Wizkid Net Worth Today [Latest Update!]

Oasdom Wizkid net worth today and biography
Oasdom Wizkid net worth today and biography

Early stage of my life, before the estimation of wizkid net worth today, when asked what I want to become, I’d say a doctor.

The answers I have mostly heard to the question are doctor, banker or lawyer; other professions too were named but those 3 topped the list.

Before Wizkid net worth became a popular topic, we sang a popular nursery rhyme when we were kids; sandalili …


More like we were been trained on how to answer the question we would be asked years later: “what do you want to become in life”?

Now I am wondering the lyrics of little Wizkid version of the “sandalili sandalili…” song.

image of wizkid ayo balogun - wizkid net worth

I would not exactly call it strange nor would I marvel but I do laugh kinda when children answers are I want to “sa ise” or “be like Wizkid” and the likes.

Some when asked even pose with their plastic colour glasses and shine those milk teeth as they say they want to be like starboy when they grow up.

It dawned on me looking at this topic and thinking of what to write that the main reason they wanted to be like daddy yo was because of Wizkid’s net worth!

The ladies flaunt around him calling him daddy yo or wizzyboy in their feminine voice because they know to some extent what he is worth.

As in, imagine you having that kind Wizkid net worth!

Wizkid Net Worth and Biography

The famous singer, that has got the Wizkid net worth, was born on the 16th of July, 1990 by a Christian mother to a Muslim father.

He was named Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. Interestingly, out of 12 children in a polygamous home, he is said to be the only male child.

image of wizkid and hist mother - wizkid networth
Wizkid and his mum

While growing up and till date, he was fondly called “IB-Boy” by his folks.

Once popularly known as “lil prinz”; he is famously known as Wizkid to the world.

Ayo Balogun was a chorister in church. He grew up in Surulere Lagos, and listened a lot to King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley songs.

You’ll agree with me that those songs did have an influence on the songs he sings today.

In year 2001, he and some of his friends formed a group called Glorious 5; they released an album before going on different lanes.

Tales of his career has grown to get questions like “how much is Wizkid net worth in US dollars? Show me Wizkid net worth in naira 2018 and more.

The story of Wizzy climbing the success ladder will never be complete without mentioning the late OJB Jezreel, the owner of the studio where Wizkid frequented from the age of 12.

wizkid net worth - Wizkid and Ojb jezreel

Four years before Banky W found him; Wizkid was mentored and coached by Naeto C at the age of 15 years.

Not everybody would actually make it treading the education path.

Stories we have heard said Wizkid dropped out of the Lagos State University at the age of 19.

He tried pursuing education again, got enrolled into Lead City University but baba no use pass 2 sessions before him ja pa!.

Hard work plus talent made the success door creak open a little for him as eight years later, he signed a five year record deal with Empire Mates Entertainment, EME.

His song ‘HOLLA AT YOUR BOY’ brought the 20 year old into the spotlight earning him the ‘Next Rated Award’ at the Headies 2010.

Apparently, Wizkid biography and net worth was growing, as usual with some in the show business, so was his babies and their mamas.

wizkid networth - image of sola ogudugu

At age 21, Wizkid and his net worth had an addition of a baby but he is not blessed with one baby but three.

Not only is he blessed financially aspa Wizkid net worth but also children-wise, and baby mamas inclusive.

Image of binta diallo and baby

It would seem ‘Wizkid kid networth’ increased in 2016 courtesy of Binta Dallo, and 2017, Jada Pollock.

wizkid net worth and baby
Image of jada pollock and baby
wizkid net worth today - image of wizkid and baby
Wizzy and baby

Today, it is all STEW with Tiwa Savage.

Wizkid and tiwa

Wizkid Endorsements

Wizkid endorsements have actually had enormous positive effects on his ever growing net worth.

The success door did not just creak open a little for Wizkid upon the release of his single “holla at your boy”.

The door opened wider to let a one year deal with Pepsi, as their ambassador, catwalk in for a ticket fee of $350,000.

That alone increased Wizkid total net worth by #70 million then.

The Pepsi deal was said to be extended for 2 years and before we could check Wizkid latest net worth as at then, MTN and Guiness came running in after each other in the year 2013.

Definitely Wizkid net worth had increased as the deals were said to #45 million and #128 million respectively.

Also referred to as African Justin Bieber, Wizkid and Justin Bieber net worth still could not be compared…ere wo ni ekun ba aja se (dog no dey follow tiger play o)

Not in the living history of Wizkid have I heard him turning down a deal but I did hear he abandoned the MTN deal for a GLO endorsement deal.

wizkid net worth - Once a glo ambassador
Wizkid as Glo Ambassador.

Y’all know when GLO signs you, omo u don hammer be that, make GLO sign me too abeg…

Wizkid net worth was smiling as he was signing those papers with broad smile, His worth sprinted up by #120 million.

Our own starboy is international now o. We cannot forget the recent Nigerian football jersey that earned the super eagles the fashion status but not the cup we hoped they will bring.

Wizkid signed a deal to be paid around $3.75 million by NIKE as he featured the complete eagles’ tracksuit on his body.

Dolce & Gabbana also got Wizkid’s signature on those dotted lines in the contract papers they offered him to walk down the runaway with the famous model Naomi Campell.

