LATEST Nigerian Native Attire Styles For Ladies & Men

Top Nigerian native attire styles for ladies and men native wears pictures
Nigerian native attire styles native wears pictures and traditional fashion

Yay! We bring to you the latest Nigerian native attire styles for Ladies and Men!

How the first Sundays of the year or month ushers into the church, choristers and other church members in their different Nigerian native attire wears.

Oh! The Fridays, they showcase Muslim brothers and sisters in their native wears en route to Jumat.

Don’t worry, I’ll share with you the latest native style trends for guys and ladies in a moment.

I am African, I am Nigerian, I am every tribe in one, and when you talk about traditional native wears for men and attire styles for ladies I know it all.

Talk about Men’s Native With Detailed Embroidery Finish, strip wears, agbada styles, ladies native gown styles, Ankara and fashionable aso ebi wears, I’ve got all for you.

Fashion in Nigeria has evolved as the creativity of leading fashion designers in the country is shooting the fashion industry in into the skies, hence giving us more attention globally.

Nigerian native attire styles and native wears pictures
Image credit: Wedding digest

The Nigerian native attire styles embody different Nigerian cultures and not just a particular one. Yes, my previous post on fashion and style trends of all time explains more with pictures.

Although the Yoruba native attire styles have improved tremendously over the years that we really cannot tell which culture the “iro” and “buba” is peculiar to, especially “gele”.

Nigerian native outfit for ladies
Image credit:

Nigerian native attire styles is about clothing and styles that belong naturally to our country, region, ethnicity, culture, etc. Learn more about fashion as it cuts across all ethnic groups.

They not only talk about these things, but they also represent who we are, where we come from, what we stand for, our principles, the respect we show our culture and ancestors.

They stand for the pride we have in our heritage.

traditional native wears in Nigeria
Image credit: Wedding digest

So, it is no wonder we place so much importance and respect on our Nigerian native attire styles.

Irrespective of your status quo, you represent on your traditional wedding day in your Nigerian native attire style, isn’t it?

Why else should there be a wedding introduction where people slay in their various ofi, gele, and native outfits when the white wedding is about to take place?

According to Nigerian culture, the groom and the bride-to-be display a sense of cultural heritage in their fashionable wears.

Latest Native Styles for Men

Park, pull over…reverse, pull over…yoruba demons, Igbo demons, Hausa demons…na Nigerians dey call una demons.

Dear Nigerian men, you are not left out oooo but you gats understand na…you know feferity is the blood of the ladies… (smiling).

I’ve got trending Nigerian native styles for men. One key factor you’d want to pay attention to if you want to look good in your native wears is to have a creative fashion designer.

You can learn more about the top 16 Nigerian Instagram fashion designers and if you’ve got the money, these reputable super talented designers will give you top-notch trendy designs.

Still, if you prefer to go with your tailor, you should have detailed knowledge about his/her previous work.

The point is, no matter how good the fabric is or the style you are trying to sew, if it is not tailored well, it will never be appreciated.

Agbada Styles For Male

Looking at the modern Aso Ebi styles for guys, we will definitely notice that Nigerian men couldn’t help becoming part of this fashion craze.

The days of men’s native attire styles in Nigeria been just trouser and top are gone. Yes, they are.

We have seen the men fashion in different forms from the senator styles, to the agbada styles, with different cuts and patterns, etc.

The men of style demonstrate that Aso-ebi styles are not only for girls! At the moment guys are working to freshen up their trendy Aso-ebi styles to look their best and most fashionable!

There are trendy agbada styles you might want to try out. Here are just a few below:

exceptional agbada guinea outfit in vougue

Latest agbada native styles for guys

nigerian native agbada wears for men

Agbada styles for males

white agbada native design

agbada embroidery design

native attire agbada for men

agbada for ladies

naitve outfit for kids


Senator Style Pictures

The senator style, one of the Nigerian native attire styles, is not planning to go anywhere soon.

This style is not peculiar to south easterners and Niger Delta people alone but other tribes as well. Irrespective of your height or size or shape, it will fit you.

Trust me, this one is in trend. As in, forrrrrrget. Although the senator style has gained much recognition in all parts of Nigeria, the native outfit originated from the South Eastern and Niger Delta regions of Nigeria.

What makes it unique is that despite being a native style, it is usually made with fabric materials meant for formal styles such as suits and jackets.

Newest senator wears for men

latest native styles for guys - atiku

Atiku nigerian native wear pictures


Traditional male dresses - senator wears

senator native attire for men


When it comes to Nigerian men’s traditional fashion styles, Dashiki pops up! Although reported to have originated from Harlem.

Dashiki, a modern name coined by Jason Benning in the year 1967, is said to be derived from the Yoruba word “danshiki” or Hausa word “dan ciki”.

nigerian men's traditional fashion styles dashiki

Its symbol of affirmation which stood for “black is beautiful”, “proudly black”, “I am black”, etc has seen dashiki worn all over the globe.

dashiki native wear for guys

This shirt that did not originate in Nigeria has also become one of our Nigerian native attire styles.

nigerian men's traditional fashion styles dashiki with trouser

Worn with trousers and a cap if you like, this Nigerian version of the dashiki looks dapper on anybody.

dashiki outfit

We all appreciate a well-dressed fashion-conscious person. I mean tell me who is that lady that wants to walk beside a man that is not representing? Will you walk with yourself that is not representing?

Nigerian fashion is not just about combining clothes or whatever, gone were the days of the youths not regarding their Nigerian native attire styles as they do now, it is also about inculcating our culture and heritage into our dressing style.

