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Olamide Badoo: 5 Business & Life Lessons From Him

Mention the name Olamide anywhere in Nigeria and Olamide badoo comes to mind; a super talented Nigerian artiste who started from the street and made it to the top!

Olamide badoo business inspiration

Olamide badoo! My guy, among other stars like Davido, Wizkid, Reminisce, and Don jazzy, Olamide Adedeji has also taken Nigerian music to the Next level.

You know what; check out his albums and songs on any of these top 14 music websites in Nigeria and see him flow!

5 Business and Life Lessons From Olamide Badoo History

Born on 15th of March, 1989 in Bariga, Lagos state, Olamide badoo music success started in 2010 when he released a hit single; ‘Eni Duro’

This young man is one big legendary hustler and that’s why I’ve put up this article about Business and Life lessons from Olamide Badoo music career – pay attention to number 4.

From Nothing to Something

Olamide is not like most of the popular artistes that I know, most are from a rich Background.

Others had a good opportunity from record labels, but Olamide Baddo has a different story, from street to hits.

Yesterday when our website reached 210,000 monthly visitors, I quickly remembered Olamide’s story, from Nothing To Something. He has made it to the top 10 richest Nigerian artiste.

The lesson? Have a dream, start doing something you’re passionate about, be on the learning curve, believe and don’t stop hustling.

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Olamide Was and Still Loved Because of The Quality of His Yoruba Rap Lines

Olamide’s Yoruba rap is why I loved him back then, Eni duro to Young Erikina, and then other rap hits like Eeyan-Mayweather. He tops the list of top 10 best Nigerian rappers

Looking at this, I have always told myself to stick to quality and uniqueness, I didn’t create a news blog like my friends would do, I know Naijaloaded and lindaikeji are handling that very well already, and if I did compete with them I will need money, kudi.

The Lesson? Stick with what works best for you, you’ll have loyal fans. For me, I decided to stick with a topic I have passion for, and that’s entrepreneurship. You can check out our online business category and our free blogging course.

Though I am not yet on top of the game like Olamide badoo has, I’ve not executed all plans to really achieve this, but I have taken one big step to getting a steady 200k monthly traffic to Oasdom and still growing.

Soon, my team and I will focus more on providing life, business, and blogging advice to our beloved readers, I see a bright future.

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Olamide Is Not Selfish

When Olamide Badoo sneh joined the fame league, he started partnering and helping people.

I don’t know if Olamide partnered with Pheelz or signed him, the point his, he has one of the best producers one can think of In Nigeria.

Olamide did not stop there; he has a very good communication skill and respects his colleagues in the industry. With Olamide net worth, he signed Lil-kesh, Adekunle-GoldChinko Ekun and others in a non-selfish deal.. That’s what I call Street love.

The life lesson? “He (Olamide badoo) was once a nobody, but now, he’s a somebody that’s ready to make a nobody into a somebody”.

My part of the story is, when Oasdom reaches our goal, we will be ready to help every interested mind create a true business, treat employees and everyone well, and that’s what Oasdom is all about – A business and education website promoting self-reliance and inspiring business creation.

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Olamide Badoo Is Versatile

Olamide is known to be a rapper, but while that is very true, he has one of the best chorus lines, look at Bobo and Melo-melo. He does different kind of music with his uniqueness.

Versatility is also needed in business, as time changes, so do our strategies. I wish to meet Olamide in person, his story is a story for everybody hustling out there, don’t quit.

You should listen to Olamide’s song titled Letter to Milli, it will inspire you a lot, I mean, A LOT. Remember how he goes to shows with zero in his pocket, 2008, 2009, he started from the streets.

The lesson? You can be whatever you wanna become, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Dream big! Don’t stop dreaming, work hard (je ki orie pe!), and whatever you consistently attach to yourself, you will become.

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There’s Reward For the Price You Pay For Success

We’ve heard it over and over again that the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary, and this is so true.

Think about Davido music career for example, though from a wealthy family, he still had to pay the price for success.

Olamide badoo kept putting the pedal to the metal, he never stopped, true it wasn’t easy but it is always worth it.

He has made millions, landed deals, bought houses and cars and could even appreciate his mum.

The lesson? Before you can earn, you must learn, you must work hard, you must believe, you must be consistent and when opportunity comes, it will be knocking on the right door of value you have created.

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Some Pictures of Olamide Badoo

We all love pictures of people who inspire us isn’t it, here are few pictures of bado sneh, from story to glory.

pictures of olamide - olamide albums

Olamide business

Olamide-and-Korede-Bello olamide pictures

Olamide pictures Olamide adedeji life lessons

olamide badoosneh

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5 Business and Life Lessons From Olamide Badoo (Summary)

I’m a fan of the movie “3 Idiots” and the popular saying “follow excellence and success will chase you”. Life is a race and while some people are saying that life is harsh, it’s unfair, some have also turned their mess into message.

Olamide badoo net worth today didn’t come from any inheritance from his family background, he hustled and turned obstacles into miracle. He never stopped believing in himself and put in the work.

Don’t just sit and say you want to become this or that or you want to achieve something, get up and do the work! Go through the mess, be humble and someday, just like Olamide badoo, you’ll have your name carved on stones.

Did you find this inspiring and motivating? Have you found a lesson you can apply in life situations that arise in every hustle? Please use the comment box below, we’d love to have your thoughts.

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