4 Life Lessons to Learn from the Phrase – “I Wish”


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More than enough old people within the age range of 67 to 77 were ask this question: “Looking back to the years you’ve lived, what would you have done differently or What didn’t you do that you wish you did?”

Most of them (about 90%) responded and started their explanations by saying “I wish” I did this or that

“I wish” is usually used to express regretful feelings we have over things we did or things we didn’t do.

Most of these old people were scared of taking a bold and courageous step in following their dreams, back in their youthful age. They never wanted to take risks because they were afraid of failing.

Today, there are lots of young people out there who have abandoned their dreams and what they really desire because they were not so determined, disciplined, focused and most importantly, they lack self-confidence.

If you’re young and still in your 20 somethings, here are 4 quick life lessons to learn from the phrase – “I wish”

Follow your passion

Your passion is the burning fire that makes you want to do everything possible to feature in that wonderful future you’ve been dreaming about.

Sometimes when you work for other people, it’s like saying “I don’t have a dream, pay me some money and let me help you build yours”.

Although, we can’t all be business owners and some still have to take a job to save up some money so as to start their own business.

Painfully, they get carried away and finally abandon what they’re so passionate about. Don’t wait until you start to receive your pension before you realize that you should have followed your passion

Take Risks

If you cannot take risks, you can’t increase your chances of achieving your goals. Truly, Not taking risks at all is even more riskier than taking risks.

Why sit there doing nothing? Remember that the clock is ticking, as you’re growing old it becomes more difficult to go back to change things.

Believe in yourself

It is so painful that most times, we listen to the loud voices of the crowd, and fail to  listen to that cool but powerful voice inside us.

This is as a result of the fact that we either don’t know what we truly want or do not believe in our abilities.

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What is it you want? You can get it. True, life is not straight, life throws obstacles in your way and your dreams, strong hope and believing in yourself is what keeps you going.

It may take time to achieve, but it is worth it. Do something everyday that keeps you closer to achieving your dreams.

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Be true to yourself

Never ever live a fake life to impress others, be yourself. it’s better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you’re not.

Sometimes people say fake it until you make it, but for who are you faking it? Not for anyone but for your own self to be convinced that you’re on the right track to achieve what you so much desire.

Those are my 4 lessons to learn the phrase – “I wish”. Have you got something to add to these? Let’s have more from you in the comment box below