41 Latest Pre Wedding Pictures & Photo-shoot In Nigeria

Oasdom Pre wedding Pictures and Pre wedding photoshoot poses
Oasdom Pre wedding Pictures and Pre wedding photoshoot poses

“Have you ever been in love?…” so Celine Dion asked. If yes, then I’m trusting you will understand in a familiar way when we talk pre wedding pictures.

Oh! I’m not exempting the ice queens and the beasts from this pre wedding photoshoot of a thing… Yes! I hear wedding bells ringing.

happy couples pre wedding photos
Image source: BellaNaija.com

Remember those times when parents went out all dressed and came back, on Owambe Saturdays, with cap or gele in one hand and souvenirs in the other hand?


“Mummy Daddy, welcome” was the first thing to say right? While eyeing the bag of souvenirs; the person with the “jotter” is the one with the most prized possession.

wedding souvenir with pre-wedding shoot
Weddng souvenir Image source: Google.com

We saw the jotter that had the couples pre wedding pictures with normal eyes aspa say flirting was the order of the day.

The thought of the future of an opposite-sex relationship was not given much thought because that was not what your parents expected you to know or concentrate on.

Still, our parents will look at these pre wedding pictures with better understanding…well, those days are gone.

I see myself looking at pre wedding pictures on a wedding party souvenir or banner with better understanding as compared to before…yes o, am becoming old…lol.

creative prewedding photoshoot ideas
Image source: Google.com

I don’t bother about not being at the wedding since pre wedding pictures were taken, and I know those wedding parties happened strictly for the couples.

Also, I’ve not missed everything entirely because the love birds let the photographer capture the intense love they were feeling in the pre wedding photo shoot.

The pre wedding photos we see at the public wedding parties was made possible because the couples added it to their wedding plans.

Pre marriage pictures styles for ladies
Image source: Adelove.com

It is quite true that whatever you want to do including pre marriage photo shoot, “idea is needed” and that’s why many have adopted our Nigerian native styles for their shots.

But how well the idea is carried out, thought or imagined is based on the understanding of what one is about to do…

pre wedding pictures ideas
Image source: Google.com

Latest Pre Wedding Pictures Ideas In Nigeria

You are still with me because you need ideas for those pre-wedding pics, although some of us are very familiar with pre wedding pictures; lemme still gist you my version.

Nigerian pre wedding shoots

I’m sure you’ll not only find this post about pre-wedding photos engaging and informative, but our latest article on 51 bridesmaid dresses and styles will also inspire you to create more ideas.

What Are Nigerian Pre Wedding Photos?

You would not want to be so hasty to score me that ugly round shape over ten when I say pictures taken by dating couples before their wedding can be called pre-wedding pictures; including the corner selfies and itagbangba ones.

As the name implies, pre-wedding pictures are pictures (the selfie you took a few minutes ago also qualify for picture) that are taken before the wedding day.

Prewedding pictures are also called pre-wedding photos or pre-wedding pics.

bride and groom to be photo shot
Image credit: Bunmi Adedipe Photography

What is Pre Wedding Photo Shoot?

Pre-wedding photoshoot or pre-marriage photoshoot is a session that is attended by the photographer and the about-to-be-newly-weds.

It is a session where the photographer captures every of the chemistry, love, emotions that is felt by the about-to-be-newlyweds on an osha-proper camera…I lie?

You wouldn’t want to collect a bad or poorly shot pre-wedding photos and put in your wedding photo albums to show your children, would you?

army pre-wedding pics army style
Image source: Google.com

There is no denying the fact that no matter how numerous pre-wedding picture ideas are, the couple, especially the female get so anxious about which of the ideas to use…hello! Can we talk?

Si? Yay! Let us talk pre wedding pictures ideas.

nigerian pre wedding pictures ideas
Image source: lists.ng

As y’all “more romantically inclined” baes know; the guys are down with what we pick except they want to add a little something.

pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

When Is Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Done?

Did you know there is actually a specific time to take pre-wedding pictures?

Yes yes yes…as long as it is before the wedding day, it is still pre-wedding pictures but according to etiquettes bosses: “pre-wedding pictures are taken 3 months before the wedding day”.

