50 Latest Nigerian Virgin Hair Styles Pictures

Best Nigerian virgin hair styles pictures ideas
Best Nigerian virgin hair styles pictures ideas

Before the familiarity of Nigerian virgin hair styles with almost everyone today, and way long before it came to be proudly flaunted again in this present age, it used to lurk in the shadows.

A beauty in all her splendor was broken so bad she not only hid herself but inflicted, harassed, abused her glory with different chemicals.

All these damages foundation were laid in the colonial and slavery time. Black history with scars, of slavery, that has not faded away.


The history of straighter, relaxed, or perm hair started from the slave quarters.

History did not leave out the part where a texture exclusive to the Africa continent became of two continents, Africa-American, awon mixed breeds.

Black lady with Nigerian Virgin hairstyles

It was dated to have all began early 17th century, a century that started the almost extinction of virgin hairstyles.

So they sailed or flew in their boats, canoes, call it whatever you like; I couldn’t care less if they came in airplanes, Africa was their stop anyways.

Black girl with natural hairstyle

Amazement was the word, when they saw the dark skin with their dark rich hair woven into some of what have been upgraded into modern natural hairstyles, generally called African virgin hairstyles.

The rich African culture was all out in all its hues, little did we know that the smiles generated from the knowledge of how we were to be used as animals.

We never suspected until the claws of captivity pierced Africa skin, the fangs of oppression tore off Africa’s hair in big chunks till none was left on the skull.

All in a bid to erase all we represented but as they say some things go way deeper than physical.

Disregard abandoned the baby growth and our hair was seen ugly, thought hopeless, talked down on, criticized, discriminated… Nappy hair, they would say.

Inferiority took a king size bed to the head and minds of the enslaved Africans and others and …such deep scars.

Embarrassment became a wrapper, the shame was becoming unbearable and the best way thought then was take the kinkiness out of the hair.

Hence, the entry of chemical application to the hair, hot comb, flat iron. All these were done to become accepted in society.

Did you know that the first female millionaire, Madam C. J. Walker made her fortune from the sale of a relaxer?

No more denial, the good fight has been won in some territories enough to proudly wear and flaunt the African heritage today.

female natural virgin hair styles with fertilizer and relaxer

So let us gather around and discuss Nigerian virgin hairstyles. No one can tell cause no one will do anything and we will lose nothing.

In this article, we’ll share with you Nigerian virgin hair twist styles, natural hair weaving styles without attachment, with attachment, and many more.

What Are Nigerian Virgin Hair Styles?

Nigerian virgin hairstyles are either hair-do or hair cut of the hair, on the head of a Nigerian citizen, that has not been chemically altered.

Yes, chemically altered.

Woman making african virgin hair styles

‘Black is beautiful’ so also other colors so even when you dye your natural hair; it does not make you less worthy of been part of a natural hair gang.

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black natural hair for women - Nigerian virgin hairstyles

The chemicals used on hair break their hydrogen bonds, destroying the kinkiness in a one’s natural hair. Meanwhile, virgin hairstyles is one of the most beautiful hairstyles in Nigeria.

short natural hair

The Nigerian virgin hair styles feature short virgin hairstyles, natural virgin hairstyles, long and short natural hairstyles.

Short virgin hairstyle

The cornrows, dreadlocks, twist locs, afros, and Bantu knots are not excluded from the list of Nigerian virgin hair styles.

Talk about fashionable outfits in Nigeria and you’ll agree with me that classy modern hairstyles add a great feel to the whole looks.

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AFRO Natural Hair

If you have ever used the ‘power comb’ then let us talk, if you haven’t still come around. Let us take a brief history lesson.

When some Africans were taken to be slaves then, their hair was scrapped off to strip them of all they represented.

Since the hair follicles were not dead, the hair started growing even without hair growth cream or hair fertilizer.

Unfortunately there was no comb to groom the hair, talk less of shampoo, so the hair was matted and words like ‘nappy’,  ‘ugly’ stuck to it; with both used interchangeably.

To cut the long story short, Africans decided to liberate themselves from this segregation and tried mimicking the approved beauty (straight hair).

Until some stood for Africa heritage and the ‘Afro’ was worn with pride in rebel to the shackles that held down and as a sign of power over the inferiority complexity instilled.

