Hustle Is Real – 19 Inspiring Nigerian Hustle Songs For Every Young Hustler

Oasdom top Nigerian hustle songs 1
Oasdom top Nigerian hustle songs 1

My brother, see en, hustle is real o. I remember telling my mother I was tired one afternoon and instead of getting that green card to go sleep or the ‘sorry my dear’; I got something else that has stayed with me all through till date.

She said ‘what’s tired? Only a dead man is tired.She went further to say There is no rest until we lay in the grave, so keep hustling’.

Living or growing up in an economy that has not reached a stable high score of commendation yet, it has become an unspeakable rule, indubitable mandate, adrenaline drive, burning zeal, reality dream to have a place in the society or survive in it.

It started with that translation in Queen’s English words making up that proverbial sentence: “no food for a lazy man”.

You do not need to be told what to do, it was clear as you either work to eat or work hard to have more than just food.

And so it began, with the defiance of the younger generation came resilience to be somebody and not be eaten up in the jungle (or should I say zoo? Since that has become an antonym for Nigeria).

With the resilience came questions, innovations, inspirations, ideas. It did not take long before a word considered inappropriate, derogatory by all standards of dictionaries was settled in comfortably as the best appropriate word for working hard: HUSTLE.

While some call it LEVERAGE, youths of today find it so hard to settle with the common little monthly stipends called salary.

How would one get paid 12 times in 365 days?

That question has moved more than enough Nigerian youths to learn skills in this digital age, start a business and hustle like kilode..

While some are into photography, some have started blogging, some have learned how to build websites without coding and charge others by doing so.

Not only that, some have started importation business and freelanced to make money online.

As we’re talented with brains, there’s now a cool solution to open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria without using any VPN, Nigerian youths need this to receive payment for the digital services they provide online.

19 Inspiring Nigerian Hustle Songs That Will Inspire You

I present to you in no particular order, 25 Nigerian hustle songs that you can listen to, anytime you choose to.

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OLUWA LO NI by Wizkid

The song is centered on the story of a boy on the streets with one jeans and shirt that would have been white as snow from washing every day.

“Suffer doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, the Starboy did not give up instead stayed strong in the hustle.

While there are short cuts to making wealth, think well o. “…glitters can be deceiving…look sharp, stop sleeping”.

Get up from that bed every day with a positive mindset, go to bed staying woke. Stay away from negative vibes, to be honest; suffering will not kill you. Learn from it and use it to create innovative ideas.


’Ojuelegba shitta…’ e don do no sing again. This is another of Nigerian hustle songs that gingers one with his true life story and messages.

We all see wizkid today all made but he did not have things all rosy for him from the beginning.

TOMORROW by Barry Jhay

In this song, the artist tells us not to over think things as no knows tomorrow, we are only sure of today. The lesson here is to keep doing that thing you do, keep hustling; you never know when you will hit it.

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Opportunities are recognized by those who are prepared. Gaskya. So do well but do not lose guard.

Like seriously, what exactly do we stand to gain if we do not make money? I can tell you, honestly, nothing short of mediocrity, insults and all rubbish that comes with poverty.

The song is one of Nigerian hustle songs that have got messages imbibed in it. While some may think he is dwelling on money values, he shares serious tips that can be used in business or whatever kind of hustle one is in.

This song advises to not take the same steps that did not yield results. You cannot keep doing things the same way and expect different results…tah. Plus what is the point of hustle if it is not yielding result…do not stop o…hustle hard.

You tell me, what is struggle without sweet? Include prayers in the routine.

WORK by Adekunle Gold

Adekunle gold tells his listeners a truth they have been hearing all their life in this song that is on the list of Nigerian hustle songs: “No food for lazy man’.

He admonishes them to double their hustle as you cannot call groundnut oil crude oil neither can you label the latter as the former.

You would agree with me this is a song to listen to when you want to be motivated.


There was no need beating around the bush as the singer bluntly said in his song, that ‘…if you want to make it in life, you gotta double your hustle…


Admired by many, Olamide badoo shares the reason for hustle in one of Nigerian hustle songs.

He advocates hustling so as to be free from the shackles of poverty. No man is an island, they say, he also acknowledges the Supreme being in this song, giving gratitude to God for life.


While water falls from up (the sky) as rain drops, this songs is telling you to be real and get honest with yourself as money will not fall neither will it drizzle nor drop like rain.

