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55 Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles In Nigeria 2022

Ghana weaving hairstyles are becoming increasingly fashionable in Nigeria.

Where have all the lovely ladies and mummies gone? To be honest, your appearance says a lot about you, and your hairstyle might be just what you need to increase your confidence.

When it comes to fashion and style, your hair does not make you a beautiful lady; but, a good hairdo does.

The truth is that no matter how nicely you dress, if you don’t pay attention to your haircut, you’ll end up looking like a masquerade.

Overall, there are several Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria that are appropriate for your appearance and preferences. Ghanaian weaving is a unique take on the current braid craze.

If you missed my last post on 45 new pictures of Nigerian braids hairstyles, here’s another chance to get inspired by ghana weave styles pictures.

In Nigeria, there are hundreds of unique Ghana weaving hairstyles to appreciate every day. Some hairstyles are better for women with round faces, while others are better for women with oval faces.

We’ll look at the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria that suit your style in this article, and I’ve got 50 weave options!

What Is Ghana Weaving?

As a reminder, Ghana weaving is an African hairstyle, and it has several names. Some call it Banana cornrow, others refer to it as Cherokee cornrow, Invisible cornrow, Ghana cornrow, and many more. Also, read about the most recent cornrow hairstyles for ladies.

Well, whatever name you choose to call it, one unique thing about it is that it looks beautiful on everyone and matches perfectly with all outfit (especially the native attire styles).

All the same, it is a perfect hairstyle for workday in the office, and it can also work well as a party hair style.

Ghana weaving twists can be a great way to protect your hair and give it too much sauce. Yea too much sauce, simply because it will add flavor to your overall appearance.

Believe me, Ghana weaving is no doubt one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigeria. It will make you look stunning and outstanding.

Now, sit, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the list of 50 Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria.

Ghana Weaving Hairstyles In Nigeria for Every Face Shape

We have taken all face shapes into consideration:

  1. For round faces, you can go for a simple all back
  2. For square faces, you can choose a curved pattern of Ghana Braids
  3. Triangular faces can try the horizontal Cherokee Braids.
  4. Oblong faces can go for a low up do of these Ghana braids
  5. For the heart-shaped faces, you don’t have any problem, any of the styles of Ghana Braids will suit you.

Types of Ghana Weaving Styling With Pictures

In order to present you with the latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria, we’ve simply presented each under each ghana weave types.

Here are some Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria that go with a round shaped face

Zigzag braids

zig zag gahana weaving hairstyle in Africa

If you got your braids in a ‘straight-back’ style, you can have plenty of fun with it. This Ghana braids style shows that simple can be very classy.

You can also add some wooden beads to make it look better.

Bulky Braids & Low Bun

Latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria - Bulky Braids

Another beautiful way to style your Ghana weaving is in a bun. You can wear a bun like this, on relaxed days or for special occasions.

Spiral Braids

Spiral braids is one of those cute hairstyles for ladies or women, that you can wear every day and easily dress up as needed.   

3D Ghana Braids

3D ghana braids for Nigerians

The 3D Ghana braids is also one of the simple and universal Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria, and it looks nice if you have a round face shape.

This hairstyle will makes you look elegant and feminine.

Blonde Braids

Blond braids ghana weaving hairstyles

Blonde braids is one of the most simplistic Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria. You can also add to its flavor by experimenting with different color.     

Cornrow Braids In A Bun

cornrow braids ghana weaving hair styles

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Cornrow braids in a high bun that will make you look modest. Such hairstyle will makes you look like a queen.

If you want a look that will last longer and is a lot easier to maintain, a cornrow braid in a bun hairstyle will not disappoint.

Elevated Braiding

Elevated braiding - ghana weaves

Elevated braiding have become quite popular lately. This style is elegant and fabulous for special occasions, every day, or as a protective style.

Ghana Braids with a Twist

Ghana braids with twist

This is a very nice and elegant look that you can wear on special occasions. This is a simple and basic cornrow style.

Micro-Ghana Braiding

Micro-Ghana Braiding

Micro Ghana braids is truly an attention grabber in terms of creativity and modesty.

Dual Effect

Dual effect ghana braiding

Dual effect is such a cute and stylish hairstyle. The easiest way to achieve the look will be adding different color cornrows braiding hair. You can add one color or a few, the more colors, the more playful the look!

Artistic Ghana Braids

Latest ghana weaving hairstyles - Artistic Ghana Braids

Artistic Ghana braids! well, I don’t have anything more to say. The picture and hairstyle says it all.