The hairstyle that started in the 1960s was described by Mr Lynch as ‘a symbol of rebellion, pride, and empowerment’.

Today, it is worn by babies, upcoming naturalists, and even the full-grown naturalists. This style that was boldly flaunted on the streets and disco halls in those days is one of the Nigerian virgin hairstyles.


When talking locs, dreadlocks leads as one of the most distinguishing African hairstyles and don’t it looks good with extension or without?

Over 2000 years ago, ‘ja Taa’ was a popular hairstyle in Indian, it referred to ‘twisted locks of hair’ but it would seem the Jamaicans adopted it permanently.

And so when you say dreads, you do lips that way and say ‘Rastafarian’ and wear the country color as your knitted cap…lol.

All the same dreads na dreads, locs na locs. I just could not rule it out from the list of virgin hairstyles in Nigeria.

Dread locs hair do

Also featuring on the list of Nigerian virgin hairstyles are the faux locs, box braids and others, although they also stroll on the list of Nigerian hairstyles with attachment.


Somewhere in the southern part of Africa, over 500 ethnic groups spoke a language called ‘bantu’ and so these groups were called BANTU.

Bantu knots styles

Just as in Nigeria, where each ethnic group is named after the language they speak: Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

This hairstyle is also known as ‘Zulu knots’ as the Zulus are the authentic originators of this hairstyle.

It is also featured as one of the Nigerian virgin hairstyles with its deep African roots.

Bantu traditional natural hair

The hairstyle involves sectioning your hair in small parts and twisting them into small balls on the head.

This is look is traditional, natural, and edgy at the same time. It also qualifies for long and short natural hairstyles..

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Why Natural Hair Weaving Styles Are Super Cool

Weaving is older than I am. Yes, as a female I remember it on my head most of my life.
Weaving has survived many seasons including ancient times and civilization, and at every century it never left well except for when the shaving of heads happened.

We think it is super cool as it has an organized look on the head of its carrier, it’s resemblance to a cultivated farm with its rows earned its name, cornrows.

Weaving is not exclusive to Nigerian virgin hairstyles and following upgrade, we have the likes of Ghana braids or banana braids, also known as straight backs.

Nigerian hair weaving styles

One thing about hair weave is its elegance especially when you slay in classy traditional wears, I’m sure you know what I mean; big-time slaying.

How to Style Short Virgin Hair

So we see more voluminous hair in pictures or better still the person beside you has got longer hair and you think of how lucky, they can try different styles.

That line is stale…there are different ways to style short virgin hair, let me show you.

how to style short nigerian virgin hair
Image by thirstyroots.com

Short virgin hairstyles pictures

Styling short natural hair picture

tips on how to manage natural hair

Cornrows hair do

Virgin Nigerian Hair Weaving Styles Pictures

good weave hair

curly weave hair

Deep weave hair style

 Didi Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Didi hairstyles for natural hairDidi native hairstyle

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More Natural Hairstyles Pictures

The beauty of natural hair is its kinkiness and all gives room for different hairstyles… I mean who called it ‘nappy’ sef?

Take a look and tell me which of these Nigerian virgin hair styles grabs your attention most.

double buns nigerian virgin hair styles
double buns hairstyle

full grown natural hair

Bantu knock out hair

Gelly hair upswept

attachment hairstyle

Nigerian virgin hair styles

Pine apple updo virgin hair

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short virgin weave style

Nigerian natural hairstyles

Nigerian virgin hair picture

Virgin hair braid

teenage virgin hair style

Black Nigerian hair for a virgin

flat top curly hair

Nigerian Hairstyle Braids Pics

Here’s just a quick picture ideas for Nigerian braids

Nigerian braids style

braided hairstyle

Braid hairstyle in Nigeria

You can read more about super beautiful Nigerian hairstyle braids

Nigerian Virgin Hair Styles (Summary)

Hmm. Someone said ‘Hair is not just something to play with, it is something laden with messages, and it has the power to dictate how others treat you and in turn how you feel about yourself’.

How true is this?

Proudly African, proudly Nigerian; let us flaunt our Nigerian virgin hair styles boldly with no discrimination against those with relaxed hair because we understand what it feels like. Dance in to the spotlight.

Did you find this post about natural hair interesting? Have you learned a thing or two? Let’s have your comment in the box provided below.