45 Latest Pictures of Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery

Oasdom Latest Picture of Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery
Oasdom Latest Picture of Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery

Did you know that Nigerian braids hairstyles can makes you look like a queen every day. Yes, these hairstyles can make you stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to unique hairstyles, no one can beat the African people. Do you agree with me on this? Let me have your thumbs up in the comment box.

If you look at some hairstyles in some African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and many others, you will be amazed by the level of creativity that they display in hair styling.

These Nigerian braided hairstyles will blow your mind with the creativity that they carry.

Pictures of latest Nigerian braids hair styles
Image by Braided

Yea… you can look irresistible with these hairstyles. Scroll down to check out the latest Nigerian braids and how you can make them.

It’s really nice that you are on this page. All you need do is to enjoy looking at these pictures, show your stylist your favorite one, and make one!

Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery

We have said that the design of our hair is an art. There are so many different hairstyles for ladies that are crafted as an art picture.

You can choose from the various braids hairstyles in Nigeria based on what goes well with your personality, facial features and the occasion.

Trending Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery

When people look at your hair, they will see different arts from different sides of your head. Today, we have found some styles, and they are not hard to make.

We have taken time to collect different Nigerian braids styles, from the numerous available places just for you.

Popular braids hairstyles in Nigeria

Yes o, fashion is eternal, feel free to save any pictures you like, an I’m very sure you will book an appointment with your stylist after seeing these Nigerian braids.

In this article, you’ll learn about various braid types and their pictures which include:

  • Nigerian box braids
  • Twist braids
  • Million braids
  • Bob braids
  • Box braids
  • Fish braids
  • Shuku
  • Goddes style braids
  • Hausa braids
  • Cornrows
  • and more..

There are different types of ladies hair from thick to thin, fine to curly, wavy, straight and many more.. Still, you can choose any of the braids ideas below

Types & Pictures of Nigerian Braids Hairstyles

Truth is, when you talk about fashion wears, hairstyles are also on the front row, they don’t take the back seats. So, I have put this into some categories;

Nigerian Box Braids

Nigerian box braid hair style
Box braid

Box braids styles is also one of the most popular Nigerian braids hairstyles choices. It is very easy to maintain and can be kept for a longer duration if properly cared for.

This particular style is the best solution if you want your hair to rest a bit. With box braids, you can forget about styling your hair for a month or even more.

Nigerian Bob Braids

Bob braid hairstyles for Nigerian women
Bob Braid

They are not too extravagant and not too boring, they are kind of a perfect compromise between creativity and good old elegance of classic bob.

We have short, medium, long, asymmetrical bob braids, and there are different ways to style, as it depends on what you want.

Million Braids

Million braids
Million braids

Obviously, they are not super easy to create, and you will have to endure for some hours in the seat of a hairdresser.

In the end, all the effort will pay off, and you will get gorgeous braids which will impress not only you but also your friends.

Nigerian Twist Braids

Girl rocking the Nigerian twist braids hairstyle
Twist Braids

The Nigerian braids hairstyle is also known as twist braids. This is one of the latest hair styles in Nigeria as it is believed to provide greater protection for women with naturally curly hair.

You can style your hair into a braids bun on top with twisted braids on the lower side to look ravishing!

These are some of the pictures of the trendiest and most refreshing twist braids hairstyles. Everyone loves the look of twist braids.

Also read about the natural twist hairstyles.

Nigerian Mohawk braids

MOHAWK BRAIDS in nigeria
Mohawk braids

It’s one of the most popular Nigerian braids hairstyles women opt for to help natural hair rest from styling.

Mohawk braids can be sported in different ways, using hair colors, hair attachments and embellishments to maximize the beauty of this hairdo.

Cornrows Braids

Cornrows braided hairstyles

If you’re looking for ideas on how to jazz up your Nigerian cornrows hairstyles, adding a bit of color will absolutely do the trick.

The easiest way to achieve the look will be adding different colored cornrows braiding hair. You can add one color or a few, the more colors the more playful the look!

You love to accessorize your hair, then you need to see this next African hair braiding. All of the braids can be accessorized with beads at the ends, cuffs and cords have been added to some of the braids too

Fulani Braids

Fulani braiding


Hmm… one of the most popular Nigerian braids hairstyles. For the last few years, Fulani braids are here to steal your heart.