It was once upon a not very long time ago when we would pick the western style any day anytime over the Nigerian native wears, but alas in as much as we love fashion we are so proud of whom we are and what we wear.

Nigerian Native Attire Styles For Ladies

Fashion in Nigerian traditional styles has evolved. Innovative ideas have seen the Nigerian native wears in different beautiful Nigerian native attire styles without these wears losing what they represent.

While the Yorubas wear “iro”, “buba” and “gele” and the Igbos tie “wrapper” and wear bigger beads for adornment and the Hausas put on the “mini blouse” and “wrapper” with calabash, time changed and so did our Nigerian native attire styles.

We can see an upgrade in these native styles from the gowns to the skirt and blouse instead of the iro and buba.

Still, we have the upgraded undiluted version of the iro and buba. The Hausas’ mini top and wrapper seen as crop top and long skirts, the Igbos’ wrappers as tube gowns or off-shoulder gowns, etc.

Nigerian Native attire styles
Image credit: @realmercyaigbe
Asoebi Nigerian native styles
Image credit: @asoebiafrican
tradional gown attire native style Nigerian female native styles
Image credit: @kujussignature
Nigerian natives attire styles latest gown
Image credit: @boomsstitches
straight nigerian gown native style
Image credit: @rhemiiie

Oh, I didn’t tell you? The native gown has made its way into bridesmaid dresses at weddings, you won’t believe the creativity to bad! Check out over 50 Ankara bridal train dress styles for more ideas.

Off Shoulder Native Wears

Every woman wants to look unique, attractive and feminine, and a beautiful dress is one of the items that can help them achieve this.

A lot of female fashionistas always are always on the look for what’s trending each year.

For example, in the 2017-2018 season, the leading designers inspired to bring back the retro styles of the fifties.

They designed a lot of dresses with open shoulders and made them come back in style. A lot of trendy styles were also made using Ankara. Yes, Ankara’s are a huge part of Nigerian native attire styles.

Off-shoulder Ankara gowns styles are of different types; they can be made with thin straps, made to be tied at the back or completely without them.

Such dresses can also have a corset. The necklines could be semicircular, V-shaped or in the form of a heart.

If you choose to go without using gele, you leave your hair open and rock any of these beautiful hairstyles for ladies, and rock your native attire.

beautiful off shoulder native wear

nigerian female off gown native styles
Image credit: @sheyeoladejo
Nigerian native attire style - off shoulder gowns
Image credit: @mzfayokemi

A long native dress is a superb choice for evening attires. A style with open shoulders brings more royalty and femininity to your look.

Nigerian Native Attire styles - off shoulder latest styles for native gown
Image credit: @adeyeencah
native wears for ladies
Image credit: @mocheddah

beautiful ankara dress

No matter the patterns on the fabric, it’s still all about your taste. You may like bright outfits; go for Ankara fabrics that have large multicolored geometric pattern.

If you prefer to create a delicate and refined image, choose a fabric with small, floral ornaments. Got that? Let’s look at more native wears for ladies.

Also Read: Latest Nigerian virgin weave hairstyles

Fashion has been dancing sekem and shaku shaku long before it was introduced officially. Nothing goes away completely in fashion; it might abandon this today but trust me when I say it will pick it up tomorrow.

Lace Skirt and Blouse Styles

The Nigerian native attire styles also include the lace skirt and blouse. 

From my point of view, I would say skirt is the “iro” especially for we that do not know how to tie “wrapper” and my my, would we not look ridiculous wearing the original “buba” on these skirts? Hence, the emergence of blouses to be worn on skirts.

One thing is when some people slay in their native dresses, you’ll be like wow, who crafted this design? Which fashion designer put this together.

Yes, Nigerian fashion designers are creative, and sooner or later many will gain entry into the global market and join the list of top clothing lines and designers.


Lace is a very gentle fabric made of yarn or thread. It is put together in the form of an open web. The pattern can be made by machine or by hand.

Ladies lace attire styles

Native wears for ladies lace skirts and blouse styles
Image credit: Naij

Usually, lace made by hand is considered to be more expensive and more beautiful. But these days, a lot of people prefer machine-made lace due to its durability.

Native wears for ladies lace skirts and blouse style

Lace blouses can come in different styles and have several patterns. It can have short or long sleeves or may even come sleeveless.

Nigerian native attire styles for female native styles 2017

If you are looking for a bright top part of your outfit, make sure to match it with more light and calm color combination on the bottom.

Aso Ebi Lace and Blouse For Parties

These days a lace blouse and skirts are very popular. It is not just celebrities that wear them for special occasions and premieres, but all women across Africa.

Nigerian native attire styles aso ebi wears
Image credit:
Native attire styles in Nigeria
Image credit: Pinterest
Aso ebi Lace skirt and blouse Nigerian native attire styles2018
Image credit: @habykecouture

Pictures of Nigerian native wears

Aso ebi Nigerian native attires

ladies native lace styles for parties

Many people love to choose a lace blouse and skirt to wear for wedding parties, concerts or even for a date and I’m sure you must have been noticing that.

Last Notes on Nigerian Native Attire Styles

There you have my list of Nigerian native attire styles for men and ladies.

So if you read through this article and said whoa! Are you for real? Sweetness, you need to go get at least one native attire…just kidding jare.

Let us get real, even our presidents and first ladies wear our Nigerian native attire styles any other day so let’s be real and embrace our styles.

If you find this piece helpful, please give it a like and share. Also, don’t forget to give your comments. I’d love to know what you think!


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