Create Professional Websites Without ANY Knowlegde Of Programming Online Training (More Info Below)


You don't need to learn how to write computer programmes (c#,Java,php,html,css) before you can create beautiful and well functioning websites?  

In this online course I will teach you how I create stunning websites without writing a single line of code and how I have created such sites for clients and I charged between 40,000 to Over 58,000 Naira per site.

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You're In Luck! I'm Letting the First 100 Students In for N18,000 

Normal Price: N28,000  

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At the end of the course YOU WILL be able to make professional websites (few examples below) 

  • (Entrepreneurship and News Website) 
  • (Forex Trading Blog) 
  • (Domkinut Steel Fabrications LTD)
  • (Payment solution by  
  • (Urban International Services Nigeria Ltd)  
  • (Ecommerce Website)

Here's What You'll Learn...


Introduction: Why Learn How to Build Websites Today? 

Learning how to build a website is one hot skill in high demand, you know why that is so? Based on stats, about 2 blogs/sites are launched every second, that means 172,800 websites are being launched into the web space every day. If you know how to do this, you can charge as high as you want, and earn money doing this. We have created a comprehensive, easy to follow, well explained step-by-step course lessons with videos, pictures and texts that will teach you this from the comfort of your home. I will be your tutor and be ready to answer your questions. All you need is a; Computer Internet Connection and Learning Drive 


Getting Started: The First 5 Key Phases You Can’t Do Without  

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own and any other website to show you how everything works(so easy to understand.

Here you will learn;  

STEP 1: Understanding Domain Names STEP 2: Understanding Web Hosting and Choosing a Web Hosting Provider STEP 3: How To Register Your Domain Name(e.g And Web-hosting Account(Video) STEP 4: Install WordPress, Activate SSL & Open A Customized Email Account(e.g (Video) STEP 5: Accessing Your WordPress Dash Board - First Things to Do (Video) BONUS: How to Access Your Customized Email Account On PC &Smartphone (Video) BONUS: How to Add Contents to Your WordPress Blog BONUS: Adding Blog Posts to Your Site Using WordPress Post Page BONUS: Top Cool Places On the Web to Get FREE Images For Your Site


REAL DEAL: Designing Websites Like a Pro Without Writing Any Line of Code - The TOOL I Use  

Here comes the real deal so pay CLOSE ATTENTION to every word in the 2 videos of this lesson.

I'm going to show you the tool I use to build stunning websites just by clicking, dragging and dropping.  

I'm also going to show you how easy the tool is, and give you examples of how super easy it is to design a website in no time with it, and how to get the tool.


Designing The Website Without Coding - First Things First (100+ Customizable Website Templates)

You will agree with me that so far, you've learned a lot, from the start till this very point. 

Also you're starting to see the bigger picture of what this knowledge can earn you.

You need to install the site builder, activate it, use the API key given, create pages, create MENUS and more.


Theme Option ; Customization: Eye Opening Menu, Logo, Logo Design, Page Design Settings & More. (Edit Pages With a Drag-and-Drop Builder)

What are theme options? What is theme customization? That's what you'll learn in this lesson..  

In this video as well, you'll learn how to use menus and customize the menu colors, menu texts, logo creation, how to add logos, and other page settings that you'll find eye opening. 


BONUS: How to Monetize and Build Websites For Others.  

Now you know how to build a website without having to learn any form of programming.

I'm going to share with you some tips to help you get started. But first, you may be wondering, how I'm I receiving many offers to build sites for people, isn't it.  

One thing is, currently, over 100,000 people visit every month, and our blog setup service page is one of the pages that visitors go to.  

I'm not sure you can get clients or customers the way I do, so I'm going to share with you pro tips to land customers and make money building websites for them. 

100% Complete


You're In Luck! I'm Letting The First 100 Students In for N18,000

Normal Price: N28,000 

Your Price: N18,000 (For a Limited Time)

**60 People Have Registered!**

What Will Happen Immediately I Pay the N18,000? You'll Get a Username & Login to Access this Premium Course