Top 21 Naija Gossip Blogs in Nigeria for Latest Naija Gists

12037 top 21 naija gossip blogs for latest amebo gists top 21 naija gossip blogs for latest amebo gists

In recent times blogging has become a big thing and Naija gossip blogs are on the rise. You know why? With a whole lot happening in the entertainment industry, there is so much to gossip about.

Hence, if you’re good at aproko (I’m not counting myself out though, lol) and are looking for latest Naija gist, I’ve compiled a list of top 21 gossip blogs in Nigeria for latest naija gists.

Before I go on with the list I would like to explain what this blogging of a thing means, you will agree with me that we hear the word often but do we even know what it means?

A blog is also known as weblog, it is the discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web with often discrete diary style texts called posts.

It could also be called an online diary or journal which enables you share your thoughts and ideas, you could add pictures, videos, games, music, read comments of your readers and all these can be done with no programming knowledge needed.

naija gossip blogs

Today, blogs are now used as an appropriate media to spread news, your own voice unedited, your personal views, and your own spin. It’s all about how you view the world around you, your perspective and take on it.

Now let’s get started with my list of Naija gossip blogs Nigerians visit every day! And Note, this list is based on Alexa rankings.

Top 5 Naija Gossip Blogs In Nigeria

To help you get the best out of this list, I’ve categorized it into 3 sections namely; the top 5 or leading Naija gossip blogs in Nigeria, list of Naija gist amebo sites in Nigeria, and more websites for latest 9ja news.

Naija gossip blogs - Naij

This is the number one on my list. is formerly known as and now and this gossip blog in Nigeria was launched in 2015. ( is your go to website for the hottest naija gists, naija gossips, Nigerian celebrity news and politics news. No wonder it made it to our list of top 21 popular and most visited blogs in Nigeria.

With millions of viewers visiting this blog weekly, there is no news content on the internet that will not be found here.

Based on Alexa rankings, has the 7th position in Nigeria which makes it the first on my list of top Naija gossip blogs.

Gossip blogs in Nigeria

If you talk about Naija gist sites without adding Naijaloaded to your list, you are wrong. The ever blazing all in one hub for music, videos, gossip and more has made a name in Nigeria.

In fact, this blog has made our list of top 15 Nigerian music website to download latest music videos in Naija.

Owned by the popular Makinde Azeez, this blog started couple of years back and it has a mind blowing 14th site in Nigeria based on alexa rankings.

You know what I like most about this blog? Users’ comments are so interesting that you just keep scrolling and scrolling. Chai, I dab.

naija news gossip site - Lindaikejisblog – second on my list of Naija gossip blogs is the number one naija gist ware house in Nigeria with over 500k page view per day. It was launched by Linda Ikeji and it is your go to blog for latest Naija gist.

Almost every Nigerian visits this naija gossip blog daily as this blog has no rival in blogging when it comes to Nigerian celebrity news, politics, entertainment news, NAIJA gossips and so much.

Generally, we cannot talk about blogs in Nigeria without mentioning According to Alexa rankings it is ranked 26th position in Nigeria.

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Information Nigeria - Naija gossip blogs

Hmm, here comes another hub for latest 9ja news updates and gists. is the largest information portal.

It is one of the top Naija gossip blogs in Nigeria where Nigerian celebrity news, entertainment news, events news and so much more can be found.

With over 100,000 viewers on a daily basis, this blog features the hottest and freshest of news. According to Alexa, is ranked 56th position in Nigeria and the reason it is the third on my list of top five naija gossip blogs.

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Naija gossip blogs for entertainment and amebo news updates

Right before our eyes couple of years back came out of the blue with a super terrific advert to promote their entry into the Naija latest news scene. is one of the professional Naija gossip blogs operated by some creative and intelligent contributors. This blog has grown over the years to become one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria.

Posting information on politics, Nigerian celebrity news, events etc., it is one of the largest naija news blog because it contains the hottest and actively trendy naija gossips.

Yes, pulse with a sort of partnership with the popular Business Insider (not really sure though) is currently among the most visited website on the internet with ranking of 89th position in Nigeria based on Alexa.

More Naija Gist Amebo Sites You Should Visit

Here are more Naija gossip blogs to find amebo trending updates. You can’t be wrong by visiting any of the following blogs.

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Naija gossip sites tori news site

This is the 6th website on the list of naija gossip blogs in Nigeria. is managed and owned cyclofoss technologies. It is an outstanding naija gist blog pouring out over 30 blog posts per day (most times) and with unique content every time. has become the go-to blog for individuals in search for the hottest naija gossip stories and breaking news online. This blog is tagged the Nigerian BBC and its ranking according to Alexa is 283rd position in Nigeria.

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yabaleft online for Naija gossip and gists

O ya! Let’s go there! Yabaleftonline (the name dey funny to me self and I think it really suits what it does), or could I be wrong? is a popular website where people get latest naija gists, entertainment news, naija gossips, and many times – comedies and different forms of entertainment contents.

Yabaleft Online is one of the leading Naija gossip blogs and according to, it is ranked the 326th website in Nigeria.


