Top 11 Fashion Blogs In Nigeria For Latest Styles

9707 top 9 fashion blogs in Nigeria latest styles and trends top 9 fashion blogs in Nigeria latest styles and trends

Hmm, I’m back with another list of top fashion blogs in Nigeria, you ready?

What comes to mind when you hear the word fashion? So many people would say it is a form of dressing and other would say it is something more than just getting dressed.

Well I will tell you in this article what fashion means and give you my list of top 11 fashion blogs in Nigeria with latest fashion styles.

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Fashion means different things to different people; to some people it is a popular style in clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. Fashion is a distinctive and often common trend in style in which a person dresses.

Fashion Blogs In Nigeria

Fashion to other people is the prevailing style in vogue, some will say fashion is a unique identity to them, take Denrele Edun for example, he dresses the way he feels comfortable in his own skin and that’s fashion if I must say.

Fashion is a common word and it comes in phases based on the trends we follow, it can be outdated since each fashion trend may go away.

There were times we had boot cut trouser in vogue, it went away and pencil trouser was introduced. In the 90’s there was a way people dress but now we all know that has changed.

It can also be said that fashion is a glimpse or look into someone’s personality, in the sense that,  looking at a person, we can say this person is averagely fashion oriented or we could say damn…… this  is one fashionista of a person.

Nigerian Fashion Bloggers In Lagos for Latest Styles

For those who don’t know who a fashionista is…….he or she is a person that keeps up with whatever goes on in the fashion world.

Thanks to leading Nigerian fashion designers on Instagram for their unique creative abilities as they showcase latest styles and designs

Fashion can be full of surprises, for every occasion and season we have different fashion styles, ranking from the clothes we wear, to the shoes and even the accessories to be worn.

It is only normal that when I am going for owambe as we all call wedding parties these days, I should be dressed in any of the Nigerian native attire styles with my gele on fleek, coupled with some accessories.

I wouldn’t wear that for an interview, I’d rather go for a shirt and a lovely skirt or pant trouser.

Come to Lagos and you’ll see lots of super creative fashion designer making trendy fashion dresses for all occasions.

When it comes to fashion style, there is no limit to what can be done in the name of fashion, it could be serious, playful, blocking of colors, breaking rules and so much more.

List of Top 11 Naija Fashion Blog Sites

Now that we have an idea what fashion is, let’s get down to my list of Top 11 fashion blogs in Nigeria with the latest fashion styles.

  1. Bella Naija [Http://]

fashion sites - bella Naija

Bella Naija is number one on my list of top fashion blogs in Nigeria for latest fashion styles. Guess what? This blog made our list of top 21 popular and most visited blogs in Nigeria.

It was created by Uche Pedro in July 2006 and it is your go to blog when you want to know about anything fashion, especially wedding fashion styles.

Bella naija is an informative fashion site for trending fashion styles. They feature the most talk about wedding fashion trends on their blog, there is absolutely no one that does it better than them.

This website according to Alexa is ranked 175th position. You can follow them on Instagram with the handle @bellanaija or visit their website on

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2. Madivas Fashion Blog In Nigeria

fashion blogger - madivas mag

Coming up on my list of fashion blogs in Nigeria is Madivas, this fashion site has a large collection in their fashion picture gallery.

From asoebi styles to corporate wears, Friday night wears, bridesmaid dresses and even church wears. No stone is left unturned here.

This site also features articles on make-up, hair styling, skin care and also they give beauty tips for everyday life.

You can visit their website on or follow them on Instagram @madivasmag

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3. Natural Nigerian

Natural Nigerian fashion site in Nigeria

This fashion blog gives information about the hair styling part of fashion, especially natural hair and that’s why it’s making my list of fashion blogs in Nigeria.

These fashion bloggers shares with us how to take care of natural hair, and you all agree with me that natural hair has been trending for a while now and we know how difficult it is to take care of our natural hair.

Well say no more……you get all the tips you need to do that here as well as buy natural product to groom and treat your hair.

Visit, and you can as well follow them on @naturalnigerian on instagram.

