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List of Alcoholic Drinks In Nigeria [16 Popular Nigerian Drinks]

Here’s an updated list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria – the popular Nigerian drinks (alcoholic beverage companies in Nigeria) with prices.

Are you thinking about getting some beverages for your occasion? Check out my List of local alcoholic drinks in Nigeria and get even more information.

Not quite long we made a post on the list of top 51 popular foods in Nigeria, you should check that out. Nice food goes with nice drinks, isn’t it?

This list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria also features the price of Nigerian beverages and the price per cartoon of each beverage.

Though some may argue that alcoholic drinks are not endorsed in the Holy Books, I’d say I’ve never read that myself.

 Whatever you do, “If you drink, always drink responsibly”]

Regardless of the fact that Nigeria is rated one of the top religious countries in the world, many people still type into Google “the list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria” a lot, and this shows how much we love alcoholic drinks.

The more the population of Nigeria grows the more we have alcoholic brands and breweries in Nigeria setting up and producing alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholic drinks in Nigeria are grouped into several types; from Beer to wines and spirits which are used in different occasions or just for leisure.

According to analysts, a higher percentage of people consume more beer than any other beverage on the list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria.

You know what? Let’s get down to the list as we have the names of spirit drinks in Nigeria.

List of Alcoholic Drinks In Nigeria – Popular Alcoholic Brand Names

I would have loved to give you the names of alcoholic drinks in alphabetical order but wouldn’t you want the top list?

Here are few alcoholic drinks (alcoholic beverages) out of so many on the list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria:

1. Guinness Stout

Guinness Stout tops my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. That’s what I’m going to start with. Guinness is an alcoholic drink manufactured by Guinness – a high profile company which started operations in  Nigeria in 1962.

guinness list of alcoholic drinks in nigeria

Most Nigerians especially aged ones love this alcoholic drink because the drink is beneficial to the human heart. Yes, cholesterol finds it hard to accumulate in the body.

The foamy cream found in the Guinness drink is caused by Nitrogen with less acidity and this drink is the most alcoholic beer with 7.2% abv on my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria.

It has tangy flavor and the color of the drink is deep red/brown with a white head. Did you know that Up to November 2009 in Ireland, blood donors used to be offered free Guinness after they had given blood?

The good news is that the number of blood donors hasn’t dropped since the free Guinness stopped.

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2. Heineken Beer – Popular Bar Drink

Another powerful and classy drink on my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria is Heineken Beer. The Greenbottle and red star drink have 5% alcohol content.

Heineken Beer alcoholic brand in Nigeria

This drink is mostly used in occasions and is manufactured by Heineken Group.

Out of many others on my list of alcohol drinks in Nigeria Heineken stands out to be one of most respected beer in Nigeria because of its high price, and how refreshing the drink could be when chilled before taken.

You must have seen when top soccer players advertises this brand, you feel like to grab a glass on the spot and have a taste.

3. Trophy Beer

Trophy beer is crafted and brewed in Nigeria and it has the title – Honorable. On my list alcoholic drinks in Nigeria, Trophy Beer is the most widely consumed beer in the western part of Nigeria and it is highly used in occasions.

trophy beer alcoholic drinks

The alcoholic brand was founded by Dr. Lawrence Omole in 1971 and commenced production in December 1978. The Trophy beer with 5% abv alcohol content is also referred to as ‘the pride of west’

4. Goldberg Beer

Another beer on my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria is GoldBerg – a premium quality lager beer. It is a beer rich in quality, smooth in taste, and cleanly stored in a colorful metallic bottle.

list of alcoholic wines in nigeria - Goldberg beer

Goldberg filled in 60cl bottle and 50cl can SKUs is a distinctive flavor fermented to a matured refreshing taste made from 100% barley malt, hops and pure water which fit in for any occasions and best when chilled.

5. Star Larger Beer

Hmm, shine-shine bobor! Just shine on. Also on my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria is Star Larger beer – a branded drink which was introduced into Nigeria market in 1949.

star lagar beer brand in nigeria

The white bubbling foam drink has 5.10% abv alcohol content and it’s smoothness is a slightly medium bitterness you get from the drink. This alone has made the customers asking for more.

The 100% grain, get a shining green 600ml bottle size and 33cl can which has a blue label. Star Lager beer is used everywhere in Nigeria for all sorts of celebrations.

At this point, it may come to your mind, compared to non-alcoholic local drinks like kunu, are alcoholic drinks beneficial and nutritive? I think that should be an assignment.

6. Budweiser

list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria - Budweiser

Budweiser is a filtered beer, available on draft and in bottles and cans, made (unlike the Czech lager) with up to 30% rice in addition to the hops and barley malt used by all lagers.

Budweiser is an American-style pale lager produced by Anheuser-Busch, part of AB InBev.

Internationally, Budweiser may also refer to an unrelated pale lager beer, originating in České Budějovice, Czech Republic produced by the Budějovický Budvar brewery. Alcohol volume is 5%

7. Hero

The 11-pointed star beams yellow, orange, and red, and from its place upon a dark green background, the pull is irresistible — especially since it calls from the label of a green, 60-centiliter bottle containing alcohol. 

This beer, Hero Lager, is consumed around Nigeria, where bargoers and those drinking at backyard parties down it mostly from bottles, enjoying its hoppy and slightly bitter taste.

Perhaps more important than its social function, though, is the fact that Hero Lager has become an inspirational symbol in Nigeria since it was launched in 2012, tapping into positive associations with the southeast region’s loyalties, struggles, traditions, and tastes — a beer for locals, by locals. 

8. Harp Beer

Harp Beer was first produced in Nigeria by Guinness Plc in the year 1974 and it is made with natural ingredients and has 5.15% alcohol content.

