60 Latest Hairstyles In Nigeria Pictures For Ladies

Oasdom Latest Hairstyles in Nigeria Pictures Braids fixing ghana weaving
Oasdom Latest Hairstyles in Nigeria Pictures Braids fixing ghana weaving

Here’s an updated post about the latest hairstyles in Nigeria. It comes enhanced with more pictures of ghana weaving hairstyles, a new gallery of Nigerian braids hairstyles, and more.

What do you understand by hairstyles or the hairstyles in Nigeria? Is it just about taking a comb to the hair or a razor to that section of hair?

meaning of hairstyle

Tell me, what is hair? What is style? Aren’t they different words on their own and one together? How did this happen? What is the bond they share that have influenced lives, even perception?

lady rocking the latest hairstyles in Nigeria

Scientifically somewhat defined, Hair is ‘a filament growing from the skin to later form a mass covering the human head’.

Style, as I have once defined is unique individuality, more of one’s personality. Hair is a character, style is peculiar.

While hair has different types in its texture, style has variants in how it molds the hair.

Nigerian hairstyles of ladies

“The head is the canvas, hair is the paint, style is the brush, and hairstyle is the art” – Aurora Maikudi.

Talk about the latest fashion styles, the days of some hairstyles distinct to a region are somewhat gone as the latest hairstyles in Nigeria now feature one or more combinations of these hairstyles from across the continents.

Hairstyles say a lot to an extent about a person…they are crown signatures to one’s dressing.

Latest Nigerian hair weaving styles

Aurora Maikudi says “hair is one of the armours of style; hairstyle is one of the wands used by fashion and style”

Hairstyles even trend and go out of seasons, having different tag names like: latest hairstyles in Nigeria, Nigerian hairstyles, etc.

Also, it comes with different names for the type of hairstyles such as weavon hairstyles, twist braid hairstyles, Nigerian braid hairstyles, braided hairstyles, even Nigerian hairstyles with attachment, and the list could go on and on.

Latest Nigerian Hairstyles Pictures For Ladies

Hmm…How about I take you round some parts of the world?

Men, women, everybody was born with a covering on the head, hair, although some have it sparse and others more; either ways, one was born with his or her own on the head.

As time became older and one grew, hair grew alongside at its pace to be someday styled into braids, twists, etc.

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Ghana weaving hairstyle for children

Hmm…What I did not know back then was that the primary school hairstyles, my then latest hairstyles in Nigeria aspa primary school beauty, my mum plaited on my head then; had its origins weaving from the time of the Masai warriors and others.

Prior to this and all that laid the stones upon which the latest hairstyles in Nigeria are built, hairstyles had always been alive in every nook and cranny of the continents.

Through all, hairstyles separated…this word seem strong…identified the differences between people and just as languages and races made everyone aware of glaring differences, so did hairstyles.

In Egypt, one could tell the wealth status, social class, age and more from a person’s hairstyle. Yes, the way you dress you’ll be addressed.

Shoulder-length hair, skin or the popular skodo or faridan were always seen in Egypt. Some of these hairstyles would seem to have been adopted so much, they are still threading in to the latest hairstyles in Nigeria.

The ‘lock of youth’ as called by the Egyptians, was seen as curls on the side of the male boy head; it told of his age while braids and ponytails were no stranger to the females too.

The women of the old kingdom were told to be identified with shorter hairdo while the opposite had longer hairdo.

The Greeks made the world aware of the chignon style, braided hair pinned to the head too was acknowledged as one of the hairstyles then.

Unlike in Egypt, there was no segregation recorded by hairstyles. They made use of flowers, ribbons, or pieces of metal. The men stayed on their low cut with beards on if you are not a soldier.

The Romans, on the other hand once believed in simplicity and less stress for the hair. From simple buns to wearing just a headband, these hairstyles that are also now part of Nigerian hairstyles, were usurped by more ‘detailed’ hairstyles of ringlets, braids, and knots that were decorated in pearls or jewelled hair pins.

Then the segregation came in with these new hairstyles that were not even termed latest hairstyles in Nigeria.

The men kept their hair long and had their beard grown but it would seem they found it not appealing anymore and switched to shorter hair and beard – free faces or beard – full faces.

