[New!] Top 20 Funny Nigerian Comedians on Instagram

Oasdom top 20 funny nigerian comedians on instagram 2019
Oasdom top 20 funny nigerian comedians on instagram 2019

As e dey hot!! Oya com and see another challenge oo. Top 20 Nigerian comedians to follow on Instagram. Guess who top the chart!!!

Are you bored? Are you depressed? Need a laugh? Okay, when was the last time you had a good laugh?

Believe me, you can never be beautiful without smiling, even if you are naturally beautiful.

Think about this, why don’t you frown your face when taking pictures?

Definitely, you want to get a good picture, which will be the talk of your friends isn’t it?

Nigerian comedians-nigerian comedy-naija comedy

Don’t worry, I am ready to improve your smile. Oya!!! Close your eyes and tell yourself “I resolve to laugh more”.

Thankfully, we have many great entertainers in Nigeria comedy industry. They can make you laugh out loud and lift your mood. Kudos to them.

Just like we’ve written about the top richest nigerian actresses and 13 famous teenage nigerian celebrities of all time, we bring to you funny comedians to follow on instagram.

Real Names of Nigerian Comedians to Follow On Instagram

These people are gems and are really making waves in the industry. Here are top 20 Nigerian comedians on Instagram that will make you smile if you are having a bad day.

2Craze Clown (@crazeclown)

Oasdom craze clown nigerian comedians on instagram

Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke who is known as craze clown has over 2 million Instagram followers. 

Craze clown is one of the most famous and talented Nigerian comedians. The way he dresses like an old man in his agbada, has made him stand out among others.

He has signed deals with brands like naira bet, and has also won numerous award such as Naija FM comedy awards among others.

3Maraji (@maraji)

oasdom gloria maraji nigerian comedian

The second on my list of top Nigerian comedians, is no other person than Gloria Oloruntobi popularly known as Maraji.

Maraji has over 1 million followers through her skits on Instagram. This Edo state born lady is an epitome of beauty, creativity and originality.

She can mimic, gossip and changes her accents. She has featured in musical videos with stars in music industry like Falz, Yemi Alade and many more.

Maraji has also bagged endorsement deals with companies like Coca-Cola, indomie etc.

4Lasisi Elenu (@lasisielenu)

Laisi elenu funny nigerian comedian

Lasisi Elenu stands out as one of the talented Nigerian comedians, who always reaches his fans on Instagram.

He is well known for his funny ranting on Instagram. Lasisi get mouth, no wonder his mouth is wide like frying pan.

Oya hello everybody!!!! It’s Lasisi again “Something just happen right now”.

There was a time, he claimed to be 22 years old, and his fans disagreed with him…My people would you like to know his response?

My guy replied his fans by saying “Can’t someone just be young in peace? Fresh young blood flowing through my veins.

O Boy I dey tell you this guy is fucking funny. He has bagged in many endorsement deals, and he has over 889k Instagram followers.

5Josh 2 funny (@josh2funny)

Josh2 funny naija instagram comedian

Josh Alfred popularly known as Josh 2 funny is also among the best Nigerian comedians. Josh is really taking the leading role.

These group of comedian believe that dressing like a female will make them stand out, and truly this has been helping them.

Hmmm… absolutely miserable!!! This alone can makes you laugh out loud. He is just too funny and has 792k followers on Instagram. He has caused a lot of buzz on Instagram with his dressing.

6Woli Arole (@officialarole)

top funniest Nigerian comedians on instagram woli arole

Oluwatoyin Bayegun popularly known as Woli Arole has over 792k followers on Instagram.

He has been posting videos of himself preaching the gospel, and prophesizing in a comical ways like that of the prophet.

He is among the Nigerian comedy artist that has been performing in big shows in Nigeria and outside.

Woli Arole is also a standup comedian, and he has also featured in funny videos with many celebrities.

