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How to Make Money Online In Nigeria – Proven Guide

What Can I Do to Make Money Online In Nigeria?

How to make money online in Nigeria is one of the most used search query on Google to find information on how to earn money on the internet.

On the average, about ten thousand to hundred thousand people search “how to make money online in Nigeria” every month. You’re actually reading this informative article because you want answers too, isn’t it?

Just like you, I’ve always wanted to know how EXACTLY money is being made online, what it entails and of course how to go about it.

With the situation of things in the country, you are apparently not satisfied with your financial position; you want to earn additional income that will cater for your wants and needs and you’re seriously looking into ways to make money online.

You want to know how to make money online in Nigeria most especially because you know that some people are really making money on the internet.

First, I think you should know the real truth behind making money online. Read more about that here…

I was so determined to learn what’s necessary and willing to give it everything UNTIL I finally made my first dollar online and that is why i have put together this article.

I want to share with you how the whole thing works on your journey to making money online, and what you can do to get started in the right path.

**This post took quite a while to put together, so if you enjoyed it please consider giving it a share, using either of the buttons (facebook or twitter) on this page. I’ll really appreciate it.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria As a Student

Do you want to make money online but don’t know exactly how to get started?


Have you tried and failed?

Every one promises you these:

  • work for yourself and be your own boss,
  • earn money while you’re sleeping,
  • work whenever you like,
  • earn real big money and get what you want, bla bla blah

But, I’m sure here are your experiences:

  • You find yourself not getting started because you really don’t know which method is best to follow.
  • You’ve created a blog and all you did to get traffic was to do a broadcast on BBM, WhatsApp and sharing posts on Facebook.
  • You don’t know where exactly to start because you’re being fed with too many confusing information
  • The method you were told to follow aren’t clear Or you get ZERO results

How to Make Money online in Nigeria pdf Guide

I’m sure you’ve read enough articles on making money online or how to make money online in Nigeria, and you realized that someone is screaming for the money in your pockets.  I want to show you!

In fact, I’m Handing to You For FREE, My Book on How To Make Money Online.

Download this eye-opening guide on how to make money online in Nigeria PDF

By reading this post, Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • You’ll understand the real truth behind making money online
  • You’ll get ahead of all lies out there on the net.
  • You’ll get access to 2 hyper-intense & super condensed guides:
  1. How to make money on fiverr – from signing up to getting paid
  2. How to import & sell for profit

These will contribute tremendously to your knowledge on the 3 proven ways on how to make money online in Nigeria and most especially get you doing something on the right part.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself,

 I have tried lots of online business models and I’ve gathered enough experience on my entrepreneurial journey online. I love exploring opportunities.

Only if you’re willing to follow simple instructions, you’re good to go; you can make your first dollar online!

But before you jump into making money online, you should know that there are 10 common mistakes many people make when starting their online business, there are priceless lessons for you there.

You Can Also Make Money In Nigeria

I’m sure you must have typed stuffs like “how to make money online”, “how to make money on the internet”, or “how to earn money working from home” and so many others on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

how to make money online google

Chances are; when you did search, you landed on different pages with trial and error information which is a school of hard knocks, or you possibly signed up on every get-rich-quick scheme.

It is also possible that you have read lots of articles but in the end, you’re still back to square one – not knowing how the whole stuff works and where exactly to get started.

Making money online is REAL and it’s so promising. The fact is; it truly is. Everyone, both young and old now turn to the search engines for answers on how they can make real money online.

Some people are making money online on betting sites in nigeria, and because of their love for sports they’ve turned to sports betting to earn extra bucks.

Some people also make money online on YouTube via their YouTube Channel, playing games, engaging in different company’s promotion (online contests), etc. But generally speaking, there are 3 proven ways to make money online.

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3 Ways to Make Money Online In Nigeria

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to make money online. These 3 Ways are Not For Everyone.