Harp beer by guiness brand

It is available in 60cl bottle and 33cl can. It is filtered for a crispy smooth and distinctive taste for any social function.

9. Gulder Lager Beer

On my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria, I have Gulder Lagar Beer. This beer has its own uniqueness and it is the first Nigerian beer sold in brown bottle and label.

I seriously can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the Gulder Ultimate Bottle, most especially on the Gulder Ultimate Search Tv Show. Gulder was introduced in 1970.

list of alcoholic drinks in nigeria Gulder ultimate

Gulder Lager Beer is brewed in Nigeria in 600ml bottle containing 5.25% ABV alcohol content.

The bottle with gold neck foil and bold shoulder embossment, associated with the boldness of character with metallic body label are made for strong men.

This drink is loved by Nigerians because of its crisp and distinctive taste made from hops, is one of the top beers in Nigeria.

This ultimate beer makes millions of sales yearly and it is currently exported to different continents and countries. The beer goes well in any gathering and can be individual.

My list of alcohol brands in Nigeria continues with 33 Export Lagar Beer. Did you know that The drink was moved into the Nigerian alcohol market in the year 1979? Now you know.

10. 33 Export Lagar Beer

Export Lagar beer has also made it to my top list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. There was a time when this drink was prepared as a rice beer using rice in Vietnam and now made by Sabeco brewery.

33 export lager beer list of alcoholic drinks

This drink is made in 660ml bottle and 330ml can and it has 5% alcohol content. It is one of most used beer for any occasion in Nigeria and is widely loved by alcohol consumers.

The green bottle beer contains hops, malted barley, sucrose, water and sorghum with crisp taste. It is refreshing and sparkling when refrigerated or when mixed with ice.

11. Hennessy Cognac

Another brand on my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria is Hennessy Cognac. This is a fancy drink and it is made from grape. It is one of top drinks sold in the world with more than 50 million bottles yearly.

hennessy cognac beer brand in Nigeria

The company, founded 253 years ago has a product that is highly loved by its consumers. Hennessy Cognac has alcohol content of 40% and it is highly used by most popular hip hop artists including top Nigerian hip hop musician and celebrities.

12. Baron Romero

Baron romero list of alcoholic drinks in nigeria

This is the cheapest wine in our list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. Baron is a colorful Spanish red wine with blackcurrant blended from grapes. It has alcohol content of 11%.

13. Smirnoff Ice Vodka

Smirnoff Ice vodka alcoholic drink price

The 40% abv alcohol content is a clean, fine alcoholic drink in Nigeria. The smooth vodka is majorly cultured for nightlife style and mostly requested at any commercial bar for any flow of conversation among group of people.

14. Absolute Vodka

list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria

This drink doesn’t contain any sugar made from natural ingredients which are water and winter wheat. It is rich in taste, smooth, and highly distinctive. The highly demanded nightlife vodka has 40% abv alcohol content.

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15. Baileys Cream

Baileys Cream alcoholic drinks

Also on my list of alcoholic drinks is Baileys Cream, a trademark owned by Diageo. This creamy drink has alcohol content of 17%. It tastes nice, rich in Irish dairy cream, smooth, and also contain cocoa for the cheerful moment you need.

16. Carlo Rossi

Concluding my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria is Carlo Rossi. Made in California, this red wine drink has very smooth taste, crispy berry flavor and gentle mild fruity nose.

nigerian alcoholic drinks

The 14% abv alcohol content is one of the cheapest quality drinks you could get for any events or affairs. Just get a glass cup with chilled Carlo Rossi red wine and enjoy the smoothness of the drink.

Price Of Drinks In Nigeria

The price of these drinks varies which depends on the type of drink and the store you’re getting the drinks from.

Generally, when talking about the price list of beer in Nigeria, beers are less expensive while wines and vodka are more expensive in Nigeria.

Below are Some Price Range of Drinks in Nigeria Alcohol Market

All prices are in Nigerian Naira and may vary with Shoprite beer price list:

  • Harp beer ranges from 350 – 1,500
  • Star larger beer also ranges from 350 – 1,500
  •  33 Export lager beer ranges from 350 – 1,500
  • Gulder beer ranges from 350 – 1,500
  • Guinness big stout ranges from 450 – 2,000
  • Heineken ranges from 400 – 2,000
  • Hennessy VS ranges from 4,000 – ,
  • Moet ranges from 28,000 – 60,000,
  • Carlo Rossi ranges from 1,500 -3,000.

How Much Is A Carton Of Beer In Nigeria

So, how much is a carton of beer in Nigeria? The fact is, the price depends on the type of beer and sometimes location.

  1. A carton of Star Radler Beer Can price range is 3,800 – 4,000
  2. A carton of Gulder Beer Can price range is 3,800 – 4,000
  3. A carton of Guinness Stout Can price range 4,500 – 5.000
  4. A carton of 33 Beer Can price range is 3,500 – 4,000
  5. A carton of Harp Beer Can price range is 3,500 – 4000
  6. A carton of Heineken Can price range is 4,200 – 4,500
  7. A carton of GoldBerg Beer price range is 3,800 – 4,000
  8. A carton of Star Lager Beer price range is 3,800 – 4,000
  9. A carton of Origin Beer Can price range is 4,500 – 5,000
  10. A carton of Trophy Beer price range is 3,800 – 4,000

Note:  All prices listed are in Nigerian Naira

List of Alcoholic Drinks in Nigeria (Summary)

Yes, that’s just a few on the list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that an average Nigerian loves to celebrate isn’t it? Celebrating with any beer brand in any occasion is not a bad idea.

Vodka drinks make the flow at nightfall when we tend to keep our friendship strong by taking some shots. You can get any of these alcoholic drinks at any store but whatever you do, always drink responsibly.

Ilori Ademola
Demola is a contributing writer at Oasdom.

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