4 Reasons Why Angry Customers Come at You – What to Do

oasdom.com angry customers
oasdom.com angry customers

Why do you have angry customers, what triggers customer anger and what can you do about it? Read on…

If you’re a business owner (support or sales person to be precise), you probably know how it feels to deal with irate customers who come forward and discuss their woes.

Resolving conflicts with customers is not easy. It can be a dreadful situation, and may take a lot of patience, persuasion and self-control on your part to make an angry customer calm down.

Why Angry Customers Come at You & What to Do

Knowing the source of the problem and what triggers customers anger is one of the best things to. Let’s take it one after the other.

2Your Products

Too complicated, doesn’t work or worst.

If your product or service is not what they expected it to be be, apologize and work toward a viable solution.

3Issues with your customer care agents

If it takes forever to get through your support team, or one of your agents hung up on a customer earlier, keep your composure and demonstrate that you’re committed to helping the customer until the issue is resolved.

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4Hidden Costs Issues

We all hate hidden costs. Customers get heated when they’re charged for something they didn’t buy or when they’ve been overcharged.

When your customers feel duped by hidden costs or erroneous billing and without a money back guarantees here’s what you have to do:

Listen attentively to every detail. Reassure the customer that you will get to the bottom of things and correct the wrong if that’s indeed the case.

5When Solving a problem is taking too long

You’ll definitely have angry customers when these customers can’t count the number of times they’ve had to call your attention.

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When they’re being told the same thing over and over again, (like “the problem is under evaluation“). What to do?

Be ready to read through case documentation, and at the same time, continue communicating with the customer.

Those are 4 common things that makes a customer so angry and also what to do about this situation.

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