Personal Loans In Nigeria? 10 Websites to Get It

Loan givers of personal loans in Nigeria

Personal loans in Nigeria is a sum of money that an individual borrows from a financial institution with the condition that it will be returned or repaid at a later date.

Personal loans can be used for anything apart from the reasons why it was collected unlike the house/car loans that must strictly be used for the purpose of which it was collected.

Where Can I get Personal Loans in Nigeria?

Personal loans can be gotten from commercial banks, microfinance banks, financial houses, private companies.

Getting personal loans in Nigeria through a commercial or microfinance bank might not be quite easy because they require collateral.

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It is only advisable to take personal loans with collateral from these financial institutions when you’re certain what you’ll use the loan for will be profitable.

Have you ever thought of other ways to get personal loans in Nigeria quicker and free from stress?

With your smart phone, you can get personal loans in Nigeria
in 5 to 10 minutes, without queuing up at the bank.

All you have to do is just to fill out some forms on your smart phone. This requires data connection though.

Personal loans in Nigeria without collateral

Why Personal Loans?

Why get personal loans in Nigeria online? You should get personal loans because it is faster, less stressful and time saving.

Personal loans are not bursaries that anyone will just want to get for no important reason.

Once in a while we all will need to borrow money online and some reasons why people take personal loans in Nigeria include; house renovation, starting a small business, to travel, etc.

Types of Personal Loans

There are 7 types of personal loans in Nigeria:

  • Unsecured Personal loan
  • Secured Personal loan
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Fixed-rate loans
  • Variable- rate loans
  • Personal line of credit
  • Co-sign loans

Top Companies That Give Urgent Online Personal Loans In Nigeria

There are many places to get guarantee loans without collateral online and I will provide you with the best.

Here are 10 quick personal loan givers in Nigeria with no collateral.

Aella Credit

Aella credit has two loan options for borrowers which are: In-network and out-network loans. 

In-network loans is to cater for people who have registered companies on their application while out-network caters for people whose company is not registered on their application.

The condition for loan is based on the borrower’s option. They have mobile application which you can use to get your loan at any time. The condition is based on the borrower’s option.

In-network loans promises higher amount of loan to be borrowed at good and affordable interest rate of 1% – 14% monthly.

It provides an amount between the range of five thousand naira and seven hundred and twenty thousand naira to be borrowed.

It also offers a period of four to sixty-eight weeks for repayment of loans.

Out-network loans offers a lower amount compared to the in-network loan and has a higher monthly interest rate than the in-network. 

It offers a loan amount between the range of N1,500 and N90,000 to be borrowed and to be paid back within a period of thirty to sixty days  at a monthly interest rate of 4% – 29%.

All you require is a valid bank detail, details of next of kin, processing of thirty naira, Bank Verification Number and employers registration (for in-network loans). You pay back through your debit card.

Kwikcash by 9mobile

Have you ever thought of any reason why you should join 9mobile? If yes, then this is one for you because 9mobile grant you access to quick personal loans in Nigeria.

This offer is only for 9mobile subscribers. 9mobile offers quick loans from N1,000 to N100,000 in 60secs to be paid back in 14 days at 15% interest.

All you need to apply is a mobile phone and a 9mobile sim. Dial *561# and navigate to access loan then select a loan amount.

Yes, you are done, it’s as easy as that. To pay back is also very easy just dial *561# and navigate to pay loan.

Contact them 08090000200 or send an email to for any further questions.

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Fint Loans

Fint is a platform that brings borrowers and lenders together. They provide loans within the range of N20, 000 to N1, 000,000 to be paid back within a fixed term of 3 to 12 months depending on the amount.

Fint offers low interest personal loans with interest as low as 2%. Interest is based on risk score; you can boost your risk score by answering the fint risk assessment for free and you will get your lowest eligible rate in minutes.

The risk score ranges from A++ to C-. A++ is the safest and at this score you get the lowest interest rate.

All you require is a mobile device that can assess the internet, valid bank details, valid ID card, and bank statements.

Repayments can be done in two ways which are: Direct deposit, and the use of debit cards. All their loans are insured.

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C24 Fast Cash Loans

C24 loan company offer loans between the range of N70, 000 and N2, 000,000.  It offers a period of 3 to 9 months for repayment of loans.

The website is equipped with a personal loan calculator for calculating amount to be repaid.

Documents to be submitted include: National Identity, proof of employment, direct debit mandate, post-dated cheques, bank statements and a passport photograph.

This company does not offer personal loans for unemployed people in Nigeria. It is a very good personal loan for Lagos residents.

Address: 4, Adenubi close off Majekodunmi Street, off Alien Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.

You contact them on this number 08103155826, 09090897471 or send them an email for any further questions.

Paylater Instant Online Loan

Paylater provide loans 24/7 without guarantors and collateral and you receive the money in your account 5 minutes after application.

Application is done with the paylater app on your smartphone. They give a period of 15 days to 6 months for repayment of loans and have an interest of 5% to 30% depending on credit rating.

 All you need is an android phone, a valid bank details and BVN. Paylater charges a validation charge of N100 on first loan.

Repayment can be done through the use of debit cards, quickteller, or direct transfer.


Kiakia offers loans ranging from N10, 000 to N200, 000 to be repaid within a period of 7 to 30 days at an interest rate of 0.80% with no collateral.

All you require is your work ID card, and a valid bank detail. Repayment can be done through the use of debit card or by direct deposit.


Branch offers loans from N1, 500 to N 150, 000 to be repaid within the period of 4 to 64 weeks with a monthly interest rate of 1% to 21% depending on your loan option.

Repayment can be done by the use of debit cards, auto-debit and mobile banking app. All is you need is a Facebook account, BVN and valid bank details.


Quickcheck provides quick personal loans in Nigeria for a period of 5 to 30 days at an interest of 1% daily.


It is a platform that matches lenders and borrowers. It provides loans to be repaid within a month at an interest of 28% to 31%. Repayment is done by direct debit


Zedvance provides pay day loans ranging from N50, 000 to 5, 000, 000 to be repaid within a period of 1 to 12 months with an interest rate of 7.5% to 58%.

All you need is a valid bank detail; repayments are done by cheques or by direct debit/deposit.

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Summary Notes On Personal Loans in Nigeria Summary

There you have it, the list of lenders that give personal loans in Nigeria without collateral.

The question is, which other platforms have you tried? Which of these have you tried and what’s your experience like?

Let’s have your comment in the box provided below.


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