You’re looking for a hairstyle that’ll make you look and feel like a princess, then opt for these beautiful Fulani braids, decorated with gold cuffs and unique patterns.

As you can see, the different types of accessories look so stylish and unique. You can try a similar braid styles to this or add different beads, cords and cuffs in different colors to make it more one of a kind.


Crotchet hair style braid picture

Yes, it’s the crochet braids we’d like to talk about here. It is one of the best braided hairstyles for black women.

CROTCHET Nigerian braids hairstyles


Such braids are basically ones that are attached to your natural hair with a crochet hook or with a latch hook, and that’s where the name comes from

Hausa Braids

African braids by the Hausas


Here is another innovative and modern way of doing the Nigerian braids hairstyles. This hairstyle originating from the Hausa tribe, and now it is sought after by bold fashionistas across the countries.

You can also wear these styles for ravishing looks.

Kinky Braids for Long Hair

Kinky braids

This type of braid is more suited to African hair because they allow easy maintenance,  you can leave for several weeks, provided good care of their hair.

It is recommended to wash the hair gently and moisturize scalp with hair oil.

Ombre Braids


No doubt, ombre hair style make you look gorgeous. The interesting thing about this type of Nigerian braid hairstyles is that you can play with different color combinations.

You can go with the standard version – black or brown from the hair roots to the middle and then choose another color

You can start right ahead with an interesting color and then move to another. Depending on the length of your braids, you can add as many colors as you want

There are a lot of options, from the simple ones to the most extraordinary combinations

Fish Braids

For a nice and easy going day, you must try fish braids. The hair style works best for those who have long and straight hair, you can give it some kind of edge by adding some waves and curls to it as well.

If you want a braid that can be done within less than fifteen minutes and can still add more charm to your look, then do try fish braids. We promise you will love them.

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Incorporating just a few braids into your hair is a wonderful way to change up your hairstyle without having to commit to it for months.

This particular Nigerian braids hairstyles is perfect for someone looking to adjust a few small details to her hairdo.

Goddess Braids

Nigeria Goddess braids style

Similar to the box braid, goddess braids are merely a different take on a classic braid, essentially being a thicker, bolder version of traditional cornrows.

Goddess braids are perfect for any woman wanting to keep their hair damage-free while looking chic and trendy at the same time.

With so many alternatives to these hot Nigerian braids hairstyles, you can play around with different designs and make it your own.

Senegalese Braids

Senegalese twists actually originated in Senegal, a country in West Africa. It can take up to 5 hours to do Senegalese twists, but they can last up to one month with good maintenance.

Senegalese twists are a good protective style option because not only will they protect your natural hair, but also they’ll make you look stunning!

Also, they are very versatile so you’ll be able to experiment with different gorgeous styles on a daily basis.

More Braided Hairstyles In Nigeria – Hair Style Braids

Feeling a bit bored? Definitely No!! Well, this next Nigerian braids hairstyles is one of your favorites!

Here we have long braids that have multi-tone color and they are accessorized beautifully too. Hairstyles like this will look fabulous on everyone and you can recreate something similar or try different colored braids with the same style.

All we need from you is to take your time and scroll through the styles until you get inspired!

Thick and Thin Asymmetrical Feed In Braids
Thick Asymmetrical Feed In Braids
braided hairstyles for black women
Braids with curve

Asymmetrical Goddess braid

Criss cross goddess braids - Nigerian braids hairstyles
Criss cross goddess braids
Oasdom Nigerian braids hairstyles - Messy braids
Messy braids
Classic twist - Nigerian hair style braids
Classic twist braid

Continue scrolling till you get inspired, we’v got more..

Fringe braids - Latest Nigerian braids hair styles
Fringe Braids
Nigerian braids hairstyles gallery Thick side swept
Thick side swept
Long braid with a center braid
Long braid with a center braid
Braided bun - best braiding hair
Lady with Braided Bun hair style
boxer braid Nigerian braids hair styles
Boxer Braids
Image of girl with Braided pony tail - Nigerian braids
Braided Pony Tail
Pony tail braiding
Pony tail braids
Ear piece braid styles
Ear piece braid styles

Now let us ask, what are men looking for? What are they hoping to see? These Nigerian braids hairstyles for ladies can be a game changer for a wedding look.

