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Top 15 Tech Blogs In Nigeria (Most Popular)

I’ve got a list of top tech blogs in Nigeria for you in this post. You know why?

As the world advances technologically, there is need for tech blogs to give recent and latest happenings in this ever dynamic tech world.

As we all can see tech websites in Nigeria and launching every day, covering smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and many other tech devices.

Tech news is so important that even those with little education can give exact specifications of gadgets in the market and benchmark quality.

Tech blogs in Nigeria for latest naija technology news

It is also not surprising that the surge in updating tech news either to review products or to give detailed information and analysis about forthcoming products, has enabled companies to improve the quality and features of their products so as to be ahead of their competitors and satisfy their customers.

Tech Space In Nigeria 

Tech blogs in Nigeria are becoming generally accepted by all, as they have been responsible for how technology information are delivered to Nigerian for years.

You might have heard this expression:

[Tweet ““The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence””]

Thinking of finding useful information about technology products in another country, when you get to the “other side of the fence” you will discover the grass wasn’t so green there after all.

So what are you looking for? It’s time to learn how to dig diamonds in your own background by considering some of the top tech blogs in Nigeria.

But with an increasing number of these tech blogs, it is important to give you at least the top 15 tech blogs that gives relevant tech news and info in Nigeria.

List of Tech Blogs In Nigeria (Tech Influencers)

This list will help you get the right information about tech blogs and also find genuine and latest facts on tech news in Nigeria. This list is based on Alexa ranking and popularity.

1. Tech Point Blog [https://techpoint.ng/]

Tech blogs in Nigeria - techpoint website

Tech Point is now the first tech blog in Nigeria as it ranked 267th site in Nigeria. The tech site focuses on startups, Tech issues and gadgets.

This particular tech blog in Nigeria started out of a drive in order to change the way tech news is being carried out.

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2. NaijaTechGuide [https://www.naijatechguide.com/]

naijatech guide technology blog

The second tech blog on the list is Naija tech guide. This tech site focuses more on tech reviews, tech news, specs, tips, as well as price comparisons of gadgets and electronics.

The tech blog does not sell products but they assist in recommending the best product. Believe me tech guide site guides you in making the wise decision when selecting your product. In fact, we can call it a “Buyer guide blog”

The Naijatechguide is ranked as the 345th in Nigeria and has high SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Have you being thinking on the best phone to buy? Why not visit this particular tech site and select the best products.

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3. OgbongeBlog [https://www.ogbongeblog.com/]

Ogbonge blog makes top 15 list of Nigerian tech sites

Ogbonge blog is one of the foremost blog when it comes to blogging, tips, tutorials tricks and AdSense tips. The tech site gives information on tech news and also online money generation.

It is ranked 778th by Alexa.com. You can visit their tech site on Ogbonge Blog .com for more information

4. Tech Cabal [http://techcabal.com/]

tech cabal gadget talks and news

Tech cabal is another top notch tech blog in Nigeria. The tech blog focuses on tech news, startups, investments and core Tech issues in Nigeria and also Africa at large. Tech cabal is ranked 1,117th position in Nigeria

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5. Tech Lector [https://techlector.com/]

list of tech sites in Nigeria - technology sites

This amazing tech blog is the best place for 100% excellent comprehensive and in depth review for all gadget devices.

Another wonderful thing about this tech blog is that it helps in making comparism between two products of the same kind.

It is ranked 1,561st position according to Alexa.com and if you want to get in touch,  just visit their blog on Techlector.com

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6. SpecsPriceNigeria [https://specspricenigeria.com/]

specsprice nigerian tech blog site for naija tecn news

Specpricenigeria was founded in December 2015. They are the tech site that focuses mostly on reviews of tech products and they are seen as a trusted tech site in Nigeria.

Also, Specs Price Nigeria is also a major destination for product buyers because they give detailed reports about tech gadgets, smart phones and simple telecom hacks

It is ranked 1,564th position based on Alexa.com and if you want to get in touch, visit their tech site on SpecsPriceNigeria.com.

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7. Miss Tech [http://misstechy.com/]

miss techy naija tech websites in Nigeria

Missy tech blog was founded in February 2015 by a Banking and Finance graduate, Tobi Ayeni. There is a wise saying that goes thus: “whilst men play the game women know the score”

She was the first recognized and most popular female tech blogger and also one of the best tech blogs in Nigeria

Miss techy blog focuses on latest tech news, reviews, gadgets, mobile Apps and technology in all ramifications.

This tech blog in Nigeria gets massive traffic everyday having 79.1% of people visiting from every corner of the country and it is ranked 2,927th position by Alexa ranking

8. Geek Nigeria [https://geek.ng/]

Oasdom.com tech blog in Nigeria - Geekng

Geek ng tech blog is a multi-author tech blog that focuses on tech news, reviews, tech tips, advices and product comparison

The tech blog also deals with providing information on gadgets such as head set, mobile devices, and play station. It ranked 3,307th position in Nigeria according to Alexa ranking

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More Nigerian Tech Blogs For Latest Naija Tech News

I’ve got 8 more tech bloggers in Nigeria you should follow for latest Naija tech news. Here you go:

9. Tech City Bloggers [https://www.techcityng.com/]

Nigerian Techcity technology news blog

Tech city is one of the tech blogs in Nigeria that provide information about the technology industry.