The Indians believed the hairstyle done had something to do with been in the eternal paradise and so left a small patch of hair at the back of the head, although it could also be on the side, to grow without interruption.

They believed it will be used to attract one to paradise by the creator (reminds me of Raphunzel…) but there was a twist, this hairstyle was exclusive to the rich while the poor were damned to climb or trek to either paradise or a different place.

Their women wore gems – and – jewels – decorated head piece on the forehead (awon modified wonder woman). The discovery of Buddha soon changed their orientation of hair.

Full cutting of hair was prohibited in China as hair was strongly believed to be an inheritance from oppa and mama (I guess this was where the ‘don’t sell property’ thing came from…the Yorubas know what am talking about here…lol).

The young girls and unmarried ladies wore long braided hair while the married women packed up their hair and let a loose curl free to fall beside her face, singing ‘I am married’.

Japanese hairstyle concept in Nigeria

The men shaved only the front of their hair and the rest is left at the back braided (niw you understand the haircut of that Chinese or Japanese actor in the film).

The Japanese had something a bit different from their sister nation for the women. They wore their hair packed firmly to their head and the tail twisted in to a ‘sickle – shape’ at the back, a kepatsu.

kepatsu hairstyle pictures

They later let the hair loose as a sign of beauty, the bun hairstyle, which is part of the latest hairstyles in Nigeria, came from them; was decorated with combs, hair sticks, and other jewels.

With Africa, braids were common with the Masai warriors; hair shaving of the male and female was actually not strange at the set time. Dyeing of hair was no news too.

Hair and hairstyles spoke volumes of one’s spirituality, ethnicity, tribe, social status, and more in ancient times.

woman with Braided shuku - the latest hairstyles in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the likes of shuku, coroba, who is in the garden? And others, either in the weaving or didi form were the latest hairstyles in Nigeria then.

Hair decorating was a thing too and was done with beads; rubber attached to the hair was one of the Nigerian hairstyles done back then too. The men kept their hair full, afro, they called it.

All Types of Hairstyles In Nigeria

Hairstyles have evolved over the years with modifications made along the way. The upgrades have given the basic hairstyles in Nigeria sleeker look, making them rank as one of the latest hairstyles in Nigeria.

traditional rubber hair style in Nigeria

All types of hairstyles in Nigeria are built on braiding, fixing, threading, and more; as you will come to know as we go further.

nigerian hairstyles with attachment

Braiding or Braids

I can never forget braids or plaits cause they have always been daily sights for as long as i can remember.

Braided hairstyles have this African look and glamour they give and one of the pleasant things about them is how they are flexible into different paths.

Let us take a tour around the Nigerian braids hairstyles gallery.

Nigerian braids hairstyles gallery - latest hairstyles in Nigeria

Most of the braid styles that are revered as one of the latest hairstyles in Nigeria features an extension to them, extensions like attachment or wool.

There are those who make these hairstyles with their natural hair but the glamorous look comes from the addition of extensions.

Latest braids hairstyle in Nigeria today

One of the latest braids in my area, this hairstyle has got the tradition of hair decorating as in the past; one of the features contributing to its beauty. It could be side or centred parting.

Full twist braid hairstyles

Braids come with fringe, braided bangs…

fringe braids - Latest Nigerian hairstyles
Image by LD luchi photography

They could be either long or short, depends on your preference…with braids, you almost never go wrong…winks.

Fixing Hairstyles

I would never forget this word; I never knew that was the term used for the hairstyle that made use of needle and thread for my hair that required making two hair rounds on my head: The plaiting and the main fixing.

I mean I thought needles and threads were for clothes…argh. And this was my reaction as I grew up but not anymore…haha.

Seriously tho, whoever brought about the concept of hiding our hair with artificial hair? Protective hairstyles, they call them now.

Weavon styles have a seat on the table with latest hairstyles in Nigeria, as a hairstyle that did not start with the first Nigerian woman has a green card today.

Latest fixing hairstyle picture in Nigeria
fixing hair style picture
Latest Nigerian hairstyles fixing

Nigerian hairstyle weavon styles can be wavy, straight, long, short, medium short, etc.

nigerian fixing hairstyles

Nigerian weaveon hairstyles for female

latest hairstyles in Nigeria - weavon styles

And there is crotcheting…

the crotchet hairstyle

Latest Hairstyles 2020 In Nigeria For Female

There are some hairstyles that do not ever go out of season, these seasoned hairstyles rock every single time.