Hmm…I guess the wedding bell is ringing for some people. You can check our post on Nigerian pre wedding photos to add to your look. That’s is quite interesting…isn’t it.

The thing is that most of these Nigerian braids are all different. You won’t regret a trip to try all these styles, will you? Definitely not.

Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles In Nigeria

What do you like more? The number of options is almost infinite! Every girl can choose a version that will express her uniqueness and highlight her best features.

Next on our list of Nigerian braids hairstyles are these Ghana braids or Ghana weaving hairstyles. Seriously, this one is in trend, you can also rock it with latest bridesmaid outfits

Now, a lot of women from various ethnic groups and races are rocking Ghana braids more than ever.

  • It looks great on women of all ages.
  • It lasts longer, the braids normally can last between 2 to 5 weeks and it also depends on how well you maintain it.
  • The braids are easy to maintain, no wonder why most women are in love with it.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be creative with different styles and options.
  • You can slay these hairstyles for all kinds of occasions (church, visits, parties, outings etc.)

Well, kudos fashion designers in Nigeria for creating stylish outfit trends to accompany these braided hairstyles.

Ghana weaving hair styles
Ghana weaving style


Short ghana weave Nigerian braid hairstyles
Short ghana weave
WOOL BRAID ghana weaving hairstyles
Wool Braiding

Wool braiding is another Nigerian braids hair style that is easy to create and care for. Wool is absolutely safe, light-weight material, soft and comes at a reasonable price.

Wool protects hair from damaging and the environmental factors like sun, wind and humidity. Wool braids are among the most popular Nigerian braids hairstyles.

Brazilian wool and yarn wool is well-fitted material for the braids. We love these long braids as they will suit everyone and will suit any occasion

Nigerian Hair Style Braids For Little School Children

Mothers in the building are also not left out. Get your little princess a stunning look with fascinating Nigerian braids.
When school days begin, different challenges set in too. İt is really daunting to prepare your little girl early in the morning, especially to create a different hair style every day.

Of course, you know that you daughter is a little princess. Now, show the same to the world by dressing her up in different beautiful braids hairstyles.

So, take a subtler route and go for any of these types of Nigerian braiding styles.

Children braided hairstyles

Children BRAID style

The next Nigerian braids hairstyle we have to show you is perfect for the glam trendsetters!

Have you ever heard of Ankara braids?

Innovative ankara braids in Nigeria

Ankara braids is one of the new trend Nigerian braids hairstyles mostly rocked among celebrities.

Ankara braiding

The main thing is that it is fantastically creative! We love how African Prints keep blossoming into new areas and styles.

This Nigerian braids hairstyles is beautiful, sophisticated and unique but a little bit more tricky to style.

Men Braids

Guys self no dey carry last for this Nigerian braids o

Gone are the days when men were okay with cheap haircuts or simple buzz cuts. Instead of shaving their long locks, most men nowadays prefer to keep them and try different Nigerian braids hairstyles.

That’s why many celebrities have an amazing sense of fashion, particularly when it comes to hairstyle.

Falling braids and dread locks style are one of the iconic Nigerian hairstyle braids. Musicians like Naira Marley “” Am I yahoo boy” crooner and others celebrities adore it.

Wig braid pictures
Wig braids

Yea still on Nigerian hairstyles braids…

Are you finding it difficult to braid your hair because of the hours you have to spend and also the pains you need to endure? Well don’t stress yourself, braided wigs has solution to the pain. You can still wear your braids in different styles and colours without spending over 12 hours.

Wig braiding images

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Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Pictures (Summary)

These Nigerian braids hairstyles for ladies are not only for a casual look, but also a must try on your special day.

Are you planning on braiding your hair anytime soon? The Nigerian braids hairstyles may take time and effort to be done but the final result is definitely worth it!!

What are you waiting for? Start pulling out your combs and start braiding right now. Don’t forget to care for your hair, that’s important.

Do check again for more updates Oasdom.com. Found this post interesting and helpful? Please drop your comment, and give it a like and share.


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