Emergency Loan In Nigeria (24hrs Loans) – 10 Loan Lenders

emergency loan in Nigeria without collateral

Is there anything like emergency loan in Nigeria?

Emergency loan ke?

This could be your reaction when you’ve never heard of it, but when you are stranded or in a tight corner and need money, i mean fast cash urgently, you’ll grab any loan opportunity.

Well, there are circumstances that might make you apply for emergency loan in Nigeria.


Here you are, you have a job that doesn’t pay well and salary is late; you have family to cater for, house rent to pay, a car to repair.

Money will not come down from heaven when it is not manna, so you won’t sit and expect a miraculous miracle to happen, will you?

Many have visited all those money lenders that will molest and embarrass borrowers, and even lock them in a toilet because they haven’t paid back.

Why not go for easy emergency loan platforms in Nigeria with no collateral and smile?

emergency loan in Nigeria

The fact is with your smartphone, you can get 5 minutes loan in Nigeria. Life is hard but it is harder when you are not smart.

While many people want to stay away from debt, some use borrowed money to build wealth.

So don’t envy anybody this year because he/she is richer than you. Not everybody that is walking fast has an appointment; some have running stomach, so be wise.

The question now is; who can give out this emergency online loan in Nigeria as fast as in 5 minutes?

10 Companies That Give Emergency Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral

Sit back as you read through 10 companies give urgent loan in Nigeria with their emergency loan apps.

Also in this post, I’ll share with you how to get emergency cash loan in Nigeria without collateral.

Carbon Pay later 24hrs loan In Nigeria

Pay later - emergency loan in Nigeria today

Paylater Nigeria is a company that can help you out, when you are in urgent need of quick personal loan in Nigeria.

Believe me, you can apply for loan 24/7 and you get it within some minutes, with interest rate of 5 -30% depending on their credit rate.

No collateral, just a few click on your android phone, then you get what you want. You can visit their website, on www. pay later.ng.

For more information, you can contact the pay later agent, to help you out with any issues. Their office is located at 1224 Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

  • Download the app on play store
  • After installing the app, fill in your details and enter your debit card details (don’t worry, your details will not be shared by 3rd parties)
  • Click on apply for your loan
  • Once the loan is approved, you will get the money in your account in 10 minutes max

So, that’s how to use Paylater for fash cash loan in your account.

Fint Loan In Minutes In Nigeria

Fint emergency online loan in Nigeria

Here is another means of getting an emergency loan in Nigeria. Their loan tenure is within 2-12 months, with interest rate of 2% monthly.

For application, their requirements include valid bank details, bank statements and valid ID card and their repayment is through debit card or direct deposit.

Fint offers loan without collateral. So, I’d say if you’ve got a side hustle you want to finance, Fint is a business loan platform for you.


zedvance consumer and fast cash emergency loan in Nigeria

Zedvance is a fast cash consumer loan company. They can offers 24hours loan in nigeria with an interest rate of 4% and their repayment ranges between 1 month to a year.

Repayment can be done through direct debit or cheque. During the process of application, for the loan you must supply your valid bank details.

Zedvance can be your helper to finance unforeseen contingencies that may occur in your business as well. Just like other sites to get soft loans in Nigeria, they get you what you want.

Zedvance office is located at 177A Ligali, Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island Lagos.

Kwik Cash Money Lenders

kwikmoney - fast loan

Kwik cash is an emergency online loan in Nigeria, with interest rate of 10 – 20%, and their loan tenure is just for 14days.

Their requirement include 9mobile line and definitely your valid bank details.

All you need to do is to enter *561# on 9mobile line, and you apply for any amount you need and within some minutes you get the money disbursed into your account.

Also your repayment can be through USSD.

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More Emergency Online Loan In Nigeria

Here are more companies that give emergency online loans in Nigeria.

Quick check

quick check emergency loan

Another emergency loan lender in Nigeria that you can rely on, is Quick check.

All you need to do is to log in on their website, after which you will be able to ask for a loan.

Then, you will specify the amount you need and duration for repayment.

Within 24hours you will get the money straight into your account. Their interest rate is 1% per day, and their repayment is through debit card or direct deposit.

Before applying for their loan, you must have a source of income, and also you can use their app to purchase airtime.

So, if you’re looking for emergency loan for unemployed in Nigeria, this is not an option for you.

Quick check processes include:

  • Downloading the application from google play store and install
  • Registering with your email address, face book details and enter your password
  • Applying for the loan and submitting.

You can also use the app to purchase airtime.

Visit the official website of Quick check for detailed information. Quick check office address is located at 8A Ogunyemi Road, Victoria Island Lagos.

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C24 Loans

emergency fund

C24 is an emergency loan company in Nigeria that offers loans with a very low interest rate which is just 4%.

Assuming you need loan for the very first time, you can borrow up to #1 millon.

If you need a loan, all you need to do is to log in to www.C24.com.ng, then the calculator will calculate your repayment instantly. Then you confirm, fill the form presented and submit.

In case you have problem with your account, you will be allocated to their staff that will guide you till you complete the repayment. 

When applying, their requirement include valid bank details and supplying details like employment status, national identity, bank statement and other necessary information.

You can also visit their office address at 4 Adenubi Close off, Majekodunmi Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.

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Kia Kia Online loans in Nigeria

kiakia loans

“Kia kia” means “fast fast” in Yoruba language. From the name Kia kia emergency loan in Nigeria offers loans very fast with interest rate of 5.6% – 24% without collateral.

If you are applying for the first time, you have just 30 days to pay back.

Their requirements include valid ID card and valid bank details and repayment can be through direct deposit or direct card.

If you want to download kia kia emergency loan app in Nigeria.

Address: Dele Onabule Street, Magodo Brooks Estate, Lagos.

Branch Loans

Branch emergency loan in Nigeria for unemployed

This company can also help you out when you’re in urgent need of cash. To access loan form this company, you need to download the Branch app

Their requirements include a Facebook account, BVN, and valid bank details and their interest rate is 20%.

Branch repayment can be through mobile banking app, debit card,

Now, if you need a loan of #100,000 for a business, they add up this #100,000 with the interest. All you need to do, is to pay the money within a month which is 4 weeks.

Yes, repayment is every week. This company also focuses more on personal and small scale business loans.



Another emergency loan in Nigeria without collateral is Specta. It is also one of the best emergency cash loan in Nigeria today that can give you loan within few minutes.

Specta caters for your urgent loan in Nigeria and here is the processes involved when applying for a loan from them.

  • Log in to Specta website https://www.myspecta.com/
  • Read the loan types carefully and select the one you want
  • Click on start to continue your process
  • Fill the five steps form and apply for the loan.

If you are eligible for the loan, you will be credited in no time.

For more information you can contact their address at Plot 1, Suco Road, Oko Oba Agege, 120038, Lagos.

Credit Ville

emergency business loan in nigeria

Here is another private lending company, that offers emergency loan in Nigeria without collateral. Isn’t it amazing?

After collecting the loan, the repayment runs for up to a year. The repayment can be through Cheque or direct debit.

All you need to do, is to apply online www.creditville-ng.org or visit any of their offices.

Their head office is located at 180b Moshood Olugbani Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island Lagos.

Emergency loan in Nigeria (Summary)

Money makes the world go around. Lack of money, being broke, and constant worry over how you pay bills can make you undergo a lot of stress, so we all need money.

As you can see, some of these emergency loan lenders in Nigeria offers quick loans without collateral, but it is advisable for you to study the terms and conditions e.g. amount you want to borrow, time frame of the loan tenure before applying for a loan.

Once you meet up with the entire requirement, you would get the loan as soon as possible. In fact some give out loan within a period of 24 hours or even less than that.

That’s it for the top 10 lenders of emergency loan in Nigeria. Yes I mean quick cash loans.

Have you tried any of these out?  Did you find this post helpful? I’d love to have your comments in the section provided below.



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