Interestingly any of these hair styles can blend in with any of these prewedding photoshoot ideas and even stylish bridesmaid dresses.

Latest Nigerian Hair Style Braids Gallery

The African braids is always a fit for all, trust me. It is one of the Nigerian hairstyles with attachment as except you have very long and thick hair, this look is almost impossible to achieve.

Nigerian african braids

Box braids, I love ‘em.

Box braid hair style in Naija

Colored braids no dey waka go any day, any time, as long as there are still people with different colors of hair and different hues of dyes on the shelves.

latest hairstyles in Nigeria - braids photos for females

These hairstyles will look good on any of these latest Nigerian lace styles and designs.

Box braid hair style in Naija
Colored braids
Colored braided hairstyles

You could do wool if you prefer and look just as good, a side cut with this hairstyle ain’t bad. Do not even try to negotiate or compromise, twisting is as old as the past, young as the present.

twist braid hairstyles in Nigeria
round braid hair do

Latest Nigerian Hairstyles Fixing

Latest full fixing hairstyle picture in Nigeria
nigerian hairstyle fixing

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More Latest Hair Style For Ladies In Nigeria

Latest hairstyles in Nigeria - Fixing

Faux locs emerged from the ‘kiko’ we know in Yoruba; better still let me call it threading but instead of using rubber or those butterfly threads, Brazilian wool is used

Rubber brazillian hairstyles

And there is goddess locs.

curly fixing layered hair

Dreads, some are natural and some, artificially natural but they are beautiful when well groomed.

natural dreads
black hair braids
full pack braid

Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles In Nigeria

Ghana weaving hairstyles do not go on vacation and is always admired when made properly.

It features cornrows, braiding, and sometimes twisting.  Let us take a look at this set of Ghana weaving latest hairstyles in Nigerian.

latest weaves hairstyles - ghana weaving in Nigeria

Ghana weaving shuku, who is tired of them? I wonder.

Ghana weaving and part braiding

Yea, part Ghana weaving and part braiding work fine too…

all black children hairstyle pictures in Nigeria

“All back”, a hairstyle from childhood days looking sleeker in this picture with the popular ‘rice and beans’ pattern; big lines and small lines.

Latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria

Don’t we love Ghana weaving…

Different braids - weavon styles

I love this zigzag patterned Ghana weaving…lit.

Nigerian Virgin Hairstyles

Natural hair has butted relaxed hair to some distance, it would seem like Nigerians are not negotiating their rich black heritage.

This part is just a sneak peak of our post on beautiful virgin hairstyles in Nigeria, there you’ll learn more about the origin of natural hair and more picture ideas

Nigerian virgin hairstyles

And boy, don’t we love it? Nigerian virgin hairstyles are beautiful as you can see.

Nigerian virgin hair

While it takes care and patience to maintain hair of this nature with its different types of 4B, 4C, etc; the look at the end of the hair is a sight to behold.

Virgin hairstyle in Nigeria

Who called the natural kinky hair, ‘nappy’?…you wanna know, right? A story for another day, don’t worry.

You could style it up like in twists…whoa! I know right.

black women virgin hairstyle

Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery

Latest hairstyles in Nigeria are not exclusive to hairdos only but also include haircuts. Let us talk more hair.


short curly hair for ladies

I’m sure you remember ISILOMO, one of the Big Brother Naija housemates, she rocks this kind of haircut and she looks good.

You can check our post dedicated to latest Nigerian braiding hair styles.

Latest hairstyles in Nigeria - short haircut for ladies
hairstyles for short hair

Latest Hairstyles In Nigeria (Summary)

They say the hair is a woman’s glory but did you know that you can dress up all fancy in any of the Top native styles and still look appalling with a messed up exposed head?

The brain is located in the skull, the skin covers it and the hair is the beauty of the head for the woman, wearing the wrong hairdo or haircut gives a wrong look.

Still, wearing the latest hairstyles in Nigeria does not guarantee you all the knowledge, wealth, success, accomplishments in the world.

So as you look good on the outside, work on the inside too.

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