What Is P square Net Worth Today?

Oasdom what is p square net worth 2019 today latest
Oasdom what is p square net worth 2019 today latest

JUST IN: What is P square net worth? What is Peter Okoye net worth and what is Rude Boy net worth?

Yes, I’ll share with you the net worth of Rude boy and Mr P net worth. Certainly, I don’t want to bore you with the long story of how they separated.

Money is good, poverty Na disease. As I sat on my cushion chair, I thought of the life of Nigerian celebrities e.g. musicians and how much they could be making.

Musicians are really making a fortune in the music industry. In fact, I can clearly say that I have met a lot of musicians on stage and seen some on television.

P square cannot be left out when it comes to the top richest musicians in Nigeria, based on their net worth. So what is P square net worth?

p square net worth - image of psquare

I can never forget the day I met the duo singers, I have been really touched by the way they sing and danced. Well, ever since I have been listening to their music, I have learned a lot of things.

Yea I have learned love, strength, patience and so on. Yea that is just it, different perspective and lessons learned.

The question asked by fans is “What is P square net worth”?

As we all know, the name Psqaure dominated not only Nigeria but Africa as a whole, Forbes ranked the twins as one of the top ten richest musicians in Africa?

First of all, it is good to hustle and make cool cash, but the road to the top will never be easy.

P square also have their success story, and below is a brief biography about them.

Short P square Biography

Peter and Paul Okoye were born on 18th November 1981 in Jos. They attended St. Murumba secondary school in Jos.

In 1999, the twins attended music school in order to develop their skills in the music industry, and they later further their education to study business administration in university of Abuja.  

They started singing and dancing at a very young age. Most noteworthy, Micheal Jackson was their role model, so they dance just like him.

Did you know that their stage name were Double P, P and P, Da pees, before they finally went with P SQUARE?

The popularity has come with more money but what is P square net worth today? I’ll get to that in a moment, I’m sure you’ve listened to most of their albums.

Image of psquare with their brother

P square has released many albums which include:

  • Last nite (2003)
  • Get squared (2005)
  • Game over (2007)
  • Danger (2009)
  • The invasion (2011)
  • Double Trouble (2014)
  • Ejeajo (2014)

You can download any of their music videos on these Nigerian music videos sites.

I could remember some of their songs like Personally, Busy body, Do Me, Danger, Bring it on, Chop my money and many more.

Based on popularity, we can now find an answer to the question “what is psquare net worth

What makes someone a celebrity; rich actresses, footballers, actors, teenage celebrities, producers, fashion designers, etc; I think it is money contributes hugely to making someone gain popularity.

P square has been investing their money in business in and out of the country and a strong recognition and wealth is the reward.

While performing on stage, they charges 15 million Naira per show, and this has perhaps make P square net worth to keep growing.

According to Forbes list P square net worth in dollars is estimated as $10 million.

Now that we’ve found an answer to the question: “what is P square net worth”, I think it would be nice to also consider the twins net worth individually.

Rude Boy Net Worth

paul okoye rude boy net worth

Paul Okoye popularly known as “Rude boy” is a singer, dancer and a song writer.

Though it was rumored that Rude boy produced 95% of P square songs, Paul got the name “Rude boy’ when the twins released the song “Busy body”.

He is married to Anita his longtime girlfriend. His net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million dollars. Paul has 712,000 followers on twitter and 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Paul and his wife

Rude Boy Endorsements

Well I don’t think Paul has embarked on any endorsements deal, but when Paul and his brother were still together, they are both Globacom telecommunication ambassador.

Rude Boy Investments

Yea, Rude boy has made his cool cash from music and other investment apart from singing. Paul has been into real estate business, because he has been buying and selling landed properties.

Rude Boy House and Cars

Rude Boy has a mansion in Atlanta next to his brother and many other real estates. He is also a lover of exotic cars. His cars include Mercedes Benz, wrangler, BMW X6 and a range rover.

P square net worth - rude boy cars
rude boy house


He’s not just the only celebrity that’s got cars, Linda Ikeji according to her likes to show off, and her net worth is also no joke.

Mr P Net worth

Peter okoye - mr p net worth

Hmm…. Peter Okoye whose stage name is Mr P is also enjoying himself. His net worth is estimated to be between $1.5 – $1.8 million dollars.

Peter Okoye is a performer, singer and a dancer and he is also married to Titilola.  Peter has over 3.1 million of followers on Instagram and over 1.5 million followers on twitter.

Peter and his wife

Mr P Houses and Cars

Mr P has mansions and luxurious cars which include 2 range rovers, a Benz G wagon, a wrangler Jeep and Dodge challenger that worth  30 million Naira.

Mr P houses

Mr P Endorsements

Mr P also bagged an endorsement deal with Olympic milk, Adidas, Kia motors and other multinational companies.

Also, he was the face of Glo dance with Peter show.  Like  his twin brother he also has a mansion in Atlanta he also signed a partnership deal with Empire.

Peter Okoye recently wins his first solo award as best artist, after he separated with his brother.

Still, both Peter and Paul makes it to the 8th position on the list of top 10 richest African musicians today.

If P square Were Still Together, This Would Have Been Their Net Worth

The internet almost crashed when Peter and Paul separated. While some fans criticized their decision to go separate ways, some stopped being their fan and some became sentimental.

I remember one of their songs with the line: Peter and Paul we be one no be two, so what happened?

Consequently, many have made fun of these talented twins saying the two are now upcoming artists.

When they were together, they made a great deal of money from music and other businesses. Surprisingly, net worth of P square in 2016 was estimated as #15 billion naira.

They had worked with American stars like Akon, Rick Ross and many more, and they gained popularity with their style of dance.

Both Peter and Paul acquired many luxurious properties which include cars and houses e.g one of their cars is Hummer Jeep H2 worth $120,000.

When they were together, they acquired a house in Atlanta, adding up to the one in Nigeria. Before they separated, they also own a private jet worth millions of dollars.

Even more, they signed many endorsement deals and won numerous awards which include MTV awards, KORA Awards, the headies and many more.

They are also brand ambassador with Globacom worth #100 million. P square net worth 2017 according to Forbes was estimated $70 million dollars while P square net worth in 2018 was estimated to be $10 million dollars.

p square award

Now you know more about psquare net worth. It is true that 20 friends cannot play together for 20years.

Assuming they were still together, I believe their net worth would have skyrocketed because P square and Rick Ross net worth is moving almost at the same pace.

I believe these Nigerian music hip hop artiste net worth would have been more than $150 million dollars if they were still together.

Hmm omo Eno easy o. All I know is that they are more than friends and will always be blood brothers. I am hoping that one day game will soon be over.

Although this separation might have been expected to be final, well it is not certain. Though the separation can lead to some break down, but yet they are still among the richest musicians in Nigeria.

P square Net Worth? (Summary)

I hope I have answered the question asked by music lovers especially P square fans. What is P Square net worth? How much money does psuare have, and more.

What is your take on this? Would you compare their net worth to the net worth of don jazzy and wizkid net worth today?

P square success didn’t come in just a day. In contrast they really work hard in order to become successful in life, and this has made them to gain popularity, fame and admiration.

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