This technology website in Nigeria also assist world class entrepreneur to ideate, grow and exist.  This tech blog that was ranked 3,972nd in Nigeria makes my list of top Nigerian tech blogs.

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10. Oscarmini [https://oscarmini.com/]

Oscarmini tech blogs in Nigeria for latest technology news

This amazing technology in Nigeria focuses on tech news, gadgets, technology tips, and web design. The website also give details of the future trends in technology

With its ranking of 6,323rd position according to Alexa.com, Oscarmini makes it to my top 17 tech blogs in Nigeria.

11. Android Nigeria [androidnigeria.com.ng]

AndroidNigeria tech website in Nigeria

Android Nigeria is established for android phones, phone reviews and the latest android games and apps. It is ranked 6,895th site in Nigeria.

This is one of the popular tech blogs in Nigeria where you can get information on smartphones and more.

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12. Techs ng.com [https://www.techsng.com/]

tech blogs in africa - techsng

Techsng is both a tech blog and a business website that shares stories of how individuals and African startups are using technology in their day to day activities

Techsng is one of the tech blog in Nigeria ranked 9,119th by Alex.com. To get in touch you can also visit their site on TechsNg.com

13. GadgetsNg – Nigeria’s Tech Blog [https://www.gadgetsng.com/]

Nigeria's tech blog Gadgetsng

Gadgetsng is also one of the tech blogs in Nigeria that gives details on tech news, gadgets, smartphones revelation, technology tips,

It is one of the tech blog in Nigeria that assist in selecting the best technology product and it is ranked as 18,895th position according to Alexa.com

14. Tech Suplex [http://www.techsuplex.com/]

techsuplex tech blogs in Nigeria 2018

TechSuplex ranked as 20, 539th site based on Alexa ranking provides information on devices, reviews, tech news and technology tips and solution.

This tech site offers in-depth reporting, feature stories, all from African perspective. Need to get in touch? Visit their site on (TechSuplex.com).

15. Techloy It News [www.medium.com/techloy]

tech blogs in Nigeria - techloy it news nigeria

Another site on my list of tech blogs in Nigeria is Techloy.

Techloy, a digital news publication focused tech blog was founded in 2008. It covers African technology industry with information on reviews, innovative startups, apps, gadgets, etc.

You can get in touch via techloy.com@gmail.com

The Top 3 Entertainment Blogs In Nigeria

Yes, I quickly thought about adding entertainment blogs in Nigeria to these list of tech blogs. So, here’s my list below:

Bella Naija Fashion [www.BellaNaija.com]

Bella Naija is the grand master of entertainment blogs of 21 century and it is currently one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria dashing out stupendous entertainment news. According to Alexa Ranking, this blog is ranked 204th site in Nigeria.

Uche Eze a fashion lover launched Bella Naija back in 2006 by posting scanned magazine pictures and articles as a result of the boring moments she was having after her university graduation at Richard Ivey School of Business, University of western Ontario in Canada.

The blog which focuses only on fashion when it was firstly launched is now diverse into different businesses in the entertainment world and it has made a huge success over the years which even got awarded for the best event coverage online in 2011 and 2012.

Naijaloaded Music [www.Naijaloaded.com.ng]

The website that first comes to peoples mind when it comes to latest Nigeria song,
celebrities lifestyle and entertainment news is Naijaloaded.com.ng.

Just to get the latest info in the entertainment world, this entertainment blog has been a reliable source for most Naija songs that is on people’s playlist. Kudos to the founder (Makinde Azeez) on that.

360nobs [www.360nobs.com]

360nobs.com is one of the hottest entertainment blogs in Nigeria where you can easily get the latest song and entertainment news, the blog is rated one of the top entertainment blogs in Nigeria.

360nobs is really making a huge contribution when it comes to online entertainment as a result of its contents. The fashionista himself Noble Igwe is the bed rock of the amazing blog.

Tech Blogs In Nigeria (Summary)

There you have it, my list of top 15 Tech blog in Nigeria for latest Naija Tech news. Still, none of these blogs made the list of top 21 popular and most visited blogs in Nigeria. I think you should check.

I think you should know; one of the tech websites to watch out for is Gadgetstripe.com. The quality of gadget reviews in text and video format is superb; the user interface is also great. I’m sure few years, this gadget site will a hot tech hub.

Tech blogs in Nigeria have been so amazing, and I hope you can find useful information from it. Now over to you, which is your favorite tech blog in Nigeria? Let’s have your comment.

Adelaja Boluwatife
Boluwatife is a graduate of Tai Solarin University of Education. She loves cooking, reading and writing. She's a lover of Bob Marley's quote - "Love the life you live; and live the life you love". She's from Ogun state and her love for researching and sharing information led her here.

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