Top 15 Nigerian Food Blogs You Should Visit NOW!

7528 top 15 best nigerian food blogs 2017 top 15 best nigerian food blogs 2017

I betcha really want to know the top Nigerian food blogs to visit for reliable recipe to make that mouthwatering dish isn’t it? I’ve got a list of the most relevant food blogs in Nigeria.

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Top 15 Nigerian Food Blogs [Food Bloggers] We Love 

Nigerian food blogs talks about the exotic and traditional Nigerian food (abi no be so?) and if you want the very best, just visit any of the blogs of these food influencers in Nigeria below:

Note: this list was compiled based on Alexa Rankings on 2nd of September 2017

1. All Nigerian Recipes []

oasdom food blogs in nigeria - All nigerian food recipes

As the name implies na so e take be, this blog talks about traditional Nigerian food recipes from the rice recipes, snacks recipes, soup recipes, to list of other recipes.

No matter how much we chop oyinbo food e no fit be like tiwa-n-tiwa (I’m sure you know what I mean).

Visit this leading blog and let Miss Flo guide you on how to cook that yummy food. Email:

2. All Nigerian Foods []

food blogs in Nigeria websites

All Nigerian Foods owned by Chy Anegbu is the second leading food blog in Nigeria. With over 40,000 Facebook page likes, this super blog ranks 3,912th blog in the country

Here’s what she has to say: Over the years I have thought of ways to share my cooking trick and tips with the rest of world. I started making Nigerian foods as far back as 1992.

Over the last 20 years I have learned a lot from my mother’s kitchen and have more than expanded the whole idea in my own kitchen, I just want to help you to make delicious Nigerian foods.

Want to get in touch? Send an email to

3. Dobbys Signature Food Blog []

dobby signature food sites

The recipes from this food blog have got a Dobby Okonkwo signature. With 32K followers on Instagram, it is truly a Nigerian food blog of culinary and lifestyle.

It is quite obvious the people love what they are getting, are you wondering? This food blog ranks 4,399th blog in Nigeria, making it the third on the list.

Visit today or you can email at BBM channel: C00263232.

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4. 9ja Foodie []

The name alone sef, you gats know say na We-we things. 9ja foodie is also one of the leading Nigerian food blogs created by Ronke Edoho.

This blog is centered on Nigerian food recipes, health and cooking tips and it ranks 4,642nd  blog in Nigeria.

You scared? You are on diet and can’t try out the numerous food recipes? She has got you covered; Ronke is a “certified nutrition and clinical weight loss specialist”.

Visit for “easy tradition rooted and little modern flaired recipes. Contact her at

5. Wivestownhall

Hmm, the website is, Everything related to wives you get in here. Wives connection is a food blog that gives solid Nigerian recipes, family and lifestyle tips with a sprinkle of news.

Eya Ayambem is the blog author and this food blog ranks 4,975th in Nigeria according to Alexa.

Whether you are just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of Relationships, learning to cook better Nigerian food, or an experienced Nigerian spouse, this blog is ready with quality posts for you.

Want to get in touch? Email:

6. Nigerian Food TV []

Yes o, we are talking about Nigerian food and this Nigerian food blog (feeling my rhymes? For my mind) has got those recipes. It ranks 6,125th blog in Nigeria

How would you like “spinach sweet corn and beef noodles” (yummy, right?). Nigerian Food tv is also one of the leading Nigerian food blogs that does it so well.

Visit and let Nky Lily give you those Nigerian recipes and kitchen tips.

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7. Dooney’s Kitchen []

Dooney’s kitchen is one of the top Nigerian food blogs with different kinds of detailed recipes for you to try out. It ranks 6,315th blog in the country.

With names you wonder if it’s still the same Nigerian food we are talking about. Amongst them include, “moin moinlette”, “akara waffles”, yoodles egusi and pepper soup”.

This Nigerian food blog, which is said to have started as blog but now the premier Nigerian food site”, is about redefining and reinventing the wheel of Nigerian food wheel.

Aunty Dunni Obata has always got a story for every recipe. Visit her website, Oh! She disagrees with Nigerian food been classified as African food.

8. Knorr Cube []

In as much as knorr, a famous name that can be found in virtually all Nigerian homes, is not limited to Nigeria and is also abroad, it has got a Nigerian food blog.

This blog is top-notch and value adding food blog that offers pictures and detailed recipe on various Nigerian food. It ranks 7,909th blog in Nigeria.

9. []

Famous 1Q food platter was founded by Iquo Ukoh, a dietitian. The blog offers “variety, treats and choices” on food and it ranks 10,706th blog in the Nigeria.

This blog offers chicken, rice, plantain and sea food recipes, and also you will find a collection of hearty mouthwatering recipes and foods with healthy twist that will not compromise on taste and flavor

Join over 3,188 blog subscribers for standardized health twisted recipes or fill out the contact us form on her blog to get in touch.

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More Creative Food Blogs In Nigeria For Food Recipes

Yes, I’ve got more food websites you should visit for Nigerian recipes. Let’s have a look

10. Sisi Jemimah []

Sisi Jemimmah Adebiyi created this Nigerian food blog in 2016 to “conquer culinary fears, one at a time”. Though new, she is doing a nice job so far.

Her blog ranks 10,833rd blog in Nigeria. So, visit for “spicy turkey veggie sauce recipe”, “shredded beef sauce”, “ginger coconut rice recipe” and many more recipes you will love.

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11. Afrolems []

The African food blog, with a specialization in Nigerian food, is one of the best Nigerian food blogs. It ranks 20,720th blog in Nigeria.

The blog offers recipes and e-books that can be downloaded for free. The “burabisco recipe” and “gizzard dodo recipe” are one of the many recipes you should try out.

Visit and when you’re trying out the recipes, invite me too, there is love in sharing).

12. Mamasdish []

This is a Nigerian food blog that offers you mind blowing recipes that would make you want to cook more. Want to try? Visit It ranks 29,481th blog in Nigeria.

13. Nigerian Lazy Chef []

You wondering what lazy has got to do with chef (a tedious work), right? Nma Okpara, owner of, was extremely lazy growing up but thanks to papa, she got interested in cooking and so the name, nigerianlazychef, came into existence.

But she’s not lazy one bit; check out her blog for delicious recipes. Her blog ranks 30,770th by Alexa and you can contact her at

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14. Matse Cooks []

If you listen to wazobia FM then you should be familiar with Matse, well too bad for wazobians but good for foodies…she has got a Nigerian food blog now.

Visit for “western fused” recipes for both food and drinks. It is a blog for “news, kitchen tips, interviews and breakthroughs in the art of cooking

Matsecooks food blog was founded by Matse Uwatse Nnoli. This blog ranks 42,935th blog in the country. To get in touch, Email: Phone number: 08038853124

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15. My Belle Don Full []

This Nigerian food blog is founded by Affi, a high flying professional turned food blogger doing her damn best to figure out a few things in the kitchen to enjoy Nigerian food”

Oh! Yes, you read right. There is nothing more relaxing like having someone who knows how it is to be like an amateur in the kitchen (I’m not saying she’s an amateur, you get?)

So, why don’t you try her blog for mango and avocado salsa recipe, coconut and garri crusted shrimp and other recipes and see how it goes.

One more thing, this blog has not got only food and recipe development but also travel and photography (a passion of the founder).

Cool, like she said, “naija cuisine for modern cook” This Nigerian food blog ranks 45,316th blog in Nigeria.

Nigerian Food Blogs Summary

There you have it, my list of the top Nigerian food blogs. You are free to add more to this list using the comment box below.


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