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List of The Top 10 Richest Comedian In Nigeria

Who is the richest comedian in Nigeria?

Comedy is a kind of boredom slayer in this modern world. There are so many entertainers who are comically skilled to develop ideas in order to display them for other people to laugh and cheer up.

It is not strange that we also have a lot of Comedians in Nigeria rocking this money-making profession.

The top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria would be the key to determining how successful each comedian really is.

Most comedians in Nigeria are naturally gifted as they create different laughter scenes even without trying too hard.

Top 10 Richest Comedian in Nigeria

The comedy business has made a lot of comedians a huge amount of money in Nigeria, so the top 10 richest in the current year would be ranked and examined accordingly.


1. ALIBABA (3 Billion Naira)

Richest comedian in nigeria is Ali Baba

Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome whose stage name is Ali Baba is one of the best comedians in Nigeria and as well the most successful of them all.

He’s the richest comedian in Nigeria. He is seen as the king of Nigerian comedy and has also assisted a lot of comedians to achieve their desires in the comedy business.

Ali Baba charges up to 5 million Naira or more per show for each of his fans to see him perform live on stage.

The determinant of Ali Baba’s being the richest comedian In Nigeria is based on his Net Worth which is up to 3 Billion Naira. Ali Baba makes up to 500 million Naira or more per Annum.

He also has a mansion that worth 300 million Naira and all these has not only made him the richest comedian in Nigeria but it has also made him the most respected comedian with regards to his hard work in the business.

2. AY MAKUN (2.5 Billion Naira)

Ayo Makun - Nigeria's richest comedian today

Ayo Makun is one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria and whose fame has also made him the second richest comedian in Nigeria.

AY the comedian has gained the heart of the people through one of his popular show called AY Live.

(AY started through the mentorship of Ali Baba, the King of comedy and in a very short while, he became very popular not only because he had one of the best mentors but also because he did the hard work.

He has his own club called MVP Club from which he makes a lot of money and as well has hosted several events in his MVP club.)

AY’s net worth is valued at 2.5 Billion Naira and he charges over 2 Million naira per show.

One of his very much successful movies is that of 30 Days in Atlanta which as well boosted his fame.

3. BASKET MOUTH (2 Billion Naira)

Bright Okocha - most popular comedian in Nigeria

Bright Okpocha whose stage name is Basket mouth can be seen as the third richest comedian in Nigeria, though, not on the list of 10 wealthiest igbo men in Nigeria.

Basket mouth is super talented, especially in using gestures to make people laugh. (Basket mouth performs nationally and internationally specifically in places like America, London, and some other countries.

He is a very hardworking comedian that earns over 250 million Naira per Annum from his comedy business.

It is of no doubt that his net worth is valued at 2 Billion Naira for he is also a businessman. He also ngages in some endorsement deals, especially with that of the popular Globacom Ltd.

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4. I GO DYE (1.8 Billion Naira)

I go die - funny Nigerian comedian

I Go Dye whose original name is Francis Agoda is a very funny comedian, in fact, his name says it all ”I Go Dye”.

I Go Dye is the fourth Richest comedian in Nigeria and can also be seen as a CEO himself. He is the CEO of Revamp Construction company – Road construction and real estate altogether

I Go Dye is the Ambassador for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. His net worth is valued at 1.8 Billion Naira.

5. JULIUS AGWU (1.5 Billion Naira)

julius agwu

The fourth richest comedian in Nigeria can be linked to Julius Agwu whose net worth is valued at 1.5 Billion Naira.

Julius Agwu makes a lot of money from his comedy shows for he charges up to 2 million Naira per show.

Julius Agwu is seen as a writer, actor and also seen as one of the oldest successful comedians in Nigeria.


Okey bakassy

Okey Bakassi is the Sixth richest comedian in Nigeria, with a net worth estimating to 800 million Naira.

 Okey Bakassi has made a lot of money from rich politicians for he organizes different shows and events for them.

He is also portrayed as an actor and has taken roles of MC on different occasions. Okey Bakassi is very a multi-talented comedian for he has also attained the role of senior Assistant on entertainment in Imo State and also an icon of success in his comedy business.


Bovi rich nigerian comedian

Bovi whose full name is Abovi Ugboma can be ranked as the seventh richest comedian in Nigeria.

Bovi is portrayed as one of the best comedians in Nigeria and has also made a lot of money from his shows and adverts for he charges over 1 million per show.

Bovi’s net worth is valued at 600 million Naira in which qualifies him to be among the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria.


Gbenga Adeyinka - list of richest comedians in Nigeria

Gbenga Adeyinka, a very much respected comedian in Nigeria can be rated as the Eighth richest comedian in Nigeria.

He has a very high reputation in his comedy business, especially among the top class politicians that attend most of his comedy shows and events.

Gbenga Adeyinka is the CEO of Laffmattaz records and has a net worth valued at 500 million Naira.


Gordons popular nigerian comedian

Godwin Komone whose stage name is Gordons in the comedy world can be seen as one of the 10 richest comedians in Nigeria.

He has a net worth valued at 400 Million naira in which has enabled him to be the Ninth richest comedian in Nigeria.

Gordons the comedian is a very hardworking gospel musician as well and he makes over 100 million naira from his comedy business per annum.

Gordons became very popular when he anchored the show of “A Nite of a thousand laugh”.

He has also performed in one of AY’s most popular show called AY Live in which also boosted his popularity)

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10. Akpororo

akpororon- top richest comedian in Nigeria

The tenth richest Comedian in Nigeria, goes to comedian Akpororo. Akpororo is a comedian that is popularly known for performing comedy shows in churches, stages, and some other public events.

His hard work has given him a successful career and has also made him very rich within a short period of time.

He once signed 2 years endorsement deal with Airtel Nigeria and he is also an actor in some movies like “The Antique” and “Head Gone”

Akpororo’s net worth is valued at 350 million naira in which has made him to be among the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria.

There you have the list of the richest Nigerian comedians, interestingly, their net worth is just a tiny fraction of the net worth of the richest woman in Africa.

10 Richest comedians In Nigeria (Summary)

Are you the funny type? Have you got all it takes to make people laugh? You too can start a career as a comedian.

Comedy money can be made if you have all it takes to be funny enough and also ready at all times to do the hard work.

There you have the latest list of the top ten richest comedian in Nigeria. Did you know that most of these comedians in Nigeria started on a very low profile?

Now, look at them today and what they have achieved! Word of advice? Don’t stop dreaming and continue to work hard to achieve greatness.

Adeola Oluwatayo
Adeola is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. She's a graduate of the Prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University OAU. She loves finding information and sharing her knowledge with others.

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