Big Ghana Cornrows

Big Ghana Cornrows latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria

Big Ghana corncrowns are top choices for any season of the year by every African woman.

Bulky Braids and Low Bun

Bulky Braids and Low Bun

A very comfortable thing in this style of Ghana braids, is that you will not spend too much time to make it.

Dual effect Ghana Braids

Dual effect Ghana braids

If you consider Ghana braids as old fashioned, then this style of braids is for you.

Side Braids

Side braids latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria

This braids is one of the simple and playful, Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria. They can be made with extensions or without extensions.

The simple ‘side braids” is a hairstyle that suits all faces and is convenient for keeping your hair away from your face.

Ombre Bun

Ombre buns weaving hairstyles Nigeria

If you like experiments and unusual looks, then this one will be perfect for you. It looks amazing, isn’t it?

Center Point Feed-in Braided Bun

Center Point Feed-in Braided Bun

As you can see, creativity is a pattern when it comes to this braiding style. One unique way to weave yours is to have a center in braids.

Grouped Braids Hairstyle

Grouped Braids Hairstyle

Plan on getting multiple braids? Then think about exploring unique designs. An example is this hairstyle with braids connected in groups.

More on Latest Ghana Weaving hairstyles in Nigeria 2019

Here are more beautiful Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria, that you will be inspired by and would be absolutely perfect for those women who have oval face shape.

High Braided Ponytail

Latest Ghana weaves hair styles in Nigeria

Ponytail are really attractive and bright as they are, but without catchy details, they can look a bit dull.

The braided ponytail would be the best alternative. Although ponytails are basic, they’re well-liked among many ladies

Make sure you show your stylist one of these pictures of latGhana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria to receive a unique hairdo.

Read more about the latest ponytail hairstyles for ladies

Thick twisted braids

Thick twisted braids

Thick twisted braids is one of the hairstyle perfect for ladies with any face type, just put on a modest make up then you are good to go

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese braids are your main alternative, if you’re going out and want to make an impression on everybody.     

Chunky Braids

chuncky weaves

This is another Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria that might be completely perfect for these ladies with oval face.

Chunky braids will make you look distinctive and excellent. You can select from the number of colors, or simply go away them black or brown.

By the best way, in the event you mix chunky braids with good make-up and eye-catching equipment, you’ll completely seem like a queen.

Cornrow Mohawk

Cornrow Mohawk

It will probably be fairly troublesome to create, so you’ll most likely want some assist from a skilled hairdresser.

Not everybody can rock a Mohawk like a famous person, however you should have a likelihood to. With this fashionable hairstyle, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Marley Braids

Marley Braided ghana weaving style

Marley braids are fairly well-liked among many Nigerian ladies these days. If you may have quick or skinny hair, you will have to make use of the extensions.

Jumbo Ghana Braids

Jumbo Ghana Braids

Women who want something a bit less common, can choose to make the cornrows the focus of style in their looks.

The hairstyle has a mix of the jumbo and mini version of the cornrows. I’d say I always admire this hairstyle when rocked on beautiful bridesmaid dresses every Saturday.

Low Bun Ghana Braids Styles

low bun long ghana weaving braid

There are so many methods of styling these braids that suits your personality. Among the braided hairstyles, low bun Ghana braids are considered very unique.

Hey, queen,” and, “Hey, sister Relax I’ve got so many hairstyles for you..

There are lots of different Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria, and every lady can choose the hairstyle that suits her personality.

Here are big and beautiful Nigerian hair weaving styles that you will definitely be inspired by!

Two Ghana Braid Styles

Types of ghana weaving hair styles in Nigeria

We know you love this hairstyle as much as we do because it’s simple yet awesome. Finish the look with soft makeup. Now you have learned the way to do Cherokee braids, you can look at some examples.

Ponytail With Thin and Thick Cornrows

Latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria - ponytail

Ponytail with thin and thick cornrows are popular style this year.

Fish Bone Pattern Ghana Braids

latest ghana weaving hair styles in Nigeria - Fish Bone

If you wish to try different hairstyles, you can also include the fish bone in the pattern of the Ghana braids.

Center Parted Long Plaits

Center Parted Long Plaits

If you definitely don’t want to go unmissed in the midst of crowd most especially when you are short (lol) just kidding go for this style

Whirlpool Braids

This style is recommended for women who would want to wear a playful hair. It’s not for everybody but mostly for stylish ladies.