7Woli Agba (@woliagba-ayo ayewole)

Oasdom woli agba comedy skits on instagram

Ayo Ajewole is another funny comedian in Nigeria.  He is one of the popular group of Alfa Sule. Oya “that is to say won ti gan pa” I hope you can remember now. 

He is now on his own having over 726k followers on Instagram.

Apart from a comedian, he is also an actor, MC and director.  He always put on a long gown like a prophet reminding us the value of religion. Omo this guy is damn funny with the way he dances.

8Wofa ifada (@wofaifada)

wofafada 2

Wofai Ewa aka Wofa ifada is an actress, TV presenter, model and MC. This graduate of the university of Calabar started her skits in 2014 and ever since then, she has been really working hard even for celebrities.

Oh yes!!! She is a talented queen and her skit is unique, hilarious, and magnetic.

With her great talent, I can fully believe that talent is not gender based. She is currently having over 700k followers on Instagram.

9Mark angel comedy (@markangel)

uncle mark angel comedy

“This is not my real face oo”. Mark angel and Emmanuella are among the famous Nigerian comedians.

With hundreds of thousands of people searching emmanuela comedy on Google, it shows little Emmanuella is talented and really making sense.

Mark angel comedy having over 700k followers on Instagram doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Come to their facebook page and you will bow, with their over 5 million raving fans.

Their comedy have been making waves in and out of this great nation. Well…, Mark Angel influenced Emmanuella’s career and they gained popularity in the landlord skits.

My people, talent is not by age, because this young celeb has really won the heart of the nation.

10Frank Donga (@frankdonga)

Top nigerian comedians in entertainment indurstry

Frank Donga always crushes it on social media especially Instagram. Well, thank God Instagram introduced me to Frank Donga.

He has really been blowing well on Instagram as he has 657k followers. His creativity makes him to be among the hottest Nigerian comedians.

11Tywse  (@twyse-116)

twyse naija comedy

Ereme Abraham whose real name is known as Twyse, has gained popularity through his Instagram skits and now he has over 612k followers on Instagram.

This guy is unique because of his originality in his skits. He is a UK based comedian who started comedy out of frustration.

His performance has really helped him to work with artiste like Falz. His costume is one of the things that makes him look different.

Before I continue, guess what? (I kuku know that you are not talented in guessing)

Davido is about to leave Chioma for me oo.. Though wizkid also had crush on me.  No be say I dey form oo.

So, who should I go for?

Lobatan!!!! In case you don’t know Davido and wizkid are among the richest musicians in Nigeria …My life don upgrade be dat.

But wait o between Wizkid and Davido; who is the richest? Or do you think Davido doesn’t have 30 billion in his account?

Check and see why we think Davido doesn’t have 30 billion in his account.

MORE Funny Comedians in Nigeria to Follow on IG

12Broda Shaggi (@brodashaggi)

broda shaggi profile

This list of Nigerian comedians on instagram is not complete without mentioning broda shaggi. “Oya hit me broda shaggi has come again o”.

My finest bobo gained massive recognition after the release of “Jesus appeared in Mushin” comedy skit.

Have you watched the skit? Samuel Animashaun skit went viral on social media as at that time.

His acts is among one of the best among his counterpart. This handsome guy on Instagram, is followed by over 577k followers.

But how did he rise to fame? Here are 10 lessons we learned from broda Shaggi in this post.

13Emma Oh My God (@emmaohmygod)

Emma Oh Ma God Nigerian music comedian

Emmanuel Edunjobi known as Emma Oh My God is also one of the surest Nigerian comedians that has over 520k followers on Instagram.

He is well known for his video mixing of hip hop songs. Apart from being a comedian, he is an instrumentalist, TV presenter, actor, MC, and a singer. In fact, you can’t go wrong following him on Instagram.

14Kenny blaq (@kenny.blaq)

kenny blaq biography nigerian music comedian

O my God…. Kenny may you prosper, you are such a bundle of inspiration. I love this guy like kilode.

