person if you don’t go through the motions of an idea person and in this short article, you’ll learn how to do that in 6 simple exercises.


You must have mental fortitude and discipline to go through the motion of being an idea person, but most importantly you must be consistent.

Life offers no guarantee but opportunities and vicissitudes. If you reach for the stars, you may not get one but you wouldn’t come down with a hand full of mud either.

To become an idea person, you need to be able to stretch you mind. According to the 80/20 percent rule, 20% of your body controls the remaining 80%. Your mind is capable of extraordinary things; you just have to figure it out.

Stretching Your Mind

The mind is a sensitive dimension when it comes to ideas. Ideas come from the mind.

For instance, if you want to get a muscular physique you must exercise and continue to exercise the muscles until it bursts into a larger one.

A man must also stretch his mind and keep stretching until it bursts into something like a seat of ideas.

Thomas Edison had over a thousand patent ideas. He kept stretching his mind and didn’t stop amidst several circumstances that could have discouraged him.


Here are 6 effective ways to stretch your mind

  • Undivided Deliberate Attention on Things

If I may ask, how many electric poles exists between your house and your office, you wouldn’t know for sure because it is irrelevant to fulfilling a day’s goal and also, you’ve not been paying attention to it.

We look but we actually don’t see. To look is to glance, to wonder in other thoughts while gazing on objects as they pass by or as you pass them by. To look is cheap, it is common but to see is deep. To see is light.

So ideas are everywhere, only those who are deliberately looking out for them in an undivided deliberate attention will actually find them.

  • Try Change

Always remember this fact: ‘everything you have programmed or simulated into you to give you comfort has only one objective – to stop you from thinking.

When you arrange things orderly in your room, it is to stop you from thinking, or exercising your mind and brain. If you take or already have a convenient route to a place, it is to stop you from thinking as well, but to be creative you need to think and stretch your mind.

We enjoy and pay for some services today because some people thought and stretched their minds.

If you change some things you’re used to, your ideas will flow.

  • Observe trends

When you look out for stuffs that are in trend in newspapers, magazines, social media etc, ideas will flow in.

Perceive a trend and begin to stretch your mind for ideas, opportunities and business possibilities. Find a relationship between the observed trend and your present business challenges.

  • Travel

Meeting new people, visiting new places can make ideas flow. Even without traveling out of the country, you can get information about a country’s economy. This will open your mind to possibilities of exploiting any opportunities that your mind catches.

  • Keep an Idea Book

Do you wake up each morning with stunning ideas and when you when you want to do something about it in the day you tend to forget or lose interest? Writing down your ideas as they come is the way.

Keeping an idea book with you everywhere you go will help you put down your ideas as they come, the opportunities attached, challenges or risk involved, percentage of possibilities can be jotted down quickly.

There are no new ideas; an idea is a combination of many ideas. When you mix or combine your ideas you may get a greater one.

  • Read

Reading is like a journey with a purpose. When you read books your mind will broaden and it will give room for ideas to flow in. You can decide to read one or two books in a month.

There you have it. Ideas are everywhere, the mind and not just the eyes can see them. Try out the 6 ways to effectively broaden your mind and become an idea person.

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