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4. Jadore Fashion

fashion blog site in Naija - Jadorefashion

Jadore fashion is sitting gracefully as fourth on my list of top fashion blogs in Nigeria as Stella Uzo is the owner of this fashion site.

She shares her love for fashion by  showing us how she does it in her everyday life I.e how she combines her clothes with shoes, from work to event to street styles in a very fashionable way of course.

She is a ‘shoeholic’………Lol if there is anything like that in English language. Anyways, what I am trying to say is her love for shoes is out of this world.

She has too many if I must say, you will say the same when you follow her on IG @jadorefashion or visit her  fashion blog site on

5. Stylepantry

fashion style blogs in Nigeria

This is another fashion blogger on my list. Folake Kuye Huntoon is the creative director of style pantry. This fashion blog features fashion styles, look books, campaigns, street styles and other haute finds.

She posts her daily styles on her blog, she shares how to combine pieces and also where to get fashion wears at bargain and also where to get vintage treasures.

She is your go to fashion blog for mostly corporate fashion, casual fashion and street styles. Follow her on Instagram @stylepantry or visit their website on

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More Blogs of Fashion Designers In Nigeria

Let’s get on with the list.

6. Chicamastyle

latest fashion style blogger chicamastyle

Chicama style is the 8th on my list of top fashion blogs in Nigeria. This site is owned by Chichi who resides in Washington DC in the USA.

Her fashion blog comprises of styles she created herself to trending fashion styles, wedding styles, corporate styles to her obsession and cravings with everything fashion.

She also styles people, involve in fashion shopping and also does wardrobe maintenance as well. If you will like for her to render her services to you follow her on Instagram @chicamastyle or contact her via

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7. I Am Dodos – Dodos Uvieghara 

top blogs for fashion in Nigeria - Dodos Uvieghara

Akpevwe Uvieghara popularly known as dodos is the owner of this fashion blog. She is a fashion blogger and a make-up artist; she shares information on how to rock trending fashion styles for different occasion.

Her creativity with fashion is on another level, she gives beauty tips on her blog as well. Follow her on instagram @iamdodos or visit there website on

8. GaFashion

gafashion blog for latest fashion trends

This fashion blog is owned by Grace Alex who resides in Abuja, she started blogging in 2014 and has since then grown to be among top fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

This fashion blog comprises of all things fashion, Christianity fashion to street styles and look books. Follow her on @t2pitchy on Instagram or visit

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9. The Fashion Engineer

The fashion engineer is one of the fashion blogs in Nigeria that shifts our attention to another part of fashion entirely, I’m talking make up, skin care, beauty tips and other aspects of fashion.

So, if you want to know anything at all about all that I have listed above check them out, this fashion blogger went to the extent of uploading helpful video tutorials for people that visit their fashion blog.

You can follow them on @fashionengineer on twitter or visit their website

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10 One Nigerian Boy – Men’s Fashion Blog Nigeria

One nigerian boy - nigerian fashion blogger - fashion blogs in Nigeria

I also have here on my list of top Nigerian fashion bloggers  fashion styles – one Nigerian boy. This fashion blog encompasses everything fashion.

Ranging from men’s fashion trends to women’s fashion styles, Nigerian fashion styles to the African fashion styles and trends in general, you can always count on this fashion blogger to give you the latest trends in vogue.

One Nigerian boy was created by Terrence sambo a UK based Nigerian man. You can follow him on twitter @onenigerianboy or visit his fashion site at

11. African Cosmopolitan

African cosmopolitan is not left out on my list of top fashion bloggers in Nigeria. This is owned by Tosin Alabi – a Lagos based fashion designer.

Her fashion blog site teaches everything fashion, natural hair fashion, lifestyle fashion and Christianity fashion.

You should watch out for one of Nigeria’s richest kid celebrities – Ify Ufele, who has started her fashion blog. Maybe someday, she’ll join the list of top Nigerian fashion bloggers.

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs In Nigeria

The following are fashion and lifestyle blogs in Nigeria:


Fashion Blogs In Nigeria (Summary)

There you have it, my list of top fashion blogs in Nigeria for latest fashion styles. If you find this list to be helpful, don’t forget to like, share and give your comments.


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