Omo! If a wedding date has not been picked or fixed, do not bother. I repeat, do not take those pre-wedding pictures in faith.

wedding photo albums
Image credit: @prewedding_gallery Yes o, confirmation on point. #WeDieHere
photo shoot she said yes
Image credit: Phb Photography

5 Hot Ankara Pre Wedding Pictures

I saw a post that rated the Asians as the flamboyant ones that go all out when it comes to pre-wedding photography.

Hmm…I know my people when it comes to feferity; you won’t get to number 10 without mentioning Nigeria.

We have our signature with classy styles and fashion, and you would be amazed at how beautiful these pre wedding picture ideas in Nigeria are.

Ankara pre wedding pictures
Image Credit: Tega Media
pre marriage photo shoot
Image credit: Jide Oketonode photography

Photo shoot ideas for pre wedding events

pre wedding shot

Love this concept, the blend of the horse, talking drum, bridge, and the Ankara, of course, including the love birds. I think the lady is rocking one of the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles, don’t you think?

traditional native style prewedding picture

You do know we can feature any ankara attire styles in any way we want right? No one goes wrongdoing a version of semi-ankara.

short ankara wear for prewedding shoot

pre wedding pictures Nigeria
Image credit: RareMagic

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Pre Wedding Pictures Bella Naija Things

When it comes to weddings amongst some other things, I dey doff hat for bellanaija. Don’t try denying you are not anticipating pre wedding pictures from there too.

bella Naija pre wedding photos
Oya! Come join us celebrate oo. Image Source: Bellanaija.com


I’d have said get a room, but oops! They seem to be in a room already.

Hot Pre Wedding Pictures Poses

Only God knows who invented the concept of pre wedding pictures.

The history of wedding photography talks of how Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were the first to have a wedding picture 14 years after the birth of photography.

Isn’t that interesting? I’ve got hot pre wedding poses you can also rock and you can slay with any of these latest hairstyles in Nigeria.

Ankara pre wedding photoshoot

Later on, towards the ending of the 19th century, the number of people doing pre-wedding pictures and post-wedding pictures were increasing.

From the evangelistic missionary poses to the wakandized shaku shaku poses and others, pre wedding poses are evolving and not going into extinction any time soon.

Latest pre wedding pictures ankara styles

Pre Wedding Pictures Without Breaking Tradition

They say “it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before she walks down the aisle”.

Possibly, Nigerians believe this too because I tell you, my people, I no see picture where groom go dey on one side of the wall and bride go dey on the other then cameraman go come snap them…

pre wedding photos without breaking tradition

…but oyinbo people dey do am wella, abi na me no find out wella?

Pre wedding pictures without breaking tradition are taken on the wedding day but without the groom seeing the bride in her wedding gown before he is supposed to.

All the same, apologies peeps, let me show you these pre-wedding shots without breaking tradition.

white wedding shoot

Don’t you think these poses are inspiring? Here’s how to pose at a photoshoot in this post.

More Prewedding Photos Ideas That Rocks Till Today

Pictures have connection with memories, they are associated with nostalgia.

You look at a picture and it all comes rushing back, it is actually a nice decision to have pre wedding pictures taken.

As pre wedding photographers are getting ready to take those super shots, makeup artists who might have attended any of these Nigerian makeup schools, are doing their job in one corner.

Now, it’s time for the poses!

pre wedding photos of nigeria

wedding photography
Image Credit: Kapture Photography

sport pre wedding pose

latest pre wedding photos

pre wedding pictures in Nigeria
Image credit: Klala photography

love forever

Funny pre wedding image
Image credit: Trans4maz Photography
Casual pre wedding outfit
Source: Google.com

Happy couple photo shoot

You can also visit any of these fashion blogs for more ideas or follow any of these Nigerian fashion designers on Instagram for more dress ideas.

Nigerian Photo-shoot and Pre Wedding Pictures (Summary)

It has been said that the main reason for pre wedding pictures is for the photographer to know the couple; to create a familiar atmosphere between the about-to-be-newly-weds and photographer.

Do you want your pre wedding photo shoot to feature pictures that are either cheerful and authentic or old fashion, fashionable or amusingly refined wild, or effortlessly beautiful or passionate intimacy? Or a combo of all?

Yes, I see that as being adventurous but at the same time, indecisive.

So here is the question: What kind of pre wedding photo do you wanna have in those wedding photos albums?

Let’s have your comment in the box provided below.



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