Want to Achieve Greatness? Cure These 2 Life’s Biggest Mind Diseases

oasdom.com believe in yourself and understand yourself. life diseases to cure
oasdom.com believe in yourself and understand yourself. life diseases to cure

If You Want To Achieve Greatness You Must Cure These 2 Life Diseases

I woke up in the middle of the night, just like a trance I started to listen these words in a very low pitch deep in my mind — Understand Yourself and Believe!

With an undivided deliberate concentration in my thinking, I realized it has a lot to do with every facet of life, most especially — business.

The Greatest Disease You Could Ever Have

The greatest disease one could ever have is not understanding himself and second not believing in one’s self. Let’s talk about the first.

I am a fan of the ideology that: you can understand yourself more than anyone else in the world (not even your parents or your spouse) BUT they can see you more than you do.

Knowing who you are, what stuffs you are made of, how you’re wired, your limits and weakness, and your strength is the one key factor that can help you believe in yourself and succeed in any endeavor.

The problem is, we all want to be like someone else while they also want to be like someone else too.

The way you understand things is different from other people, they way you provide solution is different, the way you see things is different, the way you think is different.

You are you. When you spend more time on yourself and with yourself, you’ll realize how good you are and this will impose the desire to achieve greatness on you.

The second life disease is Not Believing In Yourself

You should know one fact: You can’t force people to believe in you (in fact, most people are dream killers and they don’t have time to start believing in someone else’s dream), the best you can do for yourself is to believe in yourself.

In business, you have to keep grinding and believing that you’ll reach your final destination and perhaps, set another goal.

The problem is, there’ll be times of discouragement and without motivation, so people tend to stop believing in themselves and thus, they quit.

If you quit on yourself, your starting out in the first place isn’t worth the effort.

[Tweet “We are all the same in one sense — we have a powerful MIND.”]

Successful people feed their minds with powerful thoughts which makes them view things through the binocular of possibilities. And they achieve their dreams.

What are you feeding your mind? Words of motivation, knowledge and inspiration? Or negativity?

Conclusively, being self reliant is something many people shy away from. If you do, you will want people to make decisions for you and that’s an indirect position of not believing in yourself.

If you’re not self-reliant, all you’re saying is you’re afraid of making decisions and you’re not willing and ready to face consequences.

The truth is, when you believe in yourself, failure is not an option. You will do the hard work and trust me, with time you’ll achieve your goals.

Always remember: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING if you understand yourself (how you’re wired) and believe in yourself.

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