7 Dirty Google Secrets You Won’t Be Aware Of #Infographic


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For an average user, Google is just a search engine giant, the company behind Gmail and YouTube and someone who is responsible for the bunch of apps that come pre-installed in one’s smartphone.

Google loves tracking your activities online. It knows about your search history, the locations you visit and even your voice searches. The data it possesses is enough to trace down your interests and everything you love.

So why does Google want to behave like that typical nose-poking aunt you hate? Well, Google makes good bucks by selling your data to the advertisers indirectly.

The big “G” has got some deep secrets it doesn’t want the common public to know. While some of these are really a part of the company’s “inside stuff”, some are merely those facts which most people don’t know yet. Take a look at this infographic from Techprobex

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