This song, which is on the list of Nigerian hustle songs, bluntly told listeners to work as they pray as God will not come down from heaven to give anybody money.

Right from the time of our ancestors, money have been made in different businesses so do not think that business that seems like it is not moving will not boom tomorrow; just keeping hustling with sense.

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STYLEE by DJ Jimmy Jat

The veteran DJ shares his hustle story in this song making it one of those songs themed as Nigerian hustle songs.

He said it is not only about just hustling as ‘…what is the gain without no pain?’ He went further to admonish listeners to ‘do it right…in any profession’.

BRING IT ON by Psquare

Psquare use themselves as reference in this song, one of Nigerian hustle songs, as their hustle paid off at the end of the day.

Make una join me bikonu…’I don’t care who you are, where you from, or what you do. Just as long as you chasing money, do what’s right never give up on it…’

lemme hear you say…’bring it on, bring it on’…chai I suppose dey perform on stage o.

Do not even for one second think the field is full so you will not make because you will as even the one that gets to the finish line is given a tag like those that came ahead even if it bears last position.

Hmmm…Hustle, a derogatory word that has become slang on the ghetto streets of Nigeria has even graduated and done NYSC to become an equivalent appropriate word for hard work.

No wonder some of the famous Nigerian songs are themed Nigerian hustle songs and so keep scrolling as I unveil more Nigerian hustle songs in this piece that is exclusively about them.

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Victor stresses how there is no failure in his dictionary, its either ‘you win or win’…no matter how much you try to narrate it; there is no such thing as excuse for failure.

When you do not hustle to be something, you are making that choice to settle for less, like suffer no dey tire you?

BLESSINGS ON ME by Reekado Banks

Do not lie that your does not do that manyan manyan thing when you are singing along.

The song is not exempted from our list of Nigerian hustle songs.


The history of Nigerian hustle songs did not start with the millenias, this song is an evidence of that. A song sung by Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade and now by Simi.

The song still encourages one to not give up even after prayer and work instead keep pushing forward everyday.

OMO ANIFOWOSE by Olamide Badoo

Growing up as a poor kid was tough, people looking down on you. Opportunities are hard to come by due to lack of money in the family.

Getting drunk or high does not stop you and poverty from waking up together. He advises to stop living fake life and do the needful.

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TRUMPET by Tekno

They say you can talk when you have been in the shoes of what you are talking about.

Tekno narrates how he came to Lagos with empty pockets, no dime. He had a dream and he hustled ‘seriously’ to achieve that dream.

Now you see tekno dancing lekekelekeke everywhere. In his song we were made to understand that even if our parents bless and pray for us every day, it is our hard work ‘hustle’ to complete the ingredients of our success.


‘…please invest money…’ Timaya sang to the rhythm of the beat (as to say na im sing am I no fit say song)

The song warns that if you do not hustle now, you will bite your flesh with nails when you see your friends already made tomorrow.

You do not have work yet you are trying to live large, flaunt money; they will not tell you when the time is right.

OSINACHI by Humblesmith

Humble smith said while hustling, pray and while praying also fast.

I PRAY by Teni

What answer will you give when your child asks you what you were doing when your mates were hustling to make it? How would you feel? I really want to know.

Teni tells us to hustle so our children will not ask where we were when people were hustling.

THANK GOD by Dagrin

Before he passed away from the land of the living, Dagrin sang a song that has stayed as one of Nigerian hustle songs till date as the song connected to its listeners and tells of Dagrin hustle in life.

This song has always triggered the thinking faculty of most in the direction of ‘hustle it till you make it’.

JARE by Mingin

The saying ‘no food for lazy man’ has refused to go in to extinction as the singer tells his listeners to hustle hard as one day things will turn around for the best.

He asked how many songs an artist will sing to make it. The best is to stay woke and look to God to bless your sweat.

Summary of Nigerian Hustle Songs

It is a norm to hear ‘hustle’ here and there in Nigeria; you even hear teenagers saying ‘I’m a hustler’.

Nigerian is a developing country where you do not get things handed down to you but instead earn them else you are below ground zero or should I say poverty stricken in the country.

Most of the successful ones did not meet the farm with ready to harvest crops like some but instead hustled their way up to the top; some are role models and have come out into the light to inspire others with their stories and others with the gift of their voice.

You can listen to these songs everyday or not, anytime you choose jare; when you are feeling down, how about listening to these songs and come tell me how it gingered you?

Which is your favorite?

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