Lailasnewsblog - Naija gossip blogs

Initially Laila ijeoma the owner of this hot Naija blog according to Vanguard abandoned her banking with over 5 million Naira per annum, to fulfill her dream as an entertainment blogger.

This blog has successfully built a community of readers who return duly to surf and read new stuffs. It is an online database for celebrity gists, naija gossips, lifestyle, breaking news, daily events and happenings. This blog ranks 378th in Nigeria

Naija Gist Live

Naija gist live website

This blog is mainly about Nollywood news, naija gossip news and Nigerian celebrity news. Yes, juicy quality contents that keeps readers coming for more is what you will find on this naija gossip.

Its ranking on Alexa is 777th position in Nigeria.

Stelladimokolorkus Naija gossip websites

Here is another gossip blog that features Nigerian celebrity news, entertainment news, politics news and a whole lot more. is owned by a Stella Dimoko Korkus a Nigerian blogger based in Germany. If there is any blog in Nigeria that puts out highly value, originally written content, it is this blog, it is ranked 787th position based on Alexa rankings..

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Naija gossip blogs - Kemi filani

Looking for a naija gossip blog that is structured for juicy contents and publications? is also a hub to visit. It posts up-to-date entertainment news and Nigerian celebrity news in and across Nigeria.

The unique content of this blog are catchy enough to keep readers coming back for more, it is ranked 875th position in Nigeria according to Alexa

Best 247 Naija Gossip Blog For Exclusive Start Gist

Still following my list of naija gossip blogs to visit? Here’s another category of gossip sites for exclusive gists. For Nollywood News & Gossip

gossip blog in Nigeria Stargist

If you haven’t heard about you are…. Wrong! The name of this naija gossip blog speaks for itself as it focuses on Nigerian celebrity and entertainment gists. According to it is ranked the 1156th position in Nigeria.

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Naija dailes gossip news blog in nigeria

With more than 15 menu tabs on their simple gist hub, is one of the top leading Naija gossip blogs in Nigeria.

With statistics on you can’t be wrong with this gist hub. It has over 2,400 unique visitors every day, over 4,300 daily page views, over 68, 470 monthly unique visitors and this gives it a ranking of 1,351st site in Nigeria

Visit for hot naija gossip as it focuses on pouring out freshest and the most trendy Nigerian celebrity news, political gists and more.

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Naija gossip blogs the net news nigerian actors gossip is one of the world’s leading source of Nigerian celebrity news. This blog was founded in 2009 by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel. has 20 million users across their blog and social media platforms and it has become one of the biggest online naija gists platforms ranking 1467th position in Nigeria.


the naija gossip sites latest entertainment

With a very simple and friendly website layout, presents spicy naija entertainment news and celebrity gossips to Nigerians. It is ranked 1551st blog in Nigeria according to Alexa.

For fresh Nollywood news, events, parties and so much more, visit this naija gossip blog. There is never a dull moment here on this blog as hot trending gossips keep flowing in.

mydailygists sites in nigeria is also one of the top most visited Naija gossip blogs that features daily hottest naija news, entertainment news and celebrity gists.

This blog gives out content that keeps readers coming for more with more than 3000 visits from readers weekly. Yes, I’m talking over 10 minutes daily time on site.

This site ranks 2,371st site in Nigeria.

ebiwalis gossip blogs in Nigeria

This site has also made my list of naija gossip blogs that updates you with the latest celebrity gists, freshest naija gossips, news on politics and other gossip stories. According to it ranked 9796th position in Nigeria.

Naija gossip apps live ofofo amebo news site

Ngbor, what do you expect to get from this blog? Liveofofo says it all. I mean as in dey hot! With over 30 blog posts published per day  Live Ofofo have not leave any stone unturned here when it comes to the hottest Nigerian celebrity news.

This blog features politics news, celebrity news and naija gossips , they make it fast and brief to enjoy as well. It ranked 11,971st position in Nigeria according to Alexa and making my list of top Naija gossip blogs Nigerians should visit.


vivian naija gist websites in nigeria

This naija gossip blog is an online platform with latest Nigerian news update loaded with celebrity news, political info, event stories, naija gossips etc. Its position on is 19,317th position in Nigeria.

Other Naija Blogs For Latest 9ja News

Yes, here are other Naija gossip blogs to visit.

Gossip mill naija gist site

You need a Naija gossip blog that gives 100 percent confirmed Nigerian news and entertainment gists and that is what does.

This blog posts exclusive fresh and trendy naija gossips daily that makes people want more and its ranking on Alexa is 20,193rd position in Nigeria.

media base naija gossip blogs for politics and celebrity news also made my list of top 21 Naija gossip blogs that delivers hot fresh Nigerian entertainment news, politics news, celebrity news etc. With over 10000 viewers weekly, this blog according to is ranked 20,715th position in Nigeria.

Naija Gossip Blogs In Nigeria Summary

There you have my list of top Naija gossip blogs In Nigeria for latest Nigerian gists. The rankings are based on alexa rankings and the positions are for Nigerian websites not the world.

Want to share more blogs that are not in this list, please use the comment box below to share your thoughts.


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