If you can’t follow easy step-by-step instructions, if you can’t stay focused, if you don’t have basic computer skills like using a mouse and a keyboard, or if you can’t afford to make little investment of purchasing some crucial materials and tools  (Note: you’re not buying from me), then……I think you should probably stop here.

If you’re sure you can commit to those factors above, then you can move on and start today, right now. There are 3 proven ways to make money online.

Every online income earner falls strictly into any of these 3 categories below:

  • Providing a service to someone or a company:
  • Selling a product: [selling physical or digital products].
  • Providing information: [closely related to the first two] e.g having a blog,

All 3 of these can be very lucrative — it just depends on what you’re most comfortable with, and what type of work you want to do.

I’ll be talking about these 3 categories soon.

Successful online income earners have built their businesses around the web and money keeps piling up. People like Lindaikeji, Seun Osewa of Nairaland, Naijaloaded, and the big Facebook Owner, Mark Zuckerberg are raking in real big money online.

But there are some other people doing a million dollars in profit every year, all online! What are they doing? they still fall into any or all of the  3 ways I’ll be talking about in the next few paragraphs.

A laptop or phone, an internet connection, a series of systems, tools and most especially the zeal to be on the learning curve is all they’ve put in and that’s what you have to do too.

Check out this quick stats and see the income potential that the online world possess. You can have a share of the pie!

As of January 2016, here is the statistic of the internet world:

statistics of the online world

Research shows that:

  • 62% of everyone online use the internet to gain information.
  • 58% use the internet for shopping
  • 50% for banking,
  • 5% for job search and;
  • 2% for meeting people.

Estimation shows that by 2020, there’ll be over 5 billion people online.

The world is online! Almost every offline activity can now be done online (e.g as we buy and sell offline, so is it online).

Very few smart individuals now make thousands of dollars every month. They leverage the power of the internet as they turn the humongous online population into customers.

Let’s Quickly Talk About You on Your Journey to Make Money

  • You desperately need answers.
  • You want to know what works, and;
  • You seriously want to know how exactly to go about making money online.

It’s amazing and sometimes funny to know what some people are thinking about how money is being made online.

Permit me to say that some people (most especially ladies) think when you log on to a website; the owner of the website makes money immediately from your data subscription, lolz.

Some people also think that popular online income earners like Mark Zuckerberg make money as we like, comment, and chat on Facebook and WhatsApp.

These are not a joke, just take a survey and ask people what they think about this and you’ll get different funny answers.

1.  How to Make Money Online In Nigeria – PROVIDING A SERVICE

This is one you always can start now. But it largely depends on what skills you’ve got and what you can do best, and then offer this as a service to someone or a company.

Providing a service to someone or companies online is called Freelancing. I refer to it as Free-styling. More and more companies are turning to part-time contract workers to fill their skill gaps.

Depending on your skills, you could work for multiple companies in variety of fields, offering flexibility and a refreshing change of pace.

According to the freelance job listing website frerelancer.com, tech services, content creation and web design are popular fields for contract work. Yes, real contracts.

Talk of any skills you’ve got, you can render your service online and get paid. Everyone has a skill, hobby, or interest and we all can make thousands of dollars with it.

For example, I’m a content creator (I design websites, create ebook covers, sales pitch videos, explainer/white board animation videos and I have exchanged my services for money on fiverr.com).

I make videos like these:

and also

These videos are worth hundreds of dollars. They are called sale-pitch videos. There are terms you’ll need to learn as time goes on.

If you’ve got just about any skill, you can freelance or freestyle and make money. There’s another super-condensed guide I have created on how to make money on fiverr from signing up to getting paid. It’s just 10 pages manual with each step well explained, You can click here to get it for free

Let’s quickly brush the concept of freelancing.

Getting Started With Free-styling (Freelancing for Money)

The first step is to find a platform where skilled individuals like you meet people or companies who require those skills all around the globe and transact business. Do you know one?