Side-swept Braided Style

This style can fit any occasion, be it a casual outing or a red carpet event.

One Side Braided Hairstyle

Unlike the typical Ghana braid, this style is unique. It is best made with different colors and is famed for its unique shape and form.   

Curvy Braids and Long Tail

This style keeps the hair secured for a long time. . It is a great hairstyle for any occasion.

Angled Cornrow With Braid

Angle cornrow with braid can never stand aside of the trend ghana weaving hair style picture

Twisted Mohawk

Twisted Mohawk

The Mohawk braids are usually very nice for evening events. It takes a lot of courage to try this hair as well.

This is a classic cornrow style that has been around for decades, and people are still loving it. The gradually thickening cornrows add more dimension to your look, and they can be conveniently tied up in a low ponytail

Multicolored Extension Braids

Multicolored Extension Braids ghana hair weave style

As the name implies, it matches any color of body wear

Jumbo Cornrows

Jumbo Cornrows

A cornrow you can wear for a year, the Jumbo cornrow is effortless to maintain. Aside from that, you can style it in various ways like half-up, half-down fashion or a top knot.

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Ghana Ponytail

Ghana Ponytail

This style is very common among women simply because it’s very easy to make and most times, it doesn’t take hours to come up with it.

If you really love this hairstyle, you’ll have to try the Ghana ponytail. One of the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria trends is leaving two braids on the front

Banana Row Ghana Braids

Banana Row Ghana Braids

This style is also common. It, however, looks good on most people. It is simply classic and superb.

Middle Parted Pigtail Bun

Middle Parted Pigtail Bun

We’ve seen a lot of parted hairstyles but the middle parted pigtail bun is different. It runs down from the middle of the head.

Ghana Swirls With Elegant Side Bun

Ghana Swirls

This style is mostly worn by older women and often seen in wedding ceremonies. Ghana swirls offer the perfect mix of ease and trend. Why not give it a try?

Shuku Hairstyles

Shuku Hairstyles weaves

Shuku is also one of the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria,  that can be called the trend of this season.

A long time ago, this shuku African hairstyles were meant to be very traditional and classic. Nowadays, everyone woman can enjoy this hairstyle. So hurry up and get yours done

Asymmetrical Pigtail

Asymmetrical Pigtail

They beautifully frame your face and are perfect for round faces, if you want to make them look more oval.

Mixed Ghana Braids

long ghanian weaving

This type of braid is more suited to African hair, because they allow easy maintenance hairstyle, you can leave it for several weeks provided good care of her hair.

Ghana Cornrow Braids

Ghana Cornrow Braids

Woven up do

Woven up do

Stylish Ghana braids

beautiful lady with ghana weave

High bun Ghana braids

heavy ghana weaves

50.Cherokee Cornrows

cheroke cornrows latest ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria

Ghana Weaving Styles Vs Nigerian Braids Hairstyles Gallery

Let’s hear it.

Another quite common hairstyle, in case you are a bit skeptical on the ones to go for is Nigerian braids.

Braids and Ghana weaving are both popular hairstyles. It is true that the two hairstyles are similar in their structure but there are some differences.

Ghana braids are cute, convenient, and a great protective hairstyle.  When combined, these two can create breathtaking outlook.

From simple top braids buns to more stylish half–up braids buns and double braids buns, there are many  other hairdos.

Certainly, there is always a type of Nigerian braids hairstyle suitable for any occasion and season, that’s why we created a post on latest Nigerian braids hairstyles for ladies.

Interesting Facts About Nigerian Braids

Nigerian braids can last between six and eight weeks, so when yours starts to get a little rough, here’s an easy trick to making your braids look new:

Just get the first two rows of your hair re-braided to make them look new since those braids are more visible than the others, but it’s up to you to decide how many braids you’d like to redo.

You can go for simple Nigerian braids hairstyles to more detailed braided hairstyles depending on the occasion.

nigerian braids

braided hairstyles

(Summary) Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles In Nigeria

That’s the checklist on latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria for every face type whether it is round or oval.

We actually hope that you just loved seeing all these choices, and are contemplating attempting at least one or two.

Now that you have an idea of styles that best fit you, pick your favorite, book a stylist, and SLAY! Don’t forget to like, share and make use of the comment section so as to let us know your favorite.

Adeola Oluwatayo
Adeola is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. She's a graduate of the Prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University OAU. She loves finding information and sharing her knowledge with others.

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