Top 10 Tallest Woman In the World

Top 10 tallest woman in the world living
Top 10 tallest woman in the world living

Who is the tallest living woman in the world right now?

Well, according to Guinness World Records, Sun Fang at 7 feet 3 inches of height is the tallest woman in the world.

Sun Fang hails from China and is also the tallest woman in the People’s Republic. She became the tallest woman in the world after the then record holder, Yao Defen, passing on 13th November 2012. Yao Defen stood at 7 feet 8 inches tall.


Tallest woman in the world living - Sun Fang

Sun Fang, however, is some inches shy of the incredible Dafoe. She was born in 1987, and not much is known about her other than the fact that she is often mistaken for Dafoe because they share much in their looks.

The Tallest Woman In the World Top 10 List

While being tall has been a blessing to some like the models, the basketball athletes the taller-than-above average height women in this list have heard a mix of both.

Some have attained celebrity status, played ball, appeared in TV shows while others have experienced health complications and stigma.

Talk about the world’s tallest woman and thoughts about the tallest man in the world will come to mind.Here’s the list of the tallest women in the world:

Rumesya Gelgi

Rumesya Gelgi second tallest female in the world

At 7 feet tall, she’s the second tallest living woman. She hails from Turkey and was born in 1997. Rumesya’s biography includes:

She has a condition known as Weaver Syndrome, which is characterized by large size at birth, atypical face, feet and hands plus abnormally fast growth rate.

  • At age 19 she was unable to walk and since then makes use of a wheelchair.
  • She says she gets lots of curious stares from people.
  • Underwent a medical operation to stop her growth.
  • Her hobbies are sightseeing, the internet, and books.

Uljana Semjonova

Uljana Semjonova - real life giant - tallest women in the world

She hails from the Soviet Union and is considered a basketball ball legend after her run with the USSR basketball teams in the ’70s and 80’s Olympics.

She bagged multiple championships during her career and has since retired, but she is the oldest tallest living woman:

  • She was born on 9th March 1952
  • She stands at 7 feet tall
  • She once held the record of the biggest shoe in basketball – she still wears men’s size 21(USA)
  • She’s listed in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Gitika Srivastava

Gitika Srivastava tall woman

Hailing from India and at 6 feet 11 inches tall, she is the 5th tallest woman in the world. Her father is a giant man too at 7 feet 4 inches of height.

Her years of overcoming stigma and stereotype have earned her the following lovely profile:

  • She had a run with India’s National Basketball team.
  • She graduated from Harvard and has an MBA from MIT too.
  • She founded and now heads Navya Network Inc – India’s leading provider of medical software solutions.
  • She also manages an investment firm – KAHM capital.

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Elisany Silva

Elisany Silva tallest teenager in the world

She’s Brazilian and has put her 6’9” height into good use as a model. In 2014, she got married to her childhood sweetheart, the guy proposed then she bent down and planted a kiss on his lips, how lovely?

Elisany’s biography includes:

  • She’s 6’9” making her the 6th tallest woman
  • She was born on 27th September 1995
  • Her boyfriend is only 5 feet 4 inches tall
  • She towers over her parents and siblings too.
  • She wants to have kids but foresees a problem as she once had a benign tumor; however, adoption is on the table too.
  • She debuted as a model in a bridal dress in Belem 2015.

Caroline Welz

At 6 feet 9 inches, she is the tallest woman in Germany and the 7th tallest woman in the world.

At age 7 she had a 1.5-meter growth spurt and was bullied a lot by her schoolmates. She now works in fashion: as a model and tailor in Cologne Germany. Some of her other information include:

  • She was born on 6th June 1986
  • She’s now very popular and an inspiration to her home nation.
  • She’s very level headed.
  • She sought to find a man as tall as her, and at the 2009 High People Internet Forum, she found her 1.92 meters, tall prince.

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury USA Women’s Basketball League stands at 6 feet 9 inches, putting her at number 8th tallest living woman in the world.

She has bagged gold medals from the Olympics and world championships. Her biography includes:

  • She is 28 years old – was born in 1990.
  • She has made it to the WNBA all-star team four times now.
  • She had a run at the Russian Basketball League too.
  • She has three siblings, all of whom are of average body height.
  • She wears men’s size, 17 shoes (USA).

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Shweatlana Singh

She’s from India too and a practitioner of holistic medicine -naturopathy. She also played basketball like Gitika Srivastava.

She’s married, and her son is breaking some records too, such as being the tallest toddler in the world. She hopes he grows up to love basketball and join the NBA someday.

  • Her husband is 6 feet, 6 inches.
  • She finds it hard to board buses or walk around shopping.
  • She is 6 feet 8 inches tall but claims she’s more than that (7 feet 2 inches).

Rita Miniva Besa

She was born in Zimbabwe but immigrated to the USA where she’s now settled. At 6 feet 8 inches, she’s also the 10th tallest woman in the world.

She says she couldn’t let her height affect her self-esteem; she, therefore, chose to join the USA women’s basketball league.

Some of her other biographical information include:

  • She’s very private – not much is known about her.
  • She considers her height to be a blessing.

The Tallest Woman In the World (Conclusion)

Towering over their families, countrymen, and women, some of the women in this list cherish their gigantic stature while others consider it a curse -it has caused them pain and even death. Some have even sort medical intervention to stunt their growth.

Sophie Hollins, a British teen at 6ft 2in, for example, has been crowned the tallest teen by Guinness World Records.

Though she finds it cool being different from her schoolmates- she has recently undergone a procedure to stop further growth. Let’s wish her all the best.