New Year Resolution: Will 2019 Be The Same As 2018?

Oasdom New year resolution 2019 2
Oasdom New year resolution 2019 2

I know this question is lingering somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind. It’s definitely on my mind.

You’re probably wondering if 2019 will be better than 2018.

You might have set your goals already. If you haven’t, please set them today.

Michael Hyatt in his Best Year Ever program says we should set seven to ten specific goals for 2019 and focus on two to three goals per quarter.

These goals should encompass the different areas of our lives – business, career, emotional, marriage, fitness, intellectual, spiritual, financial and avocation.

Now you’ve set your goals. If you’re like the old me, you’d set goals and not look at them until much later in the year.

Goal setting can seem like a stressful activity but once you’ve set your goals, you’re excited and fired up to enter the new year.

But wait…..before you get all fired up. Ask yourself this question, “will 2019 be the same as 2018?”

Say it aloud to yourself.

Don’t run away from it. It’s a tough question to ask and it’s even tougher to embrace the reality that it just might be the same.

A friend of mine said something recently that struck me. I told him 2019 will definitely be much better than 2018.

He replied, “We said the same thing last year“.

I was shocked. “You have to be positive no matter what. Have you lost hope already before the New Year?“.

He replied me and I’ll never forget what he said. “It doesn’t matter whether we’re positive or negative. The most important thing is we need to make it happen“.

Well, I don’t agree we should be negative about anything especially not 2019 but he has a point. Here are 20 new year quotes to help you achieve your goals

We Need to Make 2019 Our Best Year Ever.

You can argue and tell me, “Ifeanyi, life happens. Things won’t always work out the way you want them to“.

I agree. I also said those words to myself when I had the surgery this year and when the pain was so bad I couldn’t do anything but hang in there.

Now, I’ve realized no matter what, we need to make it happen.

It’s about your mindset. You simply believe in your dreams and your goals. Whatever it takes to get there, you’ll do it.

Yes, believe in your dreams because if you don’t 2019 will be the same as 2018. Not believing in one’s self is one of the 2 life’s greatest mind diseases you need to cure ASAP.

You know what, success is not built on success, it’s built on series of failures. We’re all going to experience failures but there are important things to do when we fail.

For example, a client of mine has a big dream and it’s been hard for her to get the funding she needs for her business.

At first, she was discouraged when she didn’t get the funding she needed. But we talked about it and she realized she could start small and keep working her way up until she gets the funding.

Everything should not stop because she didn’t get the funding.

I’m so proud of her today. She has achieved much more than she’d imagined and she’s barely scratched the surface.

Life can be tough but there’s a concept I’ve been applying that’s helping me make outstanding progress.

New year goals

Practice Intentional Living

How do you spend your day?

What do you do in one month?

Does time pass by quickly and you don’t know where it went?

Intentional living means you live your days with purpose. You’re clear about how each day contributes to your overall goals.

You set your three MIMs (Most Important Missions) every day and you review them at the end of the day. You also do weekly and monthly reviews.

If you decide to be more intentional in 2019, you’d be amazed at the astounding progress you’ll make.

Practice intentional living in 2019. You deserve to live the life you want. You deserve to achieve your dreams. You deserve to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Ifeanyi Omoike is a mindset coach who is passionate about resetting the minds of young people from the negative effects of their painful and empowering them to achieve their purpose.

She writes on Medium. Her free email course ‘How To Get What You Want’ has received numerous accolades.