Otolorin Kehinde popularly known as Kenny blaq, has over 400k followers on Instagram. Kenny blaq is one of the Nigerian comedians, who is popular for using musician songs to make Naija comedy.

He started at first with Instagram skits and he has really gained fame and popularity through his creativity.

The comedian has performed in and out of the country. In 2015 and 2016 he won the best comedian of the year.

15Omo Ibadan (@iamlizzyjay)

lizzy jay omo ibadan female nigerian comedian on IG

Here comes my personal person, beauty with brain, she is a talented comedian. Lizzy Jay Adebola is the CEO of omo Ibadan cosin senta.

She has her own coaching center, where she confuses the students with her own personal pronunciation with Ibadan accents.

I have watched her skit over and over, and believe me it is still like the first time. Moreover, this beautiful comedian has over 385k followers on Instagram.

She has really gained popularity through her funny videos. Omo Ibadan has also been advertising for many brands. The long mouth is still there for her jare.

16Klintoncod (@klintocod)

Ekene Clinton popularly known as Klinton cod is also on my list of top 20 Nigerian comedians on Instagram.

Yea he is among the most creative comedian in Nigeria. This guy is dope and he has really gained fame through his skit on Instagram.

His act is quite impressive and challenging, and this has make him earned 384k followers on Instagram.

17MC lively (@mc-lively)

Michael Sani Amanesi has gained popularity through his skit, as he always put on a white shirt and tie like a lawyer. 

MC lively who always act as jobless lawyer became popular through his funny skits on Instagram.

He has over 292k followers on Instagram, and this has shown that he has more hits. In fact his facial expression alone is something else, he is certainly one of the top 20 Nigerian comedians

18Oluwakaponeski (@oluwakaponeski)

Here is Oluwatobi Onibatedo known as Oluwakaponeski. He is one of the top 20 Nigerian comedians to follow on Instagram.

Oluwakaponeski also has over 280k followers on Instagram. Believe me you can’t stop laughing after watching his skit. 

His first skit has really earned him fame and he has bagged deals with big brands.

19Ogbeni Adan(@ogbeni adan)

Agun oluwaseun popularly known as ogbeni Adan. He started acting as a little boy in church, and school and he later featured in some Nollywood movies.

Na wa oo.. Father and son always arguing.

He is among top Instagram Nigerian comedians, and he has over 244k followers on Instagram.

Don’t let the figure fool you, some time ago, his Instagram account was hacked and many (if not all of his skits) deleted.

Oh yes if you don’t know ogbeni Adan, you are not in Nigeria. He is of those talented comedians that give us hilarious videos on Instagram.

Almost everyone has his video on their phones and laptops.

20Chief Obi (@chief –obi)

Henry Obiefule popularly known as chief Obi, now has over 242k followers on Instagram.

This guy who always dresses as a typical Nigerian man must not be excluded from my list of top 20 Nigerian comedians.

He has featured in videos with artiste like Olamide, 2face and many others. This guy has really been doing well on Instagram.

21Akanm d boy (@iankanmi)

Another great Nigerian comedian having over 230k followers on Instagram is Ayokanmi Fakeye known as Akanm d boy.

This guy is damn funny, I swear you can’t go wrong following her on Instagram. His comedy skits has been really gaining waves in Nigeria.

There was a time this slogan “bad gang” went viral in 2016.

Top Nigerian comedians on Instagram (Summary)

If you have not been following these Nigerian comedians all this while, what are you doing on Instagram?

Posing your hot legs under sun huh? For your mind you are looking sexy…. You should go follow them now.

I believe you know that laughter is the best medicine.  We all need to smile.

Even if your account is dry, make sure you keep a smiling face, and you can also check out these top 10 lenders of emergency loan in Nigeria.

Now, are you ready for the Instagram game? How high is your morale?  Who is your best instagram Nigerian comedy artist? For me it’s Lasisi Elenu bi frying pan. 

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