There are many of them. We have fiverr, peopleperhour, freelancer, Odesk etc. If you’re new to the whole show, you’ve got nothing to worry about; There’s a term that explains everything, it’s called outsourcing.


This means transferring the management or day-to-day execution of an entire business function to a third party service provider.

You are the third party here, (service provider). Individuals and companies need your service in some areas to perform their business function so they outsource.

Let’s assume you learned or are skilled at Graphics designing,

Lots of startups and content creators need custom graphics like logos, info-graphics (very hot right now) or other branding work.

You can work for them from your own home, all you need is an internet connection to access jobs available for you on your chosen freelance platform, you do the job and you get paid, and when you get paid what’s next? Make withdrawals.

Graphics is everywhere, on the streets, at home, most especially on the internet. If you’re really skilled at graphics design (creating company logos, branding etc.), you’ve nailed it.

Graphics design is just one out of hundreds of services you can provide online, you’ll find more in my ultimate guide to making money on fiverr in just few pages.

  • I talked about 13 freelance jobs you can consider and o from the comfort of your home
  • I also explained the know how (signing up, creating your first gig (video), and making withdrawals)

Download this guide

That’s what freelancing is all about with respect to providing a service online, and the possibilities that comes with it.

What if you don’t have any digital skill? There are other things you can do. At least you can sell something right? The second proven way to make money online is selling a product.

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2.  How to Make Money Online In Nigeria – SELLING A PRODUCT

This is another way online income earners make money. They sell products.

A product is something (a commodity, an idea, method, information, object or service) that is viewed as capable of satisfying a need or want of an identified customer. It is something designed purposely to satisfy human wants.

If you’ve noticed, clearly, the issue of value can’t be overlooked. So, a product must truly satisfy a need of a customer or group of customers.

There are 2 kinds of products that online income earners in this category sell:

  • A physical product and;
  • A digital product.

The super interesting part is that you can make money online by recommending and selling other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

So, how can you sell a product online and make money?

  • Selling Physical Products to Earn Online

Another way to make money online is to purchase tangible product online (bags, shoes, wristwatches, smart phones etc.) and sell to your own customers offline.

This time, you’re not the creator or manufacturer of the product. You purchase without taking any risks and you sell to your own set of customers at a higher price so that you can make a reasonable profit margin. It’s a concept of price differentiation.

For example, I do import goods from outside Nigeria. I import bags, shoes, jewelries, smartphones and wristwatches from Hong Kong and China.

I make use of online stores like aliexpress.com, etc.

I place orders online with free shipping options; I track my order, and receive the order right in my country in the postal address I choose. I made big sales. I mean big sales. This was when the dollar rate was still very reasonable.


Does this mean selling physical products online today is a dead end? Nope. E-commerce websites are on the rise! There are a lot of opportunities, You just have to know where to look.

Download my guide on How to Import & Sell for Profit for FREE

Let’s move to the third proven way to make money online in Nigera which is providing information.

3. How to Make Money Online In Nigeria – PROVIDING INFORMATION

[Tweet “There’ll never be a time when information is not needed, wanted, begged for, paid for or consumed immediately.”]

  • Selling Digital Products

These are also called information products. Digital products are products that are hosted, sold, and delivered and delivered using the internet.

Digital products are:

  • Digital books (pdf, kindle, ezines)
  • Videos and video courses
  • Software
  • Multimedia (e.g pictures, games)
  • Audio courses
  • Webinar courses

Here is the diagrammatic formula that online income earners in this sub-category make use of:


They create a platform (most times a one page website – very easy to create), they get enough targeted traffic to visit the page and offer them their product.

The book I am giving out to you is an information product, I’m just not selling in my own case. When you do read, you’ll know it is filled with value you should pay for, but I’m giving it out to you for free.

Easiest Way of Making Money in Nigeria

Most people say knowledge is power. But I disagree; I do say “The application of knowledge is power”.

You can’t be knowledgeable about something if you are not informed about it. If you don’t apply the knowledge, there’s no point in it. So, Knowledge and information work hand in hand.

  1. How Do Online Income Earners Make Money in Nigeria by Providing Information?
  2. What Information Guarantees Profit?

Digital marketing is one big, interesting and set of online strategies put in place to make money online. This all-inclusive guide about digital marketing is all you’ll ever need to get started.

It centers around blogging (making reviews, providing news updates, email marketing, etc.). You can start something online by taking our free blogging course.

Everything cannot be covered in this article. That’s why you’re here at oasdom.com. Providing information is one big course on it’s own.

For example I gave a comprehensive guide on smart and easiest way of making money online in Nigeria; all on your online asset – your blog.

It is one lesson from 9 others in our free blogging course. You should Check that post on solid ways to make money online blogging.

Will You Take Our Free Blogging Course?

make money online in nigeria

Learn more about what you’ll gain by taking this free course here

So, what information can you start to provide NOW and earn money from?

Entertainment blogging is flooded, fashion is flooded, and so many others. You can’t start now and become LindaIkeji or Nairaland in a year. It takes time and more money.

But there’s someplace you can start from. This is where passion comes in. What are you so passionate about that you think is valuable to thousands or millions of people out there?

Passion will push you to start providing information on what really matters to you and who says you can’t profit from it?

Do you detest the rapid rate of obesity in your country? If you have quality information that works on weight loss or reducing belly fat, then you have what to work on.

Are you so interested in agriculture and see it as way to revive this economy of ours? Are you so passionate about self-development, do you have a true cure for diabetes?

Follow that formula I told you about: Create a that one page website i mentioned, get traffic to your website, and offer your product. This time around, information is your product.

Now you may begin to wonder: HOW EXACTLY will you do this? Who will take you step by step? (I mean step by step), Everything cannot be covered in this article. That’s why you’re here at oasdom.com.

As oasdom is dedicated to promoting self-reliance & Entrepreneurship, there are lots of enriching benefits:

  • Take our free blogging course and join our online community and other subscribers now for value adding contents:
  • Access to top notch information and tips on how to make money
  • Series of well researched articles on how to leverage the power of the internet for profit
  • Detailed eBooks and guides that addresses certain money making topics, ideas, strategies,
  • Access to videos, webinars, audios, and blogging tools,
  • All delivered into your inbox.

If you get to read my book on the 3 proven ways to make money online, you’ll understand where I’m coming from and what I’ve seen over the years in the online world.

You’ll learn the proven ways to make money online in detail, you’ll be fully informed about the whole concept and also, you’ll get access to series of eye opening and value adding tips to set you on the right path.

Most importantly, you’ll discover that you have a business in you and you can start something on the internet.

**This article and my free books and guides took hours to put together and I want to make it available to everyone. Please consider helping me out by sharing it. I’ll really appreciate that. You’re awesome!

I’d really like to know what you think about making money online. Do you disagree with any of the points I’ve made above? Have you got any questions or comments to make? Please use the comment box below, I’ll meet you there.

A question might come to your mind right now; what are the summary list of online business in Nigeria.

List of Online Business In Nigeria

You know what? There are over 100 ways to make money online. In one recent infographic that I Posted about 300 ways to make money online, you’ll find different options.

The major thing is to learn and understand what each option on how to make money online entails, and you’ll be able to use it in Nigeria.

Another question that may pop up in your mind is;

Why did I Give This Information on How to Make Money Online In Nigeria?

It’s because I want to be honest with my visitors. In my opinion, the best way to gain trust from your blog visitors is to be 100% transparent and this is exactly what I’m doing. Asides from that, I’m also a pretty friendly folk.

Want to learn more about online marketing and how to leverage the power of the internet for profit? Join our online community and get access to informative blog posts, ebooks, courses and more.

Join our online community

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