This deal, worth $10, 000, definitely had an effect on Wizkid net worth.

Wizkid endorsements - wizzy and Naomi campell

It did not end there, Wizkid has become hotcake as everybody dey rush him.

CIROC had an endorsement deal with him. So tell me what do you think Wizkid net worth is presently?

Just to chip this in; at some point in time, Wizkid and Linda the Blogger had some sort of clash and many want to know what is Linda’s net worth and who get money pass.

wizkid as ciroc ambassador

Wizkid Investments

Despite the not so much Wizkid investments when compared to E money or Sarkodie, the high Wizkid networth has got him been compared to a number of wealthy people.

You see questions asked about E money and Wizkid Net worth, some even go to checking with Tyga net worth, Tekno net worth, young thug net worth.

Naijagists quoted Wizkid saying “I invest heavily in properties and jewelries. I spend more on gold. I have heard some people say they are vanity but I tell you they are very good investments”.

It might interest you to know, what you already know, that the Starboy has got a record label of his own.

All the same, God’s blessings, legit, mfall on Babanla every day. But with all these, you may want to compare him with early starters in the game, like the net worth of p square., don jazzy, wande coal, 2 face, etc.

Wizkid Houses and Cars

In some heated arguments you hear “ki lo ni?” Meaning what do you have? What exactly is your net worth? Is your worth up to Wizkid net worth?

With those questions, you start wondering what exactly does this guy have self?

Even aunty Tiwa no beef Wizkid net worth, some fanatics of the Starboy pray for the type of Wizkid houses and cars.

He is said to be a lover of cars and has purchased Porsche panamera twice; the first one bought for $13 million and taken away by the unfortunate accident.

The second Porsche panamera was purchased the following month for $18 million.

A definite figure could not be put to Wizkid house net worth as the young millionaire owns a #13 million duplex in Surulere, Lagos Mainland.

He also has a #68 million mansion in Lekki, and a house in Los Angeles that no one so public knows its exact worth per say; except for the gist I heard that the L.A house is worth $15 million!

The CEO of Starboy Entertainment owns:

  • A 2012 Hyundai sonata that is said to be worth more than #5 million
  • BMW X6 worth #11 million
  • Mercedes Benz 2012 compressor worth over $8 million
  • Porsche Panamera estimated at #13 million, a Lamborghini prime X2 worth over #25 million, and a Bentley that is worth over #40 million.
  • He also owns a Can-amtri-wheel super charged bike that is worth $7 million plus he has a private jet!
Wizkid investments - wizkid jet

I cannot help but loud again that he has a diamond crusted wristwatch said to be worth over $1 million.

Wizkid is no doubt one of the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria music industry.

Wizkid Networth Rise Per Show

It is reported that there is a #3-5 million Wizkid net worth rise per show.

Some even say it is way more than this, others say it takes #12 million to make Wizkid arrange his legs in front of each other to a stage and even more to leave the shores of his fatherland.

All these still prove there is always an increase in Wizkid net worth per show.

Talk about Wikid and you’ll mention his so called rival – Davido. Check out the answer to the question; who is the richest between davido and wizkid in this post.

Notable Artists That Wizkid Has Worked With

Just as endorsements deals rush Wizkid as e dey hot causing positive rippling effect on his worth, so also are notable artists granting his requests.

The notable artists that Wizkid has worked with are not only within Nigeria but also outside Nigeria; international and intercontinental.

Wizkid has worked with the following artists over the years and you can download any of his songs from any of these top Nigerian music blogs.

Year 2010

  • Akon – “Don’t Dull (remix)”


  • Femi Kuti – “Jaiye Jaiye”.
  • Wale -“Nobody But You” & “Drop”.

Year 2014

  • Femi Sax – “One Question”.
  • L.A.X – “Caro”.
  • Seyi Shay – “In Love”.
  • Akon – “For You”.
  • Banky W – “Dutty Whine”.
  • Phyno – “Bombay”.
  • Tyga – “Show  You The Money”.
  • Wale – “Murder”.

Year 2015

  • Chris Brown – “African Bad Gyal”.
Wizkid and artistes he's worked with
  • Drake – “Come Closer”.
  • Ty Dolla Sign – “One for Me”.
  • Trey Songz – “Gbese”.
  • Major Lazer – “Naughty Ride”.
  • Efya – “Daddy Yo”.
  • Bucie – “All for Love”.

Wizkid Networth In Naira (Nigeria Currency) And Dollar 

According to net worth Wikipedia, “net worth is the value of all the non – financial and financial assets owned…” Wizkid net worth 2018 by Wikipedia was estimated at nothing less than $12 million.

What was Wizkid Net Worth by Forbes?

Currently, Wizkid estimated net worth in dollars is said to be $40 million, making the list of top 10 richest musicians in Africa.

Wizkid net worth in naira (Nigerian currency) and dollar 2020 is estimated at #14, 542, 800, 000 and $40, 000, 000.

As it stands, wizzy’s net worth is slightly more than Don jazzy networth today. Click that to read more about Don J’s net worth.

Wizkid Net Worth (Summary)

Call it jazz money or illuminati connect, Wizkid net worth today did not just jump in a day. Instead, it grew gradually to its present value.

How about adding more doses of consistency, creativity and diversity to that hard work? Stay woke in all areas.

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