10 Things We Learned From Broda Shaggi (0 to 1 Million Followers) In a Year

Oasdom Broda Shaggi lessons we learned 1
Oasdom Broda Shaggi lessons we learned 1

Wow, from 0-1 million followers in a year? And some think Nigerian youths are lazy. Of course we are not!

Broda Shaggi must have something worthwhile for him to have such a rise inpopularity and the number of followers he has.

Honestly most Nigeria youths are not lazy. If you are an active user of Instagram, you will agree with me.

Nigeria is filled with numerous talents and the youths are really trying with their hustle. All they need is a platform to showcase their talents.

Come along as we delve into what helped the number 1 educated agbero (tout) or do you know him as finest area boy? Yes, broada Shaggi!

First, Who Really Is Broda Shaggi?

This young and funny guy hails from Ijebu Ogun state. He is a graduate of creative art from university of Lagos.

So many people feel his real name is Samuel Perry but where will an Ogun state pikin get Perry? His actual name is Animashaun Samuel.

From a tender age, acting has always being his thing. His late father, who was a drama tutor was a great source of encouragement and inspiration.

While in the university, he did a lot of comedy but he was only known by his immediate community. Presently, he is a script writer, Singer and a comedian.

Broda Shaggi has some songs to his credit and he also get calls for adverts and endorsements.

10 Lessons We Learned From Broda Shaggi

So, What have we learned from Broda Shaggi when it comes to setting and achieving Goals. Let’s get started.

2Broda Shaggi remain focused

Focus they say is the gateway to all thinking, efficiency and success. Focus helps to attain set goals and increases impact.

Yes Jesus in Mushin brought him to limelight. However before this, he had done lots of comedy skits but none hit.

He persevered, he did not quit, get distracted or get discouraged.. If he had , no 1 would have known him today.

3Practice what you love to do

Broda Shaggi has being hilarious from a tender age and that is what he built on. He discovered himself at a very tender age and he wasted no time in exploring his strength.

He loves comedy and he makes it so real in his skits. Right now, he is one of the top 20 funniest Nigerian comedians on Instagram.

Discovering ones strength is highly important as it makes us happy and gives us more energy to move on.

Of course broada Shaggi must have gone through turbulent times but because he practices what he loves to do, he is able to pull through the hard times and he is inspired to keep going.

4Quest to be unique

He decided to start something on Instagram since there was nobody doing something of such as at then. He tried something new which was unique.

Trial and error can be an excellent technique to finding a head way. It may not be good for all but yes, it worked for broda Shaggi.

While he tried different characters and styles, none brought fame his way until he tried the agbero style. Lo and behold it worked like magic.

If one method does not work for you, instead of still sticking and being rigid why not try another method. After all ,many routes they say leads to a market. The most important thing is getting to the said destination.

He was first known as shaggidon, then known as Shaggi and now known as broada Shaggi.

5Master your own craft

He is a good actor and he is flexible. If you’ve ever seen any of his skits, you will understand what I mean.

Broda Shaggi acts like a correct tout. At first I thought he was brought up in such an environment until my assumption was proved wrong.

This guy has never lived in Mushin neither is he a tout.. Broda Shaggy neither drinks nor smokes. Where does he now get his energy from?…I’ll leave that to you.

6Remained resolute and stood his ground

When he released Jesus appeared in Mushin, well meaning people Wanted him to pull the video down but he remained resolute and stood his ground.

This was the very video that gave him the major head way. Imagine if he had pulled it down, probably he would still be on a spot struggling to be known.

He knew what he wanted, what he stand for and knows what he is doing. At the same time, he is open to advice.

7 Spreads Positive vibes

Positive attitude gives more energy to do the things you love and serves as stimulant so you can achieve your goals quickly and smoothly.

Honestly speaking, the situation of the country can make it so hard for some to stay positive and can be discouraging. Why not take a clue from broda Shaggi.

He stayed positive and is ever ready to spread positive vibes despite challenges. Always wanting to see people laugh and  affect them in a good way. Oh yes it inspires him to do more.

You can’t spread positive vibes if you are not positive. After all you can’t give what you don’t have.

Meanwhile when you are positive, positive things comes to you, you see the brighter side of life and you can easily cope with hard times which is inevitable sometimes.

8Hardwork Works

Broda Shaggi is such an hardworking guy who keeps awake even at night so as to create more content.s He gets inspired even while relaxing with friends or even in the toilet.

He knows his followers are always yearning to see his skits and he  doesn’t disappoint them. Hard work works, it pays it’s dividend over and over again.

Work smart, work hard and you’ll be set to reap the reward in folds.

9Made good use of his opportunity

It is better to be prepared and not have the opportunity than to have the opportunity and not prepared.

The likes of Tunde Ednut and Uche Jumbo (one of the richest nollywood actresses) really helped his carrier.

But come to think of it, what if he had nothing to offer? Do you think they would have helped him? Abeg, let’s give God something to bless.

10Has goals and dreams

Setting goals they say energizes ambition, helps to get the best you can be and gives maximum result.

Broda Shaggi sets reasonable goals, sees himself living his dreams and became an inspiration to youths.

Watch out! He has a goal of starting a drama series titled Life of broda Shaggi.

11Broda Shaggi Is Never Over confident

Have you heard of quotes like “ Overconfidence sinks the sheep” or “ Overconfidence will drown you in the sea of reality”

Having confidence is good  but over-confidence is bad and detrimental. It is not in anyway a strength but rather a weakness. Anything in extreme is bad anyways.

This is what broda Shaggi lacks. Overconfidence. He watches his skits several times with his friends before uploading online.

This does not mean he does not know what he is doing , it only shows he is proactive and smart as it will really help him to eliminate casual errors.

Lessons From Broda Shaggi (Summary)

Have you being trying to lay your hands on something and it seems its going to take forever before you make it? Do not quit, keep trying like broda Shaggi as per one day you will also hit it.

Broda Shaggi believes everyone has his own time as he said no one will remain on top forever. He is trying all his best to make an impact hence making good use of his time wisely.

Broda Shaggi has not reached his peak and despite times of discouragements and without motivation, he kept hitting the pedal.

Make good use of your time, pick one or two clues from him, you never can tell, your story may be the next to inspire someone out there.