Why We Think Davido Doesn’t Have 30 Billion Naira In His Account

Oasdom why we think davido doesnt have 30 billion in his account
Oasdom why we think davido doesnt have 30 billion in his account

As with every other years witnessed in one’s lifetime, this year I’m about to talk about was no exception.

Having its peaks in the lowest form for some and somewhat high for others; 2016 will be unforgettable for some.

The year that ended with an estimation of Davido net worth at $16 million but not before the attention-loving artist screamed out some words that earned him a place under the mighty public microscope.


The words got everyone wondering if music was that profitable or if it was actually the endorsements deals. Yes o, endorsements deals.

Davido’s lyrics in the song “Bahd Baddo Baddest” goes like “…I get like 2 million dollars, no be asset…


By now, y’all know, you could know the latest of the artiste life from his songs, isn’t it?

We know over the years he has treaded and is still on the path of endorsements, like successful artistes do, to money pick up station.

We are talking about endorsement deals of the likes of MTN Nigeria that added a whooping sum of #30 million (not billion o) to his Naira account in the year 2012.

It was followed by the Guinness endorsement deal that made his account fatter again in the year 2013.

The famous 2016 saw Sony music and Sony’s RCA Records bring papers of endorsement deal to be signed with Davido, he signed them o.

So we kept wondering how rich the artist is. Davido net worth today no be small thing. These deals definitely would have had this positive effect on his account, savings account if possible.

But we look at his luxurious lifestyle and wonder how he still has such amount in cash, abi na gift money?

I mean do you know what he owns normally? Let me give you a break down.

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Davido has got a mansion in Lekki that is said to be worth over #40 million and another mansion located in Atlanta Georgia, this house located in the United State of America has been estimated to be worth #33 millions.

Davido has got an undying love and impeccable taste for wheels. His garage offers accommodation to:

  • Mercedes benz AMG series that is worth over 40 million naira
  • Audi 2015 model car worth #22 million
  • Porsche turbo and Porsche carerra worth #20 million and #40 million respectively, and;
  • Range rover sport 2015 model of over #20 million.

Davido is the owner of a Toyota land cruiser worth #17.5 million, a Bentley worth #18 million, and a Rolls Royce phantom that is worth more than #100 million.

He is also one of the few Nigerians that own a private jet; the private jet he was said to have purchased for #9 million. 

Image of davido private jet
Davido in his private jet

He still get “…like 2 million dollars, no be asset…” despite the jewelleries he has that is quite obvious with the blink blink they exude.

As if that did not burst our brains enough, Davido went in to the studio to record the 30 billion “IF”.

Thirty billion for the account was on the lips of the little feeding parasites called babies or children, the upcoming generation, the millennial, even the wise ones.

The unconvinced ones that could not be motivated to make it one of their prayer requests began to probe.

And so it began, the sarcastic ones that just could not wrap their heads around the 25 year old controlling that amount of money drew the first blood.

It was the headline attracting the eyes of the public. As in, you go fear. Still he’s the 4th on the list of top 10 richest musicians in Africa.

how much davido has

There have been cases where the story of the Omo Baba Olowo just doesn’t add up when compared to facts, and the 30 billion could be another case of such.

True, he’s one of the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria, but he could be downplaying a higher amount that is in his account…you never can tell, no be you get the account. Na you?

“…30 billion for the account…” wakens the ‘what account?’ question. Is it the Naira account or dollar account?

Well, it definitely cannot be a dollar account because even the richest woman in Nigeria and the rich Dangote does not have that much…maybe it is a 30 billion kobo something.

It definitely cannot be a 30 billion kobo thing because omo baba olowo got a #45 million assurance Porsche SUV for Chioma, his lover. The guy still no kree o, bankruptcy no blow for hin head.

The Chioma Assurance package

He did not put a currency to the 30 billion but Nigerians did help him realistically put naira to it aspa say as usual the big words of quantity of thousands, millions, billions and likes, hasten the function of our brain at assumption (as bees on honey).

We assume it is money related thing and most time we are right..na stay woke lane everybody dey. Still, people will still ask Wizkid and Davido who is the richest?

On Davido’s father birthday, it dawned on the public and Davido, himself that he did not have 30 billion naira in the account…

Ah! What do you mean?

Davido 30 billion for the account

Wait, I don’t understand. What were you thinking?

Well, the other realisation we got from that show off was “the account” talked about, belonged to Dr. Deji Adeleke, his father, not Davido himself.

Omo, na him Kaycee come vex dey ask for him money. The jewellery seller sharparly called Davido out on the “#60 million” debt, the artist owed him…

davido net worth in Nigeria

E be like say he no chill find out who get the money per say abi he no care. He just wanted his money asap.

It did not end there; Davido just could not swallow the bitter leaf extract without spitting, he threatened to release names of those owing him too.

He even hinted us that they were in the government, only God knows how Lagos would have been if he had.

So the guy get money reach this level wey he dey borrow top people money like that. Abi he get the #30 billion true true? What about the #60 million debt?  

Hmmm… But you should not blame us when we think Davido does not have 30 billion naira in his account because all what you read are the reasons why we think so.

You sef don dey think am again. Does he really have 30 billion naira in his account or not? I stand to be corrected either ways, better still with the solid fact.

This is how I view it, how do you view the whole thing? Kindly make use of the comment box; they will gladly accommodate you… Winks.

Keep it coming!