9 Quick Business Ideas For a Dwindling Economy

oasdom.com 10 business ideas for a dwindling economy
oasdom.com 10 business ideas for a dwindling economy

Need quick business ideas for a dwindling economy?

Starting a business can be difficult, even when the economy is booming; even small business ideas fresh graduates are trying out can be daunting.

But being a business owner during an economic recession can be downright terrifying.

In order to ensure the long-term success of your business, it’s important to consider how viable it will be if you hit tough times or the economy takes a turn for the worse.

9 Quick Business Ideas For a Dwindling Economy

The following 8 quick business ideas are sustainable from bull to bear markets and everything in between.

2Event Planning

Weddings, retirement parties, and special anniversaries will be celebrated whether or not the economy is thriving.

Annual business events are another source of income for event planners who can tap into quick business ideas that comes with event planning.

3Auto Maintenance

Cars are essential in many locations where public transportation options are limited.

When times are tough, people are more likely to invest in repairing their vehicles than in purchasing new ones.


Though people might eat out less frequently, restaurants can still operate profitably in a slow economy.

People may continue to eat out because it’s convenient for them, it has become a custom for them, or because it’s a way to celebrate with friends and family.

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5Laundry Services

When the economy slows down and people work multiple jobs, they have less time to spend taking care of household chores.

Laundry business offers a way to get a lot of laundry done in a short amount of time. It’s also the only option for many people unable to afford in-home washers and dryers.


You have probably heard it said that the only two things certain in this life are death and taxes. People and businesses will almost certainly need help with bookkeeping and tax filing.

Are you an undergraduate studying accounting? Being a freelance accountant for small business owners is one of the quick business ideas out there.

You can walk up to small business owners in your community and offer to help them keep, interpret, and analyze records of their business transactions.


Time-sensitive materials still need to get from point A to point B. Courier and transportation services — both local and long-distance – -are essential in any economy.

8Content Writer

Copywriters and bloggers are always needed (maybe even more than usual) when the economy is slow.

Persuasive writing is what gets people to make purchases when their tendency is to save and not spend.

9Hair stylist/Cosmetologist

Whether people just need a haircut or they’re trying to look their best for a job interview, haircuts will always be needed.

In addition, people may splurge on these services as a way to treat themselves when big-ticket items are financially out of reach.


A childcare business is also economy-proof, especially if the need for household income precludes parents and relatives from staying home to raise children.

Quick